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9 Feb. 2011
Dan shows his friends the pilot to "Automan" after hearing about a sequel to "Tron."
11 May 2011
Dan uncovers a time capsule he buried back in the 80's and discovers his long-lost McDonald's McDLT sandwich. But will it taste as good after being buried in the capsule for years?
10 Sep. 2011
Hot to Trot
The Crabtrees are less than thrilled to go over to Dan's apartment and for good reason too: He forces everyone to watch the notoriously bad talking horse film Hot to Trot.
27 Oct. 2011
Halloween III: Season of the Witch
In the spirit of Halloween, Dan's friends watch "Halloween III: Season of the Witch," a film they feel is underrated. Dan, because he's from the period of time when the film was despised, is extremely negative and against watching the film. Will Dan finally realize that the film is not as bad as he remembered?
21 Dec. 2011
A Very Inappropriate 80's Dan Christmas
When Dolly's Christmas tree star goes missing, she and Dan go around the neighborhood looking for Dan's long-lost friend Smitty. Meanwhile R.O.B. and Travis contend with a very drunk Mrs. Crabtree.

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