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Captain Indestructible
Jarvis rehearses for a role in an upcoming Captain Indestructible flick. Elsewhere, Piper protests the closing of a punk club.
Claude's Kitchen
Jarvis duels against a snooty, French, celebrity kid chef in a cooking competition for Piper's affection.
Joy Buzzer
When Jarvis can't bring himself to tell Piper the cartoon she made is bad, he invents a fake film festival for her to enter it into. To keep up the charade, Jarvis enlists the rest of the gang to make short films.
Bowie uses a special microphone that mimics people's voices to secretly get Jarvis and Piper to confess their love for each other, but inadvertently causes a fight between the two.
when Mmmboing joins a rebellion and tries to kill Bowie, Jarvis and Piper have to figure out how to stop Mmmboing and his rebellion before the bomb that the rebels convinced Bowie to swallow explodes.
Jarvis holds a skateboarding competition where Knox's hero, Eric Thunder, goes head-to-head with Knickknack's new, self-driving skateboard: the Ollie-Matic.
When Jarvis writes and performs a cheesy love song for Piper, she assumes the song is meant for Geneva, and he is forced to cover by claiming Bowie wrote it.

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