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David Blaine's BEST TV special to date!
Cpt_JackSparrow26 November 2013
I must have watched this at least 17 times now. I absolutely love David Blaine and have been watching him since his very first TV special aired. I have seen all his specials and even read his book.

This is by far his best and most entertaining special mostly because we get to see the reactions of many iconic celebrities and watch them be captivated and taken into a magical world and be mystified as many of us have been whenever we watch one of David's epic specials.

Even if his special didn't feature celebrities it would still remain epic but it's always fun to see some great celebrities be scared out of their wits, emotionally touched, mentally drained, laugh hysterically at something they can't believe they just saw and I could go on.

David is truly an artist, the pure fact that he is able to pierce objects right through his body (without a drop of blood to show for it) and drink kerosene just to entertain and push himself past his limits shows just how dedicated he is to his craft.

I await eagerly for his next special and performance.
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How Does He Do It?
gavin694221 November 2016
Magician David Blaine ventures across America from New York to Los Angeles, performing to various celebrities and the general public.

Let me declare the obvious: David Blaine is the greatest magician in the world. Maybe the greatest of all time, but certainly the greatest of the 21st century. And films like this show us why. Assuming that the people in the special are not in on the tricks, we are left wondering how they are done.

Some are easier than others to figure out, but some are just downright hard to believe. Does he really stick ice picks and needles through his hand and arms? It appears so, but then it wouldn't be a trick... or is the trick a lack of trick? And regurgitating kerosene? Something is not quite right.
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