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Season 1

4 Apr. 2014
Banquet at the Forest's Edge
A sake brewer has gone astray into a mysterious party, and he drinks shining delicious sake.
11 Apr. 2014
The Warbling Sea Shell
Ginko arrived at a fishing village. He discovers many strange shells on the beach.
18 Apr. 2014
Beneath the Snow
It always snows on heads of the guy. He is waste away physically day by day, because he can't feel cold.
25 Apr. 2014
The Hand That Caresses the Night
One night, Ginko met a young hunter who hunts without using the tool, in mountain. The young hunter smelled horribly of like a overmature fruit.
2 May 2014
Mirror Lake
Ginko sees that something like water follows a young girl.
9 May 2014
Floral Delusion
In the middle of a trip, Ginko decides to go to watch that a big cherry tree are in full blossom. It's famous for beautiful and historical.
23 May 2014
Cloudless Rain
A young woman travels around the farm villages facing the occurrence of drought, and she can bring rain. Ginko is interest in her ability.
6 Jun. 2014
The Wind Raiser
Ginko meets a young crew on board the merchant sailing ship. The young crew can control many "mushi" creating wind by his whistle. Ginko appreciates his ability and gives an important advice for him.
13 Jun. 2014
Valley of the Welling Tide
Ginko was injured and stays at the house of a man who was helped.
20 Jun. 2014
The Depths of Winter
It's the season that living things come out of hibernation. However, Ginko is confined to the mountain where winter still continues. He looks for "nushi", the guardian of this mountain, in order to learn the reason.
20 Aug. 2014
Path of Thorns: Part 1
At the request of Tan'yuu, Ginko sets off to investigate a phenomenon that might be related to a dangerous mushi, much to the chagrin of Kumado Minai, the current head of a long line of mushishi, who's in charge of the area. As Ginko and Kumado get to the bottom of the Path of Thorns, the secret of the Minai line of mushishi is revealed.
19 Oct. 2014
Grass Cushion
In his boyhood, Ginko worried about his ability and his way to live.
26 Oct. 2014
Fragrant Darkness
The man often suffer from "deja vu" with the fragrance of flower since his boyhood.
2 Nov. 2014
Lingering Crimson
Ginko find a old woman in mountain, and goes to her village together.
9 Nov. 2014
Hidden Cove
There are many waterways in the town. When Ginko travels by water, he see a girl who has become a lifeless shell.
16 Nov. 2014
Thread of Light
A boy named Gen who lives away from his mother. He has physical strength that are unsuitable for his age, and be able to see "mushi".
23 Nov. 2014
Sea of Otherworldly Stars
Izumi who has lost her memory, lives her house alone in a strange world. One day, a man suddenly appears in her house.
30 Nov. 2014
Azure Waters
Ginko happens to meet a boy named Yuuta. The boy is good swimmer, but has webbed hands and cold skin. He can hardly speak the language. His mother worries about her son.
7 Dec. 2014
Lightning's End
Ginko investigates that the same tree struck by lightning many times. He meets a boy who attracts thunderbolt under the influence of "mushi".
14 Dec. 2014
Mud Grass
Ginko goes to the village because a curious disease struck there. The village has a strange local custom.
21 Dec. 2014
Tree of Eternity
The man ate a nut like a plum on the mountain path that returned from a town. After that time, he remembers the memories that he can't knows them.

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