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Season 1

28 Dec. 2013
It Was a Doozy
An obese virgin accidentally injures his partner; a musician collapses during an intimate moment; a man with a genital injury is visited by both his wife and his girlfriend while he's in the emergency room.
4 Jan. 2014
It Won't Stop!
A woman can't stop having an orgasm; a couple has sex too quickly; and a naked man has a suspicious fall.
11 Jan. 2014
Hot in Vegas
A couple must rush to the ER after a hot time in a Las Vegas hotel room; while on a hiking date, things go wrong when a couple attempts to have sex in a tree; and a young woman dislocates her jaw and doesn't want her father to know how it happened.
18 Jan. 2014
Down for the Count
A man gets a Valentine's surprise when he breaks out in a rash after intimacy with his girlfriend, a professional fighter incurs a major injury in bed; a man dressed as a vampire comes the ER with a concussion and his girlfriend can't remember the cause.
12 Apr. 2014
Sticky Situation
A couple turns alone time at a pool party into a fiasco that gets them busted; a doctor rejects a request from a man looking to score meds, only to wind up treating him anyway; and an adventurous couple gets into a sticky situation that ends in the ER.
19 Apr. 2014
Get a Room
A couple's date night leads them to a secluded pasture where their passion comes to an abrupt end; a doctor treats a couple with a hidden secret and an athletic couple loses their match against the Kama Sutra.
26 Apr. 2014
Natural Disaster
A couple trying to get alone time at a spa end up in the middle of what looks like a crime scene; a doctor is stunned by a nature lovers odd injury; when a realtor plays hooky with his crush the two go straight from the bedroom to the ER.
3 May 2014
Clean Up on Aisle 4
A young couple decides to spice things up with a risqué trip to the grocery store; newlyweds are plagued by bad luck that disrupts their honeymoon phase; a tryst in the shower sends an adventurous pair on a trip to the emergency room.
10 May 2014
Get Your Rocks Off
An inebriated husband thinks he has a surefire way to get his wife in the mood; a young couple uses a treat in a new and explosive way; a quickie in the car leads a couple to the ER with multiple injuries.
26 Apr. 2014
Bedroom Slip-Up
A clumsy couple has a slip-up and loses something while playing in the bedroom; uncontrollable passion and ice cream makes a young couple head out for a bite; and a hot time on the fourth of July leaves a man rushing to the ER and his roommate in stitches.
24 May 2014
Game Over
A couple brings video game fantasy into the bedroom with embarrassing results; a young man brings an itchy crotch and an entourage of women to the E.R.; and when a couple is interrupted on lover's lane they go from private passion to dangerous accident.
31 May 2014
Man in Steel
A doctor struggles to free a man from a painful steel ring down there; a rendezvous at a construction site turns disastrous when heavy machinery is put to use; when a man blacks out during sex, his new girlfriend goes into first responder mode to save him.
7 Jun. 2014
Hot Air Affair
Things get serious when a pair of clowns lands in the ER; a couple's embarrassing injury takes center stage when a church group arrives to pray for it; a man's plans for a night to remember are forgotten when his girlfriend is rushed to the ER.
14 Jun. 2014
Drama Down Under
A couple's vacation intimacy is interrupted by family and a mysterious ailment; when a pool boy and his girlfriend come to the ER, the married doctor and nurse on duty, are shocked by what they find; and a hiking date sends a cougar and cub to the ER.
21 Jun. 2014
Give a Dog a Bone
Co-eds sneak away from a BBQ for intimacy but land in the ER with a deadly condition; a doctor delivers quite a surprise to a couple after their bondage experiment goes wrong; a woman's dog is not her man's best friend when it attacks him for getting busy.
28 Jun. 2014
Forbidden Fruit
A couple fulfills their fruity fantasy with an afternoon tryst that causes major reactions; newlyweds jump back in the sack post baby and find out why doctor's say to wait; and a patient gets caught up in the ER and drama goes down when his wife arrives.
5 Jul. 2014
Motorcycle Mayhem
It's moving day for a young couple, but when they decide to give their apartment a sexy goodbye they end up in the E.R.; a woman pushes the limits with her trainer; the aftermath of a motorcycle escapade drives a couple to the E.R.
12 Jul. 2014
Birthday Surprise!
A woman's birthday surprise for her husband shocks the doctors at the ER; A doctor gets more than one surprise while attending to a woman with abdominal pain; and when John's mom interrupts his toy play the embarrassment lands his girlfriend in the ER.
19 Jul. 2014
Stuck on Me
An intimate game of cops and robbers sends a couple on the run to the ER; a doctor must help a patient out of a sticky situation while his in-laws watch; and a man's excruciating post sex migraine stumps doctors until he performs his own stress test.
21 Feb. 2014
Wax on Wax Off
A doctor has to deal with dummies in order to save a patients penis; a couple has an unforgettable night when a man experiences sudden memory lost after sex; a night of at-home grooming does not go smoothly.
1 Nov. 2014
Have a Ball
A couple's first time turns into a failure of epic proportions and forces a boyfriend to spill a juicy secret; A man's balance problem puzzles a doctor until he learns about his dangerous engagement; a firefighter has a ball and is rendered speechless.
8 Nov. 2014
Pole Position
A woman finds out some moves from her pole dancing class and shouldn't be tried at home; a doctor treats a man with a painful injury, but when the patient's wife and mistress show up, everyone has a ball; a night of tantric magic leaves a man speechless.
20 Dec. 2014
Can't Get Up
A man is paralyzed after sex and his girlfriend thinks her junk is to blame; a couple's birth plan may be the cause of the woman's shocking symptoms; things go from bad to worse when a man gives his girlfriend a special gift for taking care of him.
29 Nov. 2014
After a sneaky romp, college sweethearts are busted and must go to the ER and the dentist; a fetish feast leaves a woman unable to hear; Romeo has been stuck in his zipper for hours and the doctor suspects Juliet has something to do with his injury.
15 Nov. 2014
Rock N' Romp
Halloween hanky-panky goes wrong when a couple does it in a cemetery; Practice makes for a trip to the ER when two musicians get busy after band rehearsal; a handsome model's symptoms baffle a nurse until he sees that the patient's gift could be his curse.
25 Oct. 2014
The Skydive Club
Adrenaline-junkies crash land in the ER after making love while skydiving; a secret quickie during a wake becomes family business when things go dreadfully wrong; and an early morning romp turns out to be anything but ordinary for two naughty nurses.
22 Nov. 2014
Body Building Blunder
A backstage quickie at a bodybuilding competition lands a couple in the last place they want to be; something's missing after a soldier's welcome home love-making marathon; a sneaky couple does it where they were told not to and suffers the consequences.
3 Jan. 2015
The Buck Stops Here
A honeymooning couple tries to get intimate in the den of her parent's home but a party crasher sends them to the ER; a doctor treats a bizarrely decorated politician and his wife for symptoms they want to keep hidden; aroma therapy induces stress below.
10 Jan. 2015
Cut It Off!
A night at a cheap hotel leaves a woman stuck in bed and an EMT stumped on how to free her; things heat up when a woman cools down there during a Fourth of July photo shoot; something gets cut off after an adventurous couple christens their treehouse.
10 Jan. 2015
Mile High Mishap
Two rockers join the mile-high club and cause an emergency landing; a woman's new look; a recent college grad helps his elderly neighbor.
17 Jan. 2015
Mardi Gras Mischief
A couple looking for privacy in the jungle finds a spot to make love but something comes between them; A weeding night ends when eating cake goes horribly wrong, Mischief on a Mardi Gras party bus causes jaws to drop.
6 Dec. 2014
Retirement Hobby
A man can't believe he's getting busy with his girlfriend in his sleep until he sees the video; a steamy first date cooking class makes a couple to go all the way and to the ER; a retirement hobby gets a man in trouble with his girlfriends and his doctor.
27 Dec. 2014
Study Buddies
A ballpark quickie ruins a man's engagement plans and sends his girlfriend to the ER; a sexy haircut at the salon causes a man down situation; when a doctor investigates a college students persistent cough, he discovers something totally unexpected.
31 Jan. 2015
Mime Your Business
A day at the park makes sparks fly for one couple, until they get caught by a nosey mime; a motorcycle enthusiast gets all revved up at dinner with his wife until dessert is served; after an energy boosting romp at the gym, a woman is rushed to the ER.
14 Feb. 2015
Old Flame Shame
A foursome can't explain a man's bizarre symptoms after their night of swinging; high school sweethearts reconnect when her engine needs a tune up but the mechanic can't finish the job; a man's night at a bachelor party sends his girlfriend to the ER.
13 Dec. 2014
Holiday Hanky-Panky
A holiday shopping romp becomes a headache when a couple is exposed and lands on the naughty list; College co-eds sneak away from a family holiday party and end up in the ER; after a five minute quickie, a couple thinks a Christmas miracle is on the way.

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