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Music that defined the 60's
awesomeBLT2 September 2014
Wish I could say I was in the USA to be part of this transformation. Paradoxically I was on the other side of these events, in the military in South East Asia. First time I got wind of what was going on is when someone from the world played Disraeli Gears by the Cream. It really put the hook in me.!! When I got back I had to make up for lost time with the Beatles White Album, the Stones Beggars Banquet, ELO, Jethro Tull, etc, etc. There were many great American artists that contributed to the cultural enlightenment of the times but were excluded from this presentation as it was the "British Invasion", not the American invasion imploding on itself. Eventually I found my center and was reminded of it again by Tom Hanks Production here and with Forest Gump. The times were a changin.

Thanks again Tom, it meant a lot to me.
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Possibly the Greatest Era in Pop Music
Hitchcoc23 July 2016
To get substance, sometimes it takes pain. I wished this episode had been about ten times as long. With the coming of the Beatles to the US, we had something that only comes along in a century. Following the Fab Four, came the Rolling Stones and a whole host of Britishers. Of course, the music evolved to address the issues of the time, particularly, the war. This presentation gives us a glimpse at the likes of Bob Dylan and others who made the most gravity laden singers and performers. Their work became the anthems for the youth generation. We are made privy to the angst of a generation that could be drafted and dead within a few weeks...and for what? There is some nice music here, but the strength of the offering is in how it melded the underlying sickness in the country with the growth of music. Nicely done.
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