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Season 2

16 Feb. 2015
The Erik Affair
Bob arranges for his Norwegian son Erik to go on his first blind date at Julie's recently-opened bistro. Vic, Bob and Beef are to provide the music for the occasion but quarrel over a name for their band and split up. Come the evening Erik literally has nothing to wear and turns up at the bistro in the nude but his girlfriend is nonetheless impressed whilst Vic and Bob bury their differences and, along with Beef, present a musical evening.
23 Feb. 2015
The Botox Affair
Vic steals some out of date Botox and tattoo equipment from Sharon Osborne, giving Julie a bizarre make-over and inking a picture of 'Jeremy Clakson' on Bosh's back. Beef needs to hide when the Bradford Butcher, with whose wife he had sex, comes looking for him whilst Bob's birthday present for Erik's equally morose girlfriend Rachel does not hit the spot. However the Bradford Butcher is not only forgiving but also delivers his own surprise.
9 Mar. 2015
The Moth Affair
Julie wants a video made to advertise her bistro so Vic starts to write a script on the back of a moth - which flies off into the kitchen and gets extremely big after eating all Bob's underpants. Beef is brought in to catch it. Meanwhile Vic takes advantage of Erik's striking resemblance to Scandinavian pop star Mags Flahonnamon, to claim a celebrity endorsement for the bistro though the deception fails.
16 Mar. 2015
The Danceathon Affair
When Julie holds a dance marathon at her bistro Bob, Vic and Beef all agree to take part - until they hear that the fearsome Butcher brothers are also competing. Not wishing to be humiliated Vic and Beef pretend to have broken their legs and after Bosh has accidentally injured Bob whilst trying to catch a rat the Butchers seem certain to win. However, after Erik has shown them a clip on the Internet revealing how Bruce Forsyth keeps dancing Vic and Beef rise to the occasion and win.
23 Mar. 2015
The Lost Plot Affair
Vic and Bob are amazed to get a letter from the White House to say that, as a typical English family, they will receive a visit from Michelle Obama - after she has had a cream tea at Julie's bistro. When the bistro is closed by a health inspector drastic action is required to reopen it and, when the First Lady finally appears, she is not - due to budget cuts - what people expected. At the same time a magic turban forces the wearer to always tell the truth.
30 Mar. 2015
The Whip Affair
Vic's old flame Mary gets in touch and arranges to meet him at Julie's bistro so Julie and Bob school him in what he should say. Mary arrives at the bistro early but has to go to Antwerp on business so Julie impersonates her, Vic actually confiding in the supposed Mary his love for the real Julie. This is just as well because when Mary does turn up she prefers Beef.

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