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Love the plot, All the action/romance
Amie-tackett14 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Absolutely a breath of fresh air... Its not just a teen show its also a very interesting storyline. The connection the Atrians are building with the humans and learning to co-exist is something we deal with everyday its just presented in a different form. Also with Taylor & Drake having a child is an amazing plus, I can't wait to see where it goes. The triangle of Emery, Roman, Grayson, & Terri adds a the romance with the everyday struggles. Love the setting, & the writers in this are amazing every episode is packed with love, hate, coming together, allying apart, action, fights, make-ups, & all in all one of the best shows so far on CW...10 stars all day long!!
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Sadly and unfairly canceled.
lauticoro19 June 2014
It's surprising that some TV shows stick to you and you can't stop watching them. That happened to me with Star Crossed. From a regular idea, came a massive show, with huge possibilities that where just starting to get explored. It's rare that a TV show orientated to teenagers, show the social struggles that people has to face to adapt. And that what happened with the Atrians, a alien race that struggles to adapt in a futuristic human society. And between the tensions and near war threats, there's a Romeo-Juliet-like romance occurring, between human Emery, a girl who just recover from a long time decease, and atrian Roman, the son of Nox, leader of the Atrians.
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Two separate groups united by a common enemy. Fighting for Love, friendship and equality Warning: Spoilers
I loved how everyone worked together in this final episode to help stop the trags.

Two separate groups were united by a common enemy.

I love how this show shows the struggle faced by minority groups as well as the everyday life of teenagers. This show is fresh and original.

It is not just an sci-fi show. It is a show about Love, Friendship and Equality.

The story lines, the cast and the music make this show my favourite of all time.

I am a STARGAZER forever <3

I ship: Romery, Draylor, Lukia & Jeric
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Team Stargazers
steffoune537 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my god, it's so perfect ! Personally, i didn't not expect this. This show is so different about an other series that i could see. I hope who he is a second season because Star Crossed is exceptional. The actors play very well ! I love the relationship about Roman and Emery, if complicated. Their love is deep, and they can't live without each other. We can see that when the Suvek is launched. Or when Emery was with Grayson, we could feel a desire between Roman and Emery. It's my series preferred, because this show out of the ordinary. After Roman is badly hurt, Emery turns to Teri for save him. Grayson, Drake, Sophia and Lukas race to find the stolen Suvek before the Trags can activate it. It is an alliance between humans and the Atrian, and CW is forced to renew Star Crossed ! They can't leave us in this innocence for later. Please, i request following !
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