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  • Eph and Nora fight to save Captain Redfern's life before coming face-to-face with the horrifying effects of the virus. A spike in rat attacks signals Fet that something inexplicable is happening deep below the city. Released from jail, Setrakian begins his own merciless plan to stop the spread of the disease.

  • Eph and Nora believe the corpses have been confiscated by the military and they try to assist Captain Redfern that is ill. He is hospitalized and Eph promises that he will not die. Ansel gets worse and his wife leaves home with their kids. Jim Kent meets Eichhorst that blackmails him to make Jim quiet. Setrakian tricks the judge and he dismissed the charges. He returns to his shop and gets the plane manifest. Thomas Eichhorst kills the Regis Air CEO to release fake news. Captain Redfern vanishes from his room and Jim, Eph and Nora find him in the basement.


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  • A decaying, ashen vampire listens to opera and slips on white gloves to assemble his face in front of the mirror. His nose is missing, and there's a deep gash in his chest. He puts on a rubber nose and neck to cover his deformities. Next go the ears and hair piece, followed by dentures to cover his fangs. A thick layer of pancake make-up goes over everything else, and Thomas Eichhorst emerges. "Soon, no more charade -- on to victory," he tells himself.

    Canary Team HQ Ephraim Goodweather, Nora Martinez and Jim Kent intercept Director Everett Barnes on the street. He's assuming the feds confiscated the bodies, which are all missing from the coroner's office. Barnes reminds them it's not a CDC case anymore. Ephraim is bothered by one thing: "Why would the military leave four surviving passengers?"

    Jim Kent calls someone to talk, wondering to himself what he did by letting the van with the coffin through.

    Flatbush, Queens Ansel Barbour, the nerd from the plane, is woken up by his German shepherd licking his face. In the mirror, he can see his eyes are bloodshot, and his teeth appear to be turning into fangs. Outside his house, reporters hover. He goes down to his wife, Ann-Marie, and two children. She tells him she gets overwhelmed when he's gone, and that one night their dog Gertie got out and came back hurt in the morning. He gets a pain in his neck and hears a high pitched noise. She urges him to go back to bed.

    Vasily Fet returns to work, where the calls for rat control have skyrocketed. His boss sends him on a call from a top donor to the mayor.

    In the hospital, the plane's captain Doyle Redfern is in quarantine, in a bed walled off by plastic. He's scared, but Eph promises him they'll figure out what's wrong with him.

    Nora tells Eph she wants to talk to the old man who came to the airport. Eph is ready for any input he can get at this point.

    Stoneheart Group Jim Kent waits to see a man named Greg. Eichhorst meets him instead.

    He mentions the van and the coffin that Jim let through, then hands him an envelope of money. Jim turns to leave, saying he's going to the police. Eichhorst begins his veiled threats, mentioning a limited drug trial for the type of cancer Jim's wife, Silvia, has. She was rejected from the trial, but Stoneheart makes the drug. Eichhorst offers to let her in, and gives Jim the envelope, which he takes, saying he'll use it for her treatment. Eichhorst explains how their arrangement will work. "You have two bosses now, Jim Kent. The people at the CDC, and me," Eichhorst tells him.

    Abraham Setrakian appears before a judge for his trespassing charge. He plays up the old man, Holocaust-survivor card, and promises to have his cane sword melted. The judge dismisses the charges.

    Outside, after Nora introduces herself, Abraham says: "You're here because the bodies have disappeared."

    He asks for the passenger manifest, but she doesn't have it. He tells her she needs to make hard choices, and again tells her to find the bodies and destroy them. She balks.

    "Until you're willing to do what needs to be done, you're of no use to me," he says.

    Queens County Family Court Ephraim and his wife Kelly go to the custody hearing for their son Zach. When the judge asks Zach what he thinks would be best for him, Zach says he thinks he should see his dad one or two weekends a month, because his dad has a really important job. Eph interrupts to correct his son, saying he meant joint custody.

    After the hearing, Ephraim is angry and thinks his wife is gloating when she checks on him and says he can see Zach any time. She says Zach did what he thought was best for his dad.

    Vestry Hall, Tribeca

    Ruby Wain tries to talk to her client Gabe Bolivar into performing. After the plane thing and him biting a girl, his downloads are through the roof. But he says his throat isn't right.

    Eph goes to visit Emma's father, Mr. Arnot, and finds the door open. He walks through the house and finds plastic airplane wings, the kind given to children.

    He finds the tub filled with red water, and clumps of hair in it. (But no body.) When Nora calls, he asks if any of the personal effects have been returned to next of kin. Whatever she says causes him to rush out of the house, where inside, a more and more dead Emma lurks in the shadows.

    Vasily arrives at the hedge fund trader's apartment. He's less concerned about his young daughter being bitten on the face than he is about being kept out of the office. Vasily talks to the girl about rats, putting her at ease. Then he goes into her room and comes out with a bag with something squirming inside, which he has her dad hold, to her delight.

    Back outside, Vasily notices swarms of rats pouring out of the cities sewers and into the river.

    Greenpoint, Brooklyn Jim goes home to his sick wife, who has already received word that she's been accepted into the drug trial.

    At Ansel's house, his dog is suddenly wary of him and starts barking. Ansel's ears are ringing. He goes to the fridge and takes out a raw steak, sitting in its bloody juices. He tips the juices back into his mouth, with his new tongue tentacle getting every drop. His wife watches in horror.

    At the concert venue, an accommodating doctor is writing every prescription he can think of for the voice Gabe is hearing and the ringing in his head. But when Gabe shows him his man junk, the doctor changes tone and advises him to get to a hospital immediately. When Gabe refuses, he suggests a urologist.

    East 118th St., Harlem Abraham Setrakian returns to his pawn shop, where a hacker brings him the plane's passenger manifest, beginning with Emma Arnot. He says it's to pay his respects to their families.

    At the hospital, Eph looks at the captain's labs and says what he's reading is medically impossible. He wants to get Redfern into surgery. Redfern hears a voice and announces "he" is here. They scan Redfern with UV light and finds worms slithering through his chest.

    Woodside, Queens At night in his room, Zach watches news footage of his dad. He goes downstairs to investigate a noise and sees his mom outside on the patio. She's looking through old photos and crying, but tries to hide it when he comes out.

    Regis Air HQ The CEO is surprised to find Thomas Eichhorst standing in his office late at night. "Would you like to write a note?" Eichhorst asks him.

    Then Eichhorst takes out a gun and uses his vampire strength to force the CEO's hand around it and then into his mouth. He blows the man's brains out.

    Gabe peels out his death metal contacts and sees that his eyes are bloodshot. When he takes off his wig, most of his hair goes with it. He removes his white stage make-up and sees that his face is mottled gray and splotchy. When he pees there are two distinctive splashes into the toilet. He flushes, remaining totally calm. When he turns around, his man area is totally smooth, like a Ken doll.

    At the hospital, Eph asks Jim where he's been and he tells them Sylvia got into the trial. Then they get word that the captain has disappeared.

    They split up to search the hospital.

    Jim finds him in the basement, in the kitchen, sucking down bags of blood. He attacks Jim, with his tentacle tongue coming out. When Nora comes down, he turns on her. Eph finds them. The captain's tongue shoots out of his mouth, to its full glory. He uses it to fend off Nora when she wields an IV pole at him, grabbing the pole with his tongue and flinging it aside. The three of them team up on him, with Eph felling him with a fire extinguisher.

    They take a brief moment to regroup, but the captain starts back awake and goes after Nora. Eph bashes the captain over and over and over again with the extinguisher, caving in his head. The three of them are left staring at the remains of something they don't understand, and cannot believe.

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