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Kurt Russell: John Ruth



  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Yeah, Warren, that's the problem with old men. You can kick 'em down the stairs and say it's a accident but you can't just shoot 'em.

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : You only need to hang mean bastards, but mean bastards you need to hang!

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [about bounty hunting]  No one said this job was supposed to be easy.

    Major Marquis Warren : Nobody said it's supposed to be that hard, neither!

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [after hitting Daisy in the stagecoach]  Now Daisy, I want us to work out a signal system of communication. When I elbow you real hard in the face, that means "shut up"!

    [Ruth gives a look at Warren; they both laugh] 

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [to Major Warren]  Major Marquis Warren, this here is Daisy Domergue.

    [to Daisy] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Domergue, to you, this is Major Warren.

    Daisy Domergue : Howdy, nigger.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [to Major Warren, laughing]  She's a pepper, ain't she?

    [to Daisy] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Now, girl, don't you know darkies don't like being called niggers no more? They find it offensive.

    Daisy Domergue : I've been called worse.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Now that, I can believe.

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : One of them fellas is not... what he says he is.

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [From trailer]  This here is Daisy Domergue.

    [Daisy waves to people in the haberdashery] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : She's wanted dead or alive for murder. When that sun comes out, I'm taking this woman to hang!

    [Daisy mockingly performs a hanging motion on herself] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : There anybody here committed to stopping me from doing that?

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [to Joe Gage]  Ain't no way I'm spending a couple of nights under a roof with somebody I don't know who they are... so who are you?

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [about Mannix]  If he's a goddamn sheriff, then I'm a monkey's uncle!

    Daisy Domergue : Good, then you can go share bananas with your nigger friend in the stable!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix : Like I said, friend, you got me at a bit of a disadvantage!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Keeping you at a disadvantage is an advantage I intend to keep.

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [to Warren]  What's Wellenbeck?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : You ain't never heard of Wellenbeck Prisoner of War camp, West Virginia?

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : No, Reb. I ain't never heard of it!

    [to Warren] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : You bust out?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : Oh, Major Marquis did more than just bust out. Major Marquis had a bright idea. So bright you have to wonder why ain't nobody never thought about it before!

    [to Warren] 

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : Tell John Ruth your bright idea...

    Major Marquis Warren : [smirks]  Well, the whole damn place was just made out of kindling.


    Major Marquis Warren : So I burnt it down!

    [Warren, John Ruth and Daisy all burst out in laughter; Mannix frowns in anger] 

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : There was a rookie regiment there spending the overnight in the camp! 47 men, BURNT TO A CRISP! Southern youth, farmer's sons, cream of the crop...

    Major Marquis Warren : And I say let 'em burn!

    [Mannix looks at Warren with shock and disgust] 

    Major Marquis Warren : I'm supposed to apologize for killin' Johnny Reb? You joined the war to keep niggers in chains. I joined the war to kill white Southern crackers. And that means killing 'em in any way I can! Shoot 'em, stab 'em, drown 'em, burn 'em, throw a big 'ol rock on their heads! Whatever it took to keep white Southern crackers in the ground, that's what I joined the war to do and that's what I did!

    [Warren and Mannix both glare at each other with hate] 

  • [singing "Jim Jones at Botany Bay" as she keeps tabs on John Ruth] 

    Daisy Domergue : Listen for a moment, lads, and hear me tell m' tale / How o'er the sea from England shore, I was condemned to sail / The jury found me guilty, sir, and said the judge, said he / For life, Jim Jones, I sentence you across the stormy sea. Take my tip before you ship to join the iron gang / Don't be too gay in Botany Bay or else you'll surely hang / Or else you'll surely hang, says he, and after that, Jim Jones / High up... high up upon... high up upon the gallows tree, the crows will pick your bones. You'll have no chance for mischief there, remember what I say / They'll flog the poaching out of you out there in Botany Bay / Waves were high upon the sea, the winds a-pproacing gales / I'd rather drowned in misery than gone to New South Wales. The waves were high upon the seas when the pirates came along / The soldiers on the convict ship were full five hundred strong / They opened fire and somehow drove that pirate ship away / I'd rather joined that pirate ship than gone to Botany Bay. And one dark night, when everything is quiet in the town...

    [sees John Ruth and O.B. pouring cups of coffee] 

    Daisy Domergue : I'll kill you bastards one and all, I'll gun the floggers down/ Give them all a little shock, remember what I say / They'll yet regret they sent Jim Jones in chains to Botany Bay.

    [John Ruth walks up to her with coffee] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : That's the one you like to sing in the stagecoach, huh?

    Daisy Domergue : Yeah.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : It's kind of pretty. Got another verse to it?

    [takes a sip of the coffee] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Well, go ahead. Sing it.

    Daisy Domergue : [smiles coyly]  Whatever you say, John.

    [returns to singing] 

    Daisy Domergue : Now day and night the irons clang and like poor galley slaves / Toil and toil and when we die must fill dishonored graves / Bye and bye, I'll break m' chains and to the bush I'll go / And you'll be dead behind me, John, when I get to Mexico.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Give me that guitar!

    [rips the guitar out of Daisy's hands] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Music time's over!

    [proceeds to smash the guitar against a support beam] 

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : You got business in Red Rock?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [smiles]  Yes, I do!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : What?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [smiles wider]  I'm the new sheriff!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [scoffs]  Horseshit.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [keeps grinning]  'Fraid not!

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : What's your name, buster?

    Oswaldo Mobray : [smiles]  Well, it certainly isn't Buster. It's Oswaldo Mobray...

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [to Warren in the stagecoach]  So what happened to your horse?

    Major Marquis Warren : He was pretty old. I done had him for a bit. When the weather took a turn for the worse, it got too much for him.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : That's too bad.

    Major Marquis Warren : Yes, it is. Me and 'ol Lash rode alotta miles together. You might say he was my best friend, if I considered stupid animals friends, which I don't.


    Major Marquis Warren : Never the less, I'm gonna miss him.

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [throws Mannix a pair of handcuffs at his feet outside the stagecoach]  Put them on and come inside.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [grabs the handcuffs and throws them back at Ruth]  Nope!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [stares at him]  Then you'll freeze.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : Then you'll hang!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [chuckles]  How so?

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [to OB who's sitting on the stagecoach]  Stagecoach driver, could you come down here and join us?

    O.B Jackson : I gotta hold these horses. I can hear you just fine from up here.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : You just heard me tell this fella that I'm the new sheriff of Red Rock, right?

    O.B Jackson : Yeah.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : Red Rock is my town now! And I'm gonna enter my town in bounty hunter's chains? NO, SIR! Sorry bushwackers, I ain't entering Red Rock that way. When you finally get to Red Rock, you're going to realize that every goddamn thang I said was right. And I expect you, OB, to tell the townsfolk of Red Rock that John Ruth let their new sheriff freeze to death.

    [to John Ruth] 

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : There ain't no bounty on my head, bushwacker. You let me die, that's murder!

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [while reading Warren's "Lincoln Letter"]  "Ole Mary Todd's calling, so I guess it must be time for bed."


    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Ole Mary Todd...

    [to Warren] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : That gets me.

    Major Marquis Warren : [smiles warmly]  That gets me, too.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [turn to Daisy]  You know what this is, tramp? It's a letter from Lincoln. It's a letter from Lincoln to him.

    [points at the Major] 

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : They shared a correspondence during the war. They was pen pals. This is just one of the letters.

    [Daisy studies the letter and suddenly spits a huge wad on it; Marquis leans over and punches her violently in the face. Daisy falls out of the moving stagecoach with John Ruth shackled with her; they both tumble out in the snow] 

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [spitting out the coffee]  Jesus Christ, that's awful! What did that Mexican fellow do, soak his old socks in the pot?

  • Major Marquis Warren : [to John Ruth about Daisy and Mannix]  You think I'm in cahoots with that fella or her?

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : That's my problem, boy, I don't know!

  • John 'The Hangman' Ruth : One of them fellas'll kill everybody in here...

  • Oswaldo Mobray : [lecturing Daisy]  John Ruth wants to take you back to Red Rock to stand trial for murder. And, if... you're found guilty, the people of Red Rock will hang you in the town square. And as the hangman, I will perform the execution. And if all those things end up taking place, that's what civilized society calls "justice". However, if the relatives and the loved ones of the person you murdered were outside that door right now. And after busting down that door, they drug you out in the snow and hung you up by the neck, that, we would be frontier justice. Now the good part about frontier justice, is it's very thirst quenching. The bad part is it's apt to wrong as right!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [chiming in]  Not in your case. In your case, you'd probably have it comin'. But other people, maybe not so much!

    Oswaldo Mobray : But ultimately what's the real difference between the two? The real difference is me, the hangman. To me, it doesn't matter what you did. When I hang you, I will get no satisfaction from your death, it's my job! I hang you in Red Rock, I move on to the next town, I hang someone else there. The man who pulls the lever that breaks your neck will be a dispassionate man. And that dispassion is the very essence of justice. For justice delivered without dispassion is always in danger of not being justice.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Amen!

  • Daisy Domergue : [to Maj. Marquis Warren]  Howdy nigger!

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Don't you know the darkies don't like to be called that no more? They find that offensive

    Daisy Domergue : I've been called worse.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : [laughs]  That I can believe!

  • Sheriff Chris Mannix : [to John Ruth and Warren]  So, what's goin' on? Are ya'll having a bounty hunter's picnic? Nevermind! You're takin' in three dead bodies and her into Red Rock to get paid, ain't ya?

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Yeah.

    Sheriff Chris Mannix : [grinning]  Well, the man in Red Rock's supposed to pay you is me, the new sheriff! So if ya'll wanna get paid, ya'll need to get me to Red Rock!

  • Bob : I just put those other horses away! You want it done fast, you need to help.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : I've got two of my best men on it.

    [curtains in the stagecoach behind Bob roll up to reveal Warren and Mannix] 

  • Oswaldo Mobray : Allow me to properly introduce myself. I'm Oswaldo Mobray, The Hangman in these parts.

    John 'The Hangman' Ruth : Looks like I brought you a customer.

    Oswaldo Mobray : So it would appear!

    Daisy Domergue : Have you ever spent two days or more locked up with one of your customers before?

    Oswaldo Mobray : No, I can't say I have.

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