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24 Jan. 2015
Scorching Secret!
A man's addiction to hot sauce causes an inferno for two when he uses it to add spice in the bedroom; hickeys from a secret lover may be the cause of a major medical crisis; a man gets lucky at the bowling alley but ends up in the ER with a broken pin.
Three's a Crowd
A man and his wife come to the ER after a vacuum get stuck where it should've never been; an ice rink quickie leaves a skater with a bizarre injury and a lifetime of embarrassment; a threesome goes south sending a man to the ER with an unusual problem
30 Jan. 2016
One Wild Ride
A romp on a mechanical bull gives the riders the shock of their lives; a beauty queen must explain her burst butt implant to hospital staff and her competition; staying warm and toasty cuts a couple's snowboarding trip short and may snip something else
Lock and Key
A doctor is perplexed by a man's chastity belt injury; a sneaky vacation treat while sharing a cabin with others becomes a deadly headache; a romp while decorating for their wedding reception has a couple questioning if they will make it down the aisle.

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