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Creep Signed His Kill

Pierce and Vega find more body parts, and tie their murder to an ongoing RHD case. Maddie tells Bosch she sent the memo to Chandler, and doesn't regret it. Edgar knows who killed Gary Wise, but can't prove it.

Season 5

19 Apr. 2019
Two Kinds of Truth
Harry Bosch finds out one of his old cases is up for review and worries that all the cases since might be questioned. In another part of town, thugs in masks murder a pharmacist.
19 Apr. 2019
Pill Shills
Detective Harry Bosch swings by the DA's office under the pretense of seeing Maddie. He encounters CIU Investigator Christina Henry who is spearheading the Borders petition based on a deathbed confession from another convict, Lucas Olmer. Bosch tells Edgar about Henry and wonders if the DA would really hang a case solely on another convict's word. If Borders goes free, all of Bosch's convictions will be questioned. Back at the station, Bosch and Edgar get a lead on the Esquivel murder: suspicious prescriptions written by a Dr. Garcia. Det. Pierce tells Bosch that the ...
19 Apr. 2019
The Last Scrip
Bosch investigates new evidence that may overturn Borders' conviction, but he remains convinced they locked up the right man. Lieutenant Billets is forced to deal with Crate and Barrel's role in the accident at the pharmacy crime scene.
19 Apr. 2019
Raise the Dead
Robertson finds a lead on two suspects in the pharmacy shooting. J. Edgar tries to get some background on Gary Wise who was obviously in deep trouble. Crate and Barrel are unhappy with their new assignment. Pierce and Vega get information on the whereabouts of José Jr. Bosch looks into the old Borders case and finds several hints that the Olmer confession was bogus. Going undercover, he manages to get in a support group in a VA hospital and subsequently befriends a fellow veteran who can bring him in touch with the Garcia clinic.
19 Apr. 2019
Tunnel Vision
Louis Degner brings Bosch (as Dominic Reilly) to the Garcia Pain Clinic, where Bosch is surprised to be examined by none other than Dr. Hansen from the VA. Hansen sees Reilly as nothing more than a pathetic addict. He gives Bosch a few pills and sends him home, saying they'll be in touch when it's time for Bosch to repay the favor. Seeking answers to his CI's killing, Edgar follows up with Gary's old gang contacts - men who spent time in jail after Gary flipped on them following a robbery 20 years ago. Robertson and his team search a warehouse where they find the ...
19 Apr. 2019
The Space Between the Stars
Spooked by her encounters with Bonner, Rita visits her husband Preston Borders in jail. Borders believes Bosch is behind Bonner's visits, and tells her to have Cronyn deal with it. Bosch and Chandler try to figure out how property clerk Terry Spencer is involved with the Cronyns. On a hunch, Bosch calls Cronyn's office posing as Spencer. Cronyn demands to know why Spencer is calling him. "I'm not your contact." Later, Bonner watches Rita meet with Cronyn's wife, Kathy Zelden. The circle of conspirators appears complete. While Christina Henry looks through the same ...
19 Apr. 2019
The Wisdom of the Desert
Actress Madison Lintz (Maddie), actor Jamie Hector (Jerry Edgar), and executive producer / writer Elle Johnson discuss the emotional weight Maddie and Jerry Edgar are carrying with them in episode 507.
19 Apr. 2019
Salvation Mountain
Detective Edgar questions Clayton in an effort to locate Bosch. Clayton suffers serious addiction withdrawal, but remembers some details that may prove helpful. The LA Times article about Bosch and Borders has blown Bosch's cover. Walsh sends Bosch out over the Salton Sea to be killed, but Harry turns the tables on his would-be killers. A worried Maddie reads the article about her father, and, his whereabouts unknown, fears the worst. As Billets insists they inform LAPD command and local authorities that Bosch has gone missing, the call comes in that Bosch is heading ...
19 Apr. 2019
Hold Back the Night
Bosch and Chandler track down Spencer, and try to persuade him to turn on the Cronyns in order to save himself. DEA Agent Hovan interviews Hart, who teases some additional useful information about the real mastermind behind the killings. Pierce and Vega catch a gruesome new homicide. Christina Henry continues her pursuit to have the DA look into possible criminal misconduct by Detective Harry Bosch. Crate plans Barrel's retirement party. Edgar finally tracks down Bo Jonas, who provides new clues about Gary's murder. At Hollywood Station, Captain Cooper convenes ...
19 Apr. 2019
Creep Signed His Kill
Pierce and Vega find more body parts, and tie their murder to an ongoing RHD case. Maddie tells Bosch she sent the memo to Chandler, and doesn't regret it. Edgar knows who killed Gary Wise, but can't prove it.

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