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  • General Sandford Smithers a Confederate General and known Racist, and murderer of innocent Black Union troops, chooses to stop at Minnie's Haberdashery for the day, yet some might wonder why he chose to stop Minnie's since Minnie is black, and Charly who works for Minnie is also black, and Smithers is known to be cruel and unruly toward black people, and often refers to them as niggers.

    It is most likely implied that he did not know of Minnie's Haberdashery, as he has not spent much time in Wyoming, and much likely did not know Minnie, Charly and Gemma were of African decent. Since Smithers was going to Red Rock to advise the stone maker on how to make the headstone for his son Chester Smithers. He most likely got caught on the wrong side of the storm which later turned into a blizzard, he most likely stoped to get coffee and supplies, and had no knowledge of Minnie and her crew.

    Charly makes mention to Judy and Ed that they have one person waiting for a stage heading to Red Rock, and that Minnie wants the person out of the Haberdashery, while its not stated clearly if she's talking about Smithers, but after seeing his attitude toward Marquis Warren and even John Ruth its strongly implied that they are talking about Smithers, he probably used derogatory terms for blacks toward Minnie Charly and Gemma, and when the four men enter, he seems to be ignoring them completely and focusing his attention on Sweet Dave and their chess game.

    So to answer in short, General Smithers likely did not know who Minnie was much less know she was black, he just saw the Haberdashery and wanted to stop for a little bit to get warm, and get supplies. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, he is the narrator of the film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Most movies throughout history have been shot and projected on 35 mm film. A piece of 35 mm film is four perforations (the holes on the side of the film that the gears in a projector use to advance it) high and 35 mm wide. This is the standard movie format, and is what most contemporary digital cameras and projectors attempt to match in terms of picture quality. 70 mm film is five perforations high and 70 mm wide. Because 70 mm is a bigger piece of film, the movie has a much better picture quality than normal 35 mm or digital (higher resolution, more colour density, better contrast, wider dynamic range, and so on), and therefore can also be projected on much bigger, wider movie screens. Anamorphic is a type of camera lens that widens the filmed image which are typically used on 35 mm film cameras to produce widescreen pictures. Normally, 70 mm films don't use anamorphic lenses because the larger piece of film is already wide. However some rare films such as Ben-Hur (1959) (1959) and It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) (1963) have placed anamorphic lenses on 70 mm cameras in order to produce an ultra-widescreen image. Viewing The Hateful Eight in an anamorphic 70 mm theatre will offer a far wider and higher picture quality than in any normal theatre. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He reportedly told film students in Rome that he would never collaborate with Quentin Tarantino again, because the director didn't give him enough time. He also felt "he places music in his films without coherence" and that "you can't do anything with someone like that." In a later statement however, he clarified that his comments were taken out of context with only a part of them being reported. The composer went on to say that he has "a great respect for Tarantino" and wrote, "I am glad he chooses my music." Morricone collaborated with him again on The Hateful Eight, giving it an original score, which is a first for a Tarantino film. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. A museum loaned a 145-year-old antique guitar from the time period the film is set, the very one Daisy is seen playing in the film. According to the film's Academy Award-winning sound mixer Mark Ulano, as quoted in, the scene was to be shot up to a certain point, a cut made, the guitar swapped out for a double and for the double to be smashed. "Well, somehow that didn't get communicated to Kurt, so when you see that happen on the frame, Jennifer's reaction is genuine.". When Kurt Russell learned of the error, he reportedly felt horrible. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Warren tells a story to Sandy Smithers, a Confederate General, known racist and murderer of black Union soldiers. Warren tells Smithers, that he ran into his son, Chester Smithers who tried to collect the bounty on Warren's head. When Warren learned that he was the son of Sandy Smithers, he forced him to walk miles, naked in the snow until he begged for a blanket. In order to receive a blanket, Warren made Chester perform oral sex on him. There are two interpretations to this story Warren tells...

    (1) As Warren explains, he did this to Chester to degrade, torment and humiliate him, simply because he was the son of Sandy Smithers. The blanket was just a liar's promise, as was General Sandy Smithers' promise of safe conduct to surrendering black Union soldiers. Backing this theory is the fact that Smithers reacts to the mention of Warren being the man with the $5,000 bounty earlier in the movie. Indicating that the "business" his son aimed on taking care of was indeed hunting down Warren and thus he was probably killed by him.

    (2) While Warren likely killed Chester, the story of how was made up by Warren, simply to provoke Smithers into making an attempt on his life, so he could legally kill him in self-defense. This is the more likely theory, as earlier in the film, Warren wanted to outright kill Smithers, but was stopped because by killing an unarmed man, he would be hanged. So Warren placed a gun by Smithers and told a story about torturing, humiliating and raping his son. This theory is all the more likely since Sheriff Mannix stated that he thought the story was completely made up and in the movie, Mannix has the consistent ability to recognize when someone is making something up. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, he forged the letter himself. In the final scene of the movie, Mannix compliments him for adding the line about "ole' Mary Todd"-the same bit that gets John Ruth every time prior to his knowledge about the truth of the letter-to which Warren meekly replies "Thanks", confirming he indeed wrote it himself. Mannix also knows when Warren is lying, as he also picks up on the possibility that the story Major Warren tells Gen. Smithers about his son is probably not real. In the infamous "leaked draft", there is no question about the validity of the Lincoln Letter, so it makes the possibility of Major Warren's story being "the gospel truth" all the more. With the letter being a forgery, it makes anything he says more suspicious.

    Or, did he simply claim the letter to be a forgery, for personal and sentimental reasons? We may never know. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Given how things play out once all the major players arrived at Minnie's Haberdashery, there's no way of knowing whether or not Jody and his gang truly intended to keep their word to General Smithers after they bushwhack John Ruth and free Daisy. Bob/Marco was actually the one lobbying for sparing Smithers' life if for no other reason than to make the absence of Minnie and Sweet Dave less suspicious. Jody reasons with Smithers, so they strike a deal to spare his life if he played along with the ruse to free Daisy. While the gang have no qualms about killing innocent people, with Jody ready to kill Gen. Smithers before Marco's intervention, the deal seems genuine if for no other reason than Smithers was convincing at the fact that he didn't care about any of the people they just murdered. Also, it's interesting to note that when first arguing with Smithers and Warren reaches for his pistol, it is actually "English" Pete, impersonator of Oswaldo Mobray, who comes to Smithers' defense and talks Warren out of gunning him down. An odd play for someone intent on killing him anyway. Not to mention, the gang likely wasn't concerned about eye-witnesses. The entire gang already had bounties on their heads ranging from ten to fifty thousand dollars. If Smithers ran and told the authorities what happened, all it would likely do is raise the bounties on them. But on the other hand, Jody's word possibly was, as Major Warren puts it in his infamous story, a "liar's promise" to keep him quiet for the time being with the intention of killing him afterwards to keep him from telling the authorities where they were going from there as a precaution. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Some viewers have criticized the Domergue gang's plan. With four men, including one in a hidden location, and a cooperating hostage, surely it would've been much easier to simply shoot John Ruth upon his entrance into the cabin, especially with the weapons that they had stashed. Keep in mind, that John Ruth is incredibly cautious, taking no chances with anyone, even people he knows. He made sure to search and disarm everyone in the cabin and still, he was suspicious that at least one of the people there wasn't who they said they were. As Jody states, Now remember, it doesn't matter if we have four men or forty. We're still gonna be facin' John Ruth; chained to my sister with a pistol pointed at her belly. Now killin' that fella before he kills my sister ain't gonna be easy. But it's exactly what we're gonna do. So the name of the game here is patience. Trapped here for two or three days, at some point he will have to close his eyes and that's when you blow the top of his head off. ...Ruth has clearly survived this long as a bounty hunter using his sharpened instincts. The Domergue gang knew this, which is why they decided to use the blizzard to their advantage. Knowing that Ruth would have to stop at the cabin and wait out the storm, likely being there at least 2 or 3 days. In that time, he would have to sleep at some point and when he did, they could ambush him. Knowing that trying to gun him down as soon as he walked in the door would be risky, especially because a stray bullet could easily hit Daisy or Ruth could just shoot her himself. Some have wondered why Joe Gage didn't poison the coffee prior to Ruth and Daisy's arrival. In fact, it's very possible that Gage, or someone else in the gang, had tried that very tactic. Notice how when Ruth first enters the cabin, he immediately rushes over to the coffee pot to pour himself a cup and spits it out immediately, claiming it tastes like "old socks". Perhaps he was unknowingly tasting the poison, and spit it out before he ingested any of it. Also, the gang were not counting on John Ruth having company, other than O.B., the Stage Coach Driver. Company, which included the new Sheriff and a Civil War hero. So they had no choice but to bide their time and play along until the coffee could be (re)poisoned or they could get the drop on the newcomers. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • There are two possible theories: (1) Minnie didn't actually hate Mexicans and never had a "No Dogs and No Mexicans" sign. This was simply a bluff concocted by Warren to test Bob's reaction. If Bob had truly worked for Minnie, he would have insisted that was not true. Since he didn't say a word, and reacted as if discovered, Warren felt he had enough evidence to execute him. (2) Minnie didn't bat an eye, because she didn't notice Bob was Mexican. The group all removed their scarfs and introduced themselves, Bob having a long, thick beard, and long shaggy hair, making it hard to notice anything specific about his facial features to identify his ethnicity. The only giveaway would be his accent. When introducing himself, all he said was "Bob". It's very hard to discern an accent from one syllable; not to mention, Bob is not a common Mexican name. Right after Bob introduces himself, Jody begins to chat and charm Minnie, so she was most likely distracted by the conversation with him to pay "Bob" any mind while he conversed with Sweet Dave. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes. Despite the doubts of John Ruth and Marquis Warren, Chris Mannix was actually the new Sheriff of Red Rock. Several points in the film prove this. (1) He requested the paperwork for the prisoner who killed the previous Sheriff of Red Rock. He likely wouldn't have known about this, if he was not the replacement. (2) He has the ability to tell when people are lying/making things up, a useful tool in law enforcement. (3) After being shot, he planned to shoot Joe Gage, but Gage reminds him he was unarmed then turns his back. Mannix decided not to shoot an unarmed man in the back because that would be unlawful. (4) Finally, near the very end of the film he says, "As my first and last act as Sheriff of Red Rock, I sentence you, Daisy Domergue to hang by the neck until dead..." At this point, everyone's true identities had been revealed, and being shot and bleeding out, next to Warren, who was also shot and bleeding out, he had no reason to lie. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Some viewers find it strange that Oswaldo, or in reality, "English" Pete Hicox conveniently had business cards and prisoner paperwork for Oswaldo Mobray, as it was a fake name. However, at one point Marquis Warren theorizes that the real Oswaldo was murdered and Hicox was just passing off his paperwork as his own. This was likely the case. It's possible that Hicox specifically targeted the real Oswaldo, as he was the hangman in Red Rock and the Domergue gang were going after John "The Hangman" Ruth. So, Hicox killed Mobray and took any paperwork he had, making it easier to get close to John Ruth and perhaps let his guard down. Notice how Hicox also changes accents as well. When portraying Oswaldo, he speaks with a prim and proper British accent. When he's speaking as Pete Hicox, he has a Cockney accent. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the scene that shows what happens prior to the arrival of Warren, Mannix, O.B. and Daisy, a tabby cat can be seen roaming around Minnie's haberdashery. When Jody shoots Minnie in the head, you can hear the cat snarling, though the cat is not seen in frame, or seen again for that matter. Cats startle easily, so it's likely once the first shot was fired, the cat ran to hide, possibly ran out the door once it was opened and into the woods nearby. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • General Sanford Smithers - shot in the heart by Major Marquis Warren

    O.B. Jackson - dies after drinking poisoned coffee

    John Ruth - due to poisoned coffee, he takes his final moments to try and kill Daisy Domergue, but she manages to wrestle his pistol away and shoot him in the chest.

    Bob / Marco the Mexican - shot twice in the chest by Warren. Then Warren blows his face clean off.

    Jody Domergue - gets the back of his head blown off by Warren, as payback for shooting him in the crotch.

    Oswaldo Mobray / "English" Pete Hicox - shot in the gut by Chris Mannix and left bleeding out for a while. Eventually, while trying to talk Mannix into betraying Warren, Warren shoots him again in the chest to shut him up. He is heard rolling around on the ground and moaning in pain, eventually he bleeds out and dies.

    Joe Gage / Grouch Douglass - After Marquis shoots Oswaldo/English Pete, Joe/Grouch pulls a pistol from under a table and is shot by Chris Mannix and Warren in turn.

    Daisy Domergue - hanged by Marquis Warren and Chris Mannix.

    Chis Mannix - shot in the hip by Oswaldo. He is wounded badly and at one point, passes out. He survives the film, but unless he tended to his wound, it's likely he would bleed out shortly after. Therefore his fate is ambiguous.

    Major Marquis Warren - shot in the crotch by Jody. Bedridden and bleeding out for the remainder of the film. He survives the events in the movie, but like Mannix, if his wound isn't tended to, he would likely bleed out and die shortly after. His fate is also left ambiguous. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Chester Smithers is supposedly captured and brutally tortured and orally raped by Major Warren, who then either executes him or lets him freeze to death. It's also possible Warren simply killed Chester in self-defense. Minnie Mink is shot in the head by Jody. Sweet Dave is stabbed multiple times in the back by Bob. Ed, the stagecoach driver, is shot in the face by Jody. Six Horse Judy is shot in the neck by Joe Gage, who then shoots her in the chest. Gemma (the "Jellybean girl") is shot twice in the stomach by Oswaldo. Charly (the stable hand) is shot in the leg by Bob; he manages to run outside the haberdashery while wounded and hides in a nearby shed. Joe Gage finds him and executes him with two blasts from a shotgun. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Joe Gage. He was sitting closest to the coffee pot during Warren's showdown with Gen. Smithers. Later on, after Warren executes Bob, he threatens to pour the poisoned coffee down Daisy's throat if nobody admitted to poisoning it, and so Joe Gage admits he did it. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Yes, but only the 70 mm "Roadshow" version which runs 20 minutes longer than the general release version of "The Hateful Eight" contains both an Overtune and a 12 minute Intermission half way through. The Intermission occurs at the conclusion of Chapter 3, after Major Warren tells a graphic and brutal story of how he tortured and killed Gen. Smithers son. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "The first four fifths of the leaked script are almost identical to the finished film. Minor changes involve the following details: The Mexican character Bob was originally a Frenchman (played in the live reading by Denis Menochet); Joe Gage is alternately shown eating peanuts and writing his life story; a long discussion between Mannix and Warren as we wait to see the effect of a poisoned cup of coffee on Ruth and the coach driver, O.B., has been modified, replaced by a scene in which Domergue plays the guitar (fans may want to find out more about the scene in which said guitar is smashed to smithereens); the brutal demise of Ruth is slightly more elaborate in the film." Read more here. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Roadshow version of the film runs 20 minutes longer than the wide release theatrical cut. Some conversations have trimmed down, and there is no overture and intermission in the shorter version. Specifically, there are two main changes. (1) The overture, the faux retro Weinstein Company and Cinerama logos have been removed from the general release. It instead opens with the standard Weinstein Company logo and goes straight to the opening shots. (2) During the stagecoach ride, the conversation about John Ruth's "beast friend" Cauliflower is cut out. [hr] Warren - Yea it is. Me and old Lash rode a lot of miles together. Could say he was my best friend if I considered stupid animal friends. Nevertheless, I'm gonna miss him. [hr] (Roadshow only)

    Ruth - I had a horse like that once. About 20 years ago. Called him, "Cauliflower". I used to call him, "My Beast Friend".

    Warren - And what happened to him?

    Ruth - Some rattlesnake shot him up from under me.

    Warren - You make it right?

    Ruth - Oh ho ho oh, you know I did. [hr] Warren - Who's this Daisy Domergue?

    • A short exchange between Ruth and Oswaldo about Joe Gage.

    Oswaldo - But ultimately what's the real difference between the two? The real difference is me, the hangman. To me it doesn't matter what you did, when I hang you I won't get no satisfaction from your death. It's my job. I hang you in Red Rock, I move on to the next town, I hang someone else there. The man who pulls the lever that breaks your neck will be a dispassionate man and that dispassion is the very essence of justice. For justice delivered without dispassion is always in danger of not being justice. [hr] (DCP only)

    Ruth - Amen [hr] (Roadshow only)

    Ruth - How about that cowboy fella? What's he writing in that book?

    Oswaldo - His diary I suppose.

    Ruth - What's his story?

    Oswaldo - Don't know, doesn't say much.

    Ruth - What do you mean he doesn't say much? You rode up that old mountain together, did ya?

    Oswaldo - And he didn't say much?

    Ruth - What's his name?

    Oswaldo - I don't know.

    Ruth - He never said his name.

    Oswaldo - I don't think so. [hr] [Ruth goes on over to Joe Gage.]

    • The scene involving Bob, the plucked chicken and how a plucked chicken is bad luck and the bounty of Major Warren's head that Chris Mannix tells General Smithers about is removed. It goes straight to John Ruth explaining his theory that someone in Minnie's is there to free Daisy.

    Ruth - As long as the bar is Philadelphia, I agree. (Blackout with beat) [hr] (Roadshow only)

    Ruth - The hell is this?

    Bob - It's a chicken.

    Ruth - No it's not. It's a half-plucked chicken. And half-plucked chicken is bad luck and we don't need back luck in a blizzard. Now what's it doing here?

    Ruth - I was plucking it when your coach arrived.

    Ruth - Stopped to take care of the passengers, huh?

    Bob - Hea.

    Ruth - Pluck the chicken!

    Mannix - That's Major Marquis, the n!gga that burned down Wellenbeck Prison Camp. Killed 47 Rebs and 37 Yankees. Now his own side gone just drummed his ass out of the cavalry with a yellow stripe down his back. (Door swings open. It's the O.B. Starts hammering door shut.) Put a warrant on that n!gga's head. 30 thousand. Then it dropped down to 8. Last days of the war it was 5. Now ma fellas went looking to lift that warrant and a lot of n!ggas got their head chopped off. But nobody ever did get the right n!gga head.

    General - That n!gger!? Is the n!gger with the 5 thousand-dollar reward on his head!!??

    Mannix - No. That ain't nothing to do anymore, but during the war, yea. That's that n!gga.

    [O.B. finishing hammering door]

    O.B. - That damn door is a dirty whore.

    Ruth - I just made some more coffee. Grab some cups. Get some in ya. [hr] Ruth - Still got that deal we talked about in the wagon? I help you protect your 8 thousand, you help me protect my 10?

    • There is no twelve-minute intermission. After Chapter 3 ends, there are several moments of black screen with the wind howling and a fade to Chapter 4. The general release version also cuts out the Crystal Gayle song "Ready for the Times to Get Better" that opens the second half of the movie.

    • When Daisy performs "Jim Jones at Botany Bay". instead of the song being performed in one shot, the first part uses a different shot with a different performance.
    Edit (Coming Soon)

  • "Ouverture" by Ennio Morricone - The Overture (heard only in the roadshow version)

    "Neve (Versione Integrale)" by Ennio Morricone - First used in the opening panoramic shots of the Wyoming countryside/mountains before the credits; next used at the beginning of chapter 3 when the stagecoach arrives at Minnie's Haberdashery; the majority is used when Major Warren tells the story of meeting General Smithers' son and what he made him do for a blanket.

    "L'Ultima Diligenza di Red Rock (Versione Integrale)" by Ennio Morricone - The opening credits; the beginning is later used when the Jody Domergue Gang prepare to execute the inhabitants of Minnie's Haberdashery; sections not used in the opening credits are used for the second half of the end credits.

    "Regan's Theme (Floating Sound)" by Ennio Morricone, from Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977) - The stagecoach races through the mountains in slow motion during a break from the snowstorm.

    "Apple Blossom" by The White Stripes - Daisy Domergue studies Major Warren in the stagecoach.

    "Eternity" by Ennio Morricone, from The Thing (1982) - Major Warren, Chris Mannix, Bob and O.B. lead the horses into the stable before Chris and O.B. go to hammer stakes that make trails leading to the barn and outhouse.

    "Silent Night" by Demián Bichir - Bob plays the piano as Major Warren and General Smithers talk about life after the Civil War.

    "La Puntura Della Morte" by Ennio Morricone - Major Warren goads General Smithers into shooting at him.

    "Ready for the Times to Get Better" by Crystal Gayle - The Entr'acte to the second half of the film / the opening of chapter 4 (heard only in the roadshow version).

    "Narratore Letterario" by Ennio Morricone - the narrator reveals Daisy's knowledge of the coffee being poisoned during Major Warren's killing of General Smithers; later reused in its entirety at the beginning of chapter 5 when the morning stagecoach arrives at Minnie's.

    "Jim Jones at Botany Bay" by Jennifer Jason Leigh - Daisy plays the guitar while keeping eyes on John Ruth.

    "Bestiality" by Ennio Morricone, from The Thing (1982) - John Ruth and O.B. feel the effects of the poisoned coffee and Ruth tries to murder Daisy; also used when Major Warren and Chris Mannix hang Daisy in the center of Minnie's at the end.

    "Io Non Ho La Pistola" by Ennio Morricone - Jody shoots Major Warren in the testicles; Chris Mannix and Oswaldo Mobray shoot each other. (available only on the FYC album)

    "I Quattro Passeggeri" by Ennio Morricone - Minnie and her employees meet "the Four Passengers."

    "La Musica Prima del Massacro" by Ennio Morricone - the English translation speaks for itself.

    "Now You're All Alone" by David Hess from The Last House on the Left (1972) - Joe Gage pursues Charly in the snow.

    "Despair" by Ennio Morricone, from The Thing (1982) - Major Warren and Chris Mannix kill what's left of the Jody Domergue Gang before trying to shoot Daisy and arguing over her deal.

    "L'Inferno Bianco" by Ennio Morricone - Major Warren tries to wake Chris Mannix up as Daisy goes for one of his guns.

    "La letters di Lincoln (Strumentale])" by Ennio Morricone - Chris Mannix reads the Lincoln Letter out loud.

    "There Wont Be Many Coming Home" by Roy Orbison, from The Fastest Guitar Alive (1967) - The end credits. Edit (Coming Soon)


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • During the film's Climax, Daisy gives Chris Mannix a ultimatum, she tells him that there are fifteen gang members at Red Rock who were waiting to ambush her and John Ruth, and if they did not show up in a certain amount of time, they would ride to Minnie's Haberdashery and save Daisy there. She tells him they are on their way, and that if Chris kills Major Warren they will just sit at the Haberdashery for the next couple days until the gang members get there, and they will spare Chris and allow him the two bounties of Bob, (Marco the Mexican) and Oswaldo Mobary, (English Pete Hecox). Chris rejects the offer and tells her he does not believe there are gang members in Red Rock, and that Daisy is the only one left of the Jody Domergue gang. While the answer is left ambiguous in the film, it is highly likely that he was correct. There are a few explanations as to how he came to this conclusion.

    1.) As explained countless times Mannix usually is able to tell when someone is lying or making something up. We first see this, when he figures out that Lincoln Letter is a fake. He narrowed it down by asking a series of questions, and seeing that it would be unlikely that a random African American soldier would get a letter from the President. He does this again when he figures out that Joe Gage poisoned the coffee, while this is played out as a wild guess, he nevertheless was correct.

    2.) Mannix most likely the whole evening had observed Daisy, her behavior and her ways of working, and then figured out her pattern, especially after he learned about the poisoned coffee, and that she was in on the plan. He realized that she was manipulative and sneaky, and would go to any extreme to become free again, especially since she was willing to allow John Ruth, an representative of the law, and O.B. an innocent person, who was just doing his job to be killed. He knew now Daisy would now make any attempt to become free, including talking him into doing something outlandish.

    3.) When Daisy tells Mannix that her brother lead a army of gang members, he balks at the idea, and tells her about his father who was a Officer for the Confederate Army during the Civil War, and the things he went though, and what it's like. He would most likely know what it's like to lead an army's he was also a Captain in the Confederate Army, and would have likely lead a battalion himself as well.

    While Daisy could have been telling the truth, it is made clear that Mannix was right, that Daisy is a "lying bitch who will do anything to escape, including shitting out fifteen extra gang members." As he knows she could not be trusted, and that while he has prejudice views against blacks, he sided with Warren, as Warren put his trust in him after the coffee poisoning, and practically saved him. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The Hateful Eight refers to the eight main characters, all of whom have some sort of negative trait established among them. Warren has a hatred for Confederate soldiers and also carries around a fake letter from Abraham Lincoln in order to "disarm" white people. John Ruth doesn't trust anyone, he can be obnoxious and entitled and has no problem beating a woman. Daisy Domergue is the remorseless co-leader of a vicious gang of murderers. Chris Mannix is prejudiced towards black people, likely due to his upbringing, Though he is not wholly racist. Sandford Smithers is deeply racist and is famous for murdering surrendering black union soldiers. Oswaldo, Bob and Joe Gage are all revealed to be part of Daisy's gang, and therefore are cold-blooded murderers and share many traits. As regards as to why others involved in the events at Minnie's Haberdashery, like O.B.; he is more a neutral party and more or less ignorant/indifferent to the suspicions of the other characters. Also, most of the characters are more or less hateful towards each other. Even the characters that ally with each other aren't particularly fond of one another. Edit (Coming Soon)

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