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Dana goes gonzo - a matter of taste
lor_12 September 2016
Memo to Dana Vespoli: keep your writing skills up to snuff. "Dana Vespoli's Back in Black" is one of her many narcissistic vehicles where instead of craftsmanship and story content she substitutes outrageousness and chutzpah - certainly not my cup of tea.

These four segments feature her in uninhibited sex scenes with familiar Black performers, as well as a feature for one of her favorite actresses Valentina Nappi to strut her stuff. It's not slick and jail-bait oriented like the current hot trend (only 2 or 3 years later) of IR videos featuring Big Black Dicks and Little White Chicks, but amounts to the same thing.

Nappi does a fine job, beginning with lesbian sex opposite Dana, and then seguing to IR with the arrival of Nat Turhner. It's a rousing opener, and sets the stage for the Dana-intensive gonzo to follow.

Dumbest sequence has Prince Yahshua and Mark Anthony turning up at her door seeming like Seventh Day Adventists, but they turn out to be not just religious but home invaders, gang-banging the helpless Vespoli in high-energy anal-sex threesome fashion. Of course after a few seconds she loves it and can't get enough, obeying the modern porn convention that rape doesn't exist, even fantasy rape.

Finale is really off-putting, unless you're an apologist. Masturbating with dildos just isn't satisfying for Dana. So she calls up Shane Diesel to come on over and service her. He protests that he's busy, but the director insists and he shows up and gives her another workout including her giving him a foot-job. Diesel's famous dick remains limp throughout but the show must go on. In the tradition of the late not-so-great John Holmes, he crams the limp but substantial cock into her and gets the job done.

For the last straw, Dana pretends to be shocked, even averting her eyes when Diesel insists after the money shot that she insert her finger into his urethra, I guess a kinky variation on fisting, miniature style. I've suffered through Diesel trotting out this specialty act in one of his Digital Sin videos before, so I could safely avert my eyes this time. If by some strange chance this was an actual surprise and shock to auteur Vespoli, then it serves her right: you dish up gonzo content, you gotta live with gonzo content!
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