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This show operates in it's own reality. That's not a good thing.
veruszetec23 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Just watched the pilot of /Scorpion.

If you're thinking of doing the same, don't. I beg you, don't.

I'll just start with the plot:

*Four or five "Geniuses" with personality disorders (you can't be smart and well-adjusted, duh!) are recruited by the government to solve an impossible problem: LAX air traffic control software has crashed.

I call this an impossible problem not because it's tough to solve, but because it's impossible for this to be a problem. Air Traffic Control software *does* crash, and there are procedures, including manually-operated light signals, in place at every major airport around the world to handle situations exactly like these.

Oh, well, why don't they just patch the software? Because the company that made the software went out of business twenty years ago. (Yet somehow they just released an auto-update? And they didn't provide the source code to such critical infrastructure software in a software escrow deal, as is standard industry practice for infrastructure applications?) So, they have to get a copy of the old software from a backup.

Oh no! It's about to backup again! Our intrepid team has only five minutes to get into the backup datacenter to pull the hard drive!...Because nobody has ever heard of differential backups. They literally only have one backup of this critical software, and they write over the same tape every day. Again, any IT professional should be pulling out their hair at this -- this is a textbook example of what DOESN'T EVER HAPPEN because only someone as stupid as a /scorpion writer hasn't considered the possibility of a backup failure.

So, half the team heads to the datacenter to retrieve the backup hard drive before LAX -- which is completely dark, and doesn't have communication with any systems -- somehow uploads it's software backup and overwrites the 'good' version of the software. Yes, they're blacked out from communications, but still have a link to their off-site- backup center. And they can't pull software from it, they can only send. And they can't just unplug the line to the datacenter, they have to go and rip out the hard drive.


Still with me? It actually gets worse.

So, a car audio speaker that's in the car being used to transport the hard drive -- physically -- back to LAX managed to wipe the hard drive, because magnets. Possible? Yes. Plausible? Not unless you decide to store the hard drive on top of your subwoofers, instead of, oh, I don't know, maybe your LAP?

So, our team is screwed. But wait! There's another chance! If they can get one of these 777's to fly low enough, they can wirelessly ( I thought that was broken?) transmit the software on the plane to ground control. This plane flew from a different time zone! It still has the old software!


Yes. We're supposed to believe that planes carry the same software that LAX uses for Air Traffic Control, and that it's small enough to be transmitted in a fly-by. Oh, wait, that doesn't work, because of the "Speed differential" of about ~200mph. Those are some slow freaking radio waves, that's all I'm saying.

The obvious solution? Hotwire a random Ferrari 458 sitting on the tarmac. Blow the roof in dramatic fashion. Get the Ferrari up to 200+ mph on a 4000-foot runway. (For reference, the 458's reported top speed is 201mph. It takes a lot more than 4000 feet, though.)

But that's not all! The 777's pilot must descend to 8 feet off the runway, and rather than land, download the software, and sort everything out, they decide that the best course of action is to send the co-pilot down into the wheel well, open the well at 200+ mph, and THROW A FREAKING ETHERNET CABLE INTO THE FERRARI.


I couldn't finish it. I had to turn it off. (This was the climax, so I only missed the ending. Frankly, I feel I was generous.)

This is a show for dumb people. It is a show for dumb people to feel good about themselves because all the "smart people" in the show have weird personality disorders, and say things that dumb people think smart people actually say. It's a show for people so completely devoid of rational thought that they can look at this show and not see the swiss-cheese style plot holes.

I wanted to like this show. In 100 words, the premise sounds good. In production, it's so bad that it's actually offensive. It's like the writers are deliberately trying to make the show this bad. The acting was as good as can be expected. The action was very action-y. But there was no rational or logical explanation for the bullshit in the script that the writers are trying to pass off as a television show. A fourteen-year-old could write a better show than this.
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Realistic no, fun to watch yes!
kim-0330727 April 2018
Fun storyline, although it's not realistic as many people hope. This is the first crime scene based series I enjoyed since watching Castle. The humor and the not knowing how they gonna solve it really makes me sit on the edge of my seat multiple times. I really hope they will come with a next season because this really is a show you can enjoy. The first episode may be a bit much, but please give a review if you watch multiple episodes because the pilot really is a bit unrealistic. The will it work or will it not question is a question you ask yourself a couple of times during the series.
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Realistic? No. Fun and worth watching? Most definitely
jonny46227 September 2014
I made the mistake of reading the bad reviews that almost made me skip over this show. I'm lucky there were a few who seen it for what it is and convinced me to give it a go.

Firstly we'll address what every other review has. Realism. The scenario is not realistic and full of holes, but lets be honest, what TV show/movie isn't? I'll first say I'm a computer programmer. So I can see all the technical downfalls this show has. Being in my position I also see it in every other show or blockbuster movie. They don't make anything to be 100% believable. They make it to be fun and entertaining. I would like to see them get a technical consultant to help with this problem, but I don't feel it takes away from the shows entertainment value.

With the obvious aside lets talk about the show itself. Four socially awkward genius's. Yes it does follow the role that smart people cant be socially engaging, but it does add the to entertainment value.

The first episode drops our main characters into a very stressful situation. This lead to great character development that most shows take half a season to reach. After one episode I felt I knew and could relate to each character personally. It also had its fill of ups and downs with a quickly developing story line. Over all a great introductory episode and I cant wait to see more.
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annacruz-512914 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
PLEASE RENEW THE SCORPION, I love scorpion for giving me the inspiration to improve my study even though I know it's impossible to be like them but they are my inspiration to study hard and do kindness too all and to make me a better person, they inspire all the viewers to give their best all the times and this show can give you a knowledge whether it is science, math, physics, humanities (because of Paige), kindness and more PLEASE RENEW IT GOD BLESS
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Seems some reviewers take this far too seriously
ToddTee24 September 2014
Evidently several reviewers who pan this show as "unrealistic" have never seen any of today's mega-hit action movies. They are all "unrealistic", "over the top", etc. They make no attempt to be realistic. They focus on being FUN.

An LA Times movie critic called this show "ridiculous, but fun". EXACTLY!!! If you want realism, watch a documentary. This show is intended to provide entertainment, pure and simple, and on that score I give it high marks. All of the actors are archetypes of the character types that they portray, and at that they seem to me to all excel. They are no different than the superhero genre of films that are raking in so many $$$ at the box office today.
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Why do shows about intelligent people have to be so stupid?
ksgoss23 September 2014
I bought into the trailers; I was interested. But this show was a mess.

I wasn't expecting fine drama, but I was hoping for something reasonably intelligent (like a Person of Interest or Numbers). Instead it was just insultingly dumb. Bad clichés, tired plot devices, and magical techno wizardry that didn't even make sense.

We will only get the quality of programming that we demand. If the networks keep providing this rubbish, and we watch it, then we have no one else to blame. I have to assume that the people who spent their time and effort making this show realized how insulting it was to the viewers' intelligence. So, if you watch it, you'll get what you deserve.
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Quite Possibly the Most Technically Inaccurate Show on TV Today
darren_brinksneader13 October 2014
Where to begin...made-up names for technologies (Slow Servers, routing hubs and the list goes on), inaccurate uses and capabilities of existing technology are just for starters (typing a few keys and windows pop-up and scrolling text, rj-45 cables dangling from jetliners). I won't rehash a lot of what the other reviews have posted, other than to state that this quite possibly the most technically inaccurate show on TV today. If this show was satire or something based in an alternate reality that would be one thing, but this supposed to be based on present day.

I thought I'd give it a second chance and a third. I did and it disappointed each time. It's really a shame, the premise of the series was interesting, but the delivery was horrendous. How this show made it out of pilot is beyond me. I'd say it's entertaining, but the story flaws make it too distracting to enjoy.
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Ridiculously Stupid
dickson-g-wong22 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I just finished watching the pilot and was so infuriated by how dumb the show is I made an account just to make a review. For an episode that involves technology and hacking, you would think the creators would at least run the premise by someone with a basic understanding of computers or you know, common sense. Lets list a few of these dumb things:

1) LAX Air Traffic software update goes wrong and communication is down. Solution: Call your system administrator. You don't need FBI to track down someone with an IQ of 197 to tell you to recover your software from a backup hardrive.

2) What kind of world class data center that stores air traffic controller software is unmanned!?

3) An audio speaker demagnetizes a hardrive? I think they are a little more sturdy than that.

4) Backup hardrive is dead, game over. Oh wait, good thing every plane has an EXACT copy of the software used by the air traffic controller. Yeah that makes total sense...

There are so many plot holes in this pilot I can't believe it made it to TV. Don't waste your time watching this.
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Simply the Worst Script in American History
sagrilarus-114-57189823 September 2014
This show may have "promise", and the actors involved may be talented, but the script was less believable than Sharknado.

My God! Planes can't land! So have one fly the length of the runway with a car speeding under it so we can get software from it! Here's a thought, land the plane, walk up to it, and plug in. Here's another thought -- just land ALL the planes with a old fashioned radio communications like they do ever day at airports with power failures. Lazy, lazy, lazy writing based on a stupid premise.

Oh my God! There's a bug in the software! The genius in the show carries out basic project management to correct the problem. But! With lots of car chases. A show about geniuses that was mostly car chases.

Script must have been written by a 19 year old, and not one that would fit into the show's cast of characters.
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Sharknado-level stupid
curtis-122 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I was interested in the premise of the series, but as soon as they got to the premise of the pilot episode I knew I was in trouble. Warning: There be spoilers below.

Comms at LAX are out, and we have no way to talk to planes that are in route. Fix it now or people die. I said, maybe it'll get better, but here's a brief summary of other stupidity.

They had to go to a restaurant to get wifi. They use an off-site backup system that apparently goes to an unmanned data center. Their backup system has no concept of history. If it backs up again, it'll overwrite the previous backup. They grabbed the backup by yanking one of the drives out of a RAID array. Uh huh. Ferrari meets plane. Nuf said. The plane has 50 foot USB cable just laying around. Know how rare a 50-foot USB cable is? Just go try to find one at Best Buy! The plane itself has a USB port. You can beat a Grandmaster in eight chess moves. The landing software running on planes is the same as the software that runs in the airport. Not the same brand. The same exact software, so you can just copy one from the other. And it's downloadable via a 20 MB/s USB connection that you only get for 7 seconds. So... That means that the entire software is <140 MB. Uh huh.

This is just what I can think of off the top of my head.

All it was missing was the sharks.
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Stupid plot
dbucciar23 September 2014
This was disappointing. I liked the characters and the show's premise had potential. The plot however, was so contrived and so divorced from reality that I had to stop watching after the 10th time I shouted "That's not the way that works!" at the TV.

Everything from computer and network technology gaffes to a basic misunderstanding of how radios work between aircraft and from ground to air, and the fact that airliners have the ability to divert to a different airport if their original destination airport is shut down... for *whatever* reason -- including snow storms and other bad weather. This actually happens on a fairly regular basis.

Once you realize that pilots can make intelligent decisions and land their aircraft with or without air traffic control help, then the whole "airliners gonna fall out of the sky" problem goes away.

I'm not demanding total realism from a TV show. I'll accept reasonable stretches of the imagination. Just please don't blow me out of my 'suspension of disbelief' with incredibly stupid departures from reality.
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So much wrong... Where to start?
scramcat-127 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
* The characters talk about how socially inept the "geniuses" are yet they're well dressed in hip clothes (even the nerdiest is retro chíc) and cool hats and speak with lots of snarky urban slang and they're more confident than used car salesmen. And they're all rather short for some reason. What's up with that?

* The butthole genius leader responds to every damn question or comment with, "Don't worry, it'll work... maybe" or "It's OK, you'll be safe... probably" or "Of course I'll follow his orders... mostly".

* The writers completely misunderstand that KNOWLEDGE is the accumulation of information but INTELLIGENCE is the ability to organize knowledge to synthesize solutions, explanations, understandings, etc. The genius characters are all data banks of insanely diverse information (sure, I know top-of-head how to break into and start a filthy expensive sports car I've probably never seen in real life and which has a complex encrypted RFID transponder anti-theft circuit) and other minutia that they instantly recite. But they do no actual problem solving.

* Lame stereotypes like the genius man-child who get so wrapped up in his math that he forgets to pay the utility bill. They have many other geniuses loitering together but none of them is smart enough to say "set up automatic online bill payment" or "put a Post-It note reminder on the toilet, you'll be sure to see it there".

* The butthole genius leader tried to do a rapid file exchange by connecting to a jet's wi-fi signal as it flew low over the control tower. But if he was such a genius why didn't he calculate the less-than-a second time span the jet and tower wi-fi would be within range of each other, or the Doppler shift, or the time the wi-fi would take to handshake and connect? Or set up a Pringles "cantenna"? Or better still, why not USE THE FAA AIR-TO-GROUND PACKET RADIO DATA LINK THAT ALL U.S. JETS HAVE?

* Pairing the starched, straight-laced Homeland Security agent with the devil-may-care genius who plays by his own rules is the same kind of "oil and water" TV buddy pairing that died with the 1980's and stayed dead for good reason. I can't believe someone brought it back.

* Where did the butthole learn high-performance high-speed driving in a car he's probably never touched before let alone ever driven?

* Why would a passenger jet have such a long ethernet cable on board?

* When the butthole driver tells the waitress to hit the roof release button, why did she slam the roof off with her hands? What part of "button" was hard to understand?

* Why did the flight office have to climb down on the landing gear? Couldn't he have tied the cable to a metal coffee pot or something and just drop it out the hatch?

* At 250 miles per hour, wouldn't the unweighted ethernet cable have been whipping around wildly in the wind?

* If they were in a car that could match the speed of the jet, and could get 20 feet away from the jet, why didn't the butthole try the wi-fi again now that he was in better, faster range?

* How the Hell was a laptop dangling from an ethernet cable able to relay thesoftware package to the tower by wi-fi that was somehow faster than the ethernet cable, then install the flight control software, poll all the tracking sensors and radar, and update the flight status displays, in less time than it took to brake a high-performance car going at 250miles per hour?

What the Hell... the 1960's Batman TV series was more realistic.
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It gets better every time!
cinzia-sympatico16 December 2014
I was literally glued to my couch last night while watching the last episode of Scorpion, "Dominoes". I am not an expert by any measure, but I find this TV show extremely entertaining :) There's suspense where you need it, romance where you need it, the characters are well-built with their own persona and backgrounds, the plot is understandable, easy to follow, and the actors are very believable (yes, I think so!!). Also, FINALLY a TV show with no blood splatters and no visits to the morgue (such a deja-vu lately), just fascinating brains at refreshing! Seriously, every time I think "it can't get any better" does! I can't wait for next episode!!!
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Jtlindrooth22 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Who writes this stuff? This was the worst plot and story line ever. No technical advice seemed to be present. Dumbest show ever. That's not how aviation or airlines work. That's not how communications in the real aviation world work. Where did these writers come up with this fantasy garbage? The problems go on and on with the writing on this pilot episode. Additionally, the electrical box? Really? A train switching station? Come on writers. Do a little homework. Hire a few consultants. It's every bit as bad as snakes on a plane. Stupid, stupid stupid. The female a actor who plays the electrical genius has no acting skill. The message of poor geniuses is also tired and run out. Your choice of math genius is pathetic. Is this the best that CBS can do for the new season? I would rather be at the dentist office then be forced to watch another episode of this show.
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No summary here, because you should watch it before you read the review. ;)
bjoern-kueppers26 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I love this show! Why? Because I can enjoy something without having troubles about the car hifi magnets deleting a hard drive. OK the scene with the Ferrari and the plane was ridiculous but fun. But as somebody here are complaining the problem wasn't that radio waves aren't fast enough to get the plane. It was that the connection between plane and laptop has not been stable long enough because of the distance between plane and laptop. ;) But that is not the point. I love that show, because I can see it grow over that ridiculous Ferrai vs. plane or magnets vs. hard drive writing. I can see the relationships between that lovely crazy people grow. I like to think that someone cares and understands these kid whose own mom doesn't get it, because it is not 'normal'. I was emotional attached in the scenes were the characters try to fit in but don't, because that's live. Everybody wants to be special, but mostly specialty comes with a price. And the price mostly is to not really fit in. So they are a bunch of underdog geniuses with great minds, great hearts but also great normal social behavior problems. I will give it a chance to put the science in order and be a nice watchable show.
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Beyond bad, the anti-CSI
SkippyJustice22 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Let's compare Scorpion to a show like CSI. CSI has an intelligent script, is well acted and generally keeps the viewer immersed in suspense. CSI has a feel to it that adds a layer of depth. There is some humor and the characters are varying degrees of like-able.

Scorpion does not have an intelligent script. It's like the writers have zero technical understanding but decided to write a techno- thriller anyway. The characters are not like-able. Bad acting, embarrassing script, laughable at best. The casting decisions were off by a solar system. Should have taken all that money spent on advertising and put it into the show. This is what you get when people with below average IQs try to write a show about geniuses.

As far as the characters go Elyes Gabel/Walter O'Brien: There is not a lot to like about this guy. While they try to write him as unable to be emotional and awkward, they also try to write him as a genius stud with regard to some of his interactions. It did not work. Picture Jesse Eisenberg from "The Social Network" as your watermark. Perfectly written, perfectly acted. They did not try to make him something he's not. At the same time, Eisenberg's character was actually like-able in the movie and you find yourself rooting for this guy who is a tremendous jerk. If Eisenberg is a 10, Gabel is a 3

Katharine McPhee/Paige Dineen: The biggest positive I can think of is she was named after an excellent hockey player. Other than that, she is not believable as a mother, especially as a mother of a child with developmental difficulties. She has too much bounce and not enough protective instinct.

Eddie Kaye Thomas/Toby Curtis: It's Finch from American Pie! This guy might have the highest ceiling on the show but some of the writing for him was ridiculous. The whole premise of the backup drive scene killed anything he had to offer to it. His acting on the show is not bad at all.

Jadyn Wong/Happy Quinn: Eesh. I don't know if they re-dubbed her but in the beginning her voice didn't match her mouth. It seemed like that happened a lot. She might just not have the ability to project and when she does it sounds like she's forcing her lines out. Any line she delivered made my girlfriend and I pause and look at each other wondering how just about anyone can get on TV these days.

Ari Stidham/Sylvester Dodd: I liked the guy the most out of the cast. The writing for him was not awful and he seemed genuinely delighted to play chess with the young boy. At the same time, some bad writing decisions, (the scene at the chalkboard is kind of a stretch, not the result, the "order of the pieces" discussion).

Great premise but failed to deliver. This is officially off my record list. I am guessing it won't last over eight episodes. Seriously? A hard line into a computer from a jet? A twelve year old might write that.
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Don't listen to the haters-Scorpion is fantastic!
joelle-187-94617316 December 2014
To all the 'genius' critics who think they are so smart, pointing out all the flaws in Scorpion like some sort of scientific professors of TV shows, commenting that it is unoriginal and cliché---Please take a look at all the negative reviews of this show and try to differentiate yours. You can't, can you? Your pretentious reviews are just as cliché as you think Scorpion is. I bet you are extremely impressed with your enlightening review in which you discuss how the show is unbelievable- because I for one TOTALLY didn't notice that a girl standing up out of the roof of a sports car holding a laptop connected to a cable coming from an airplane flying a foot above her head was unbelievable. So thanks for pointing that out for me.

WHAT I AM SAYING IS, I don't think this show is MEANT to be very realistic. Pretty sure the writers are aware of the content within their own scripts. Most TV shows and movies ARE NOT realistic- that's not the point of entertainment! DUH! If you want realistic, watch a documentary, or hey, even more realistic: watch some paint dry. I've read some people comment on how CSI is way better than Scorpion because it is "realistic"…Um….I'm pretty sure that the actors on CSI do that exact same thing where they type 800words/minute and the computer magically solves every crazy problem, hacks into any system, and they are able to zoom so far in on security cam photos that you can see the criminals pores. The point is, you watch entertainment and shows like Scorpion for the action, the likable characters, the entertainment factor, and Scorpion has ALL of that. Plus, it's fun, friendly, and can appeal to a wide age range. My younger sister (10), my dad(an old guy), and myself (18), all LOVE this show.

In each negative review, I'm seeing 'premise good & execution bad'. Yes, the premise is excellent, but the execution is excellent as well. The only thing wrong here is…. a bunch of bitter reviewers.

Of course you are all entitled to your own opinions, as am I, and I'll stop the bashing now. I'd like to thank all of you negative reviewers for helping us dumb folk out there realize the flaws that you assume we failed to notice while watching our show. Thank you for your pessimistic picking apart of a fun and entertaining TV show. Your opinion is well valued, and there needs to be a little negativity, you know, to balance out the positive, fun, wonderful plot and characters that make up SCORPION! Sincerely, thank you.

p.s. I would recommend seeing a doctor about removing the sticks from your butts.
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i Made A Mistake...Great Show
PartialMovieViewer19 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
UPDATE: This show has gotten so much better.

My original opinion was made before I really gave this program a chance. The directing, the plots and the pace are really great. No superstars overpowering the rest of the cast members, just people who are hitting on all calendars.

The entire cast is really tight now and somehow, they are actually down to earth.

The writing is so much better and I am not getting nose-bleeds from PC gorging.

Keep up the good work.
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Don't be fooled - this is awful.
rainynight651 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I see a lot of reviews here saying "It's just television, it doesn't have to be realistic, just entertaining" - as if that was an excuse for bad writing. But there is no excuse for the mindbogglingly awful writing exhibited in the pilot of Scorpion.

There was a time when thriller writers realized they couldn't just keep making stuff up as they went along, but actually had to do their homework. This was some time in the 80s - last century, folks. If you write about something, you'd better know the basics. Yes, it's fine to sacrifice realism for drama and entertainment. All good shows and movies do that. But the good shows do something else also: they play by their own rules and make it easy for the viewer to suspend disbelief.

Scorpion does neither. The writers of this series clearly don't know the first thing about most of the stuff they're writing about. They don't know about aviation, they don't know about information technology, they constantly change and break their own rules, and as a result, we have a plot with holes so big you could fly a 777 through them.

(Spoilers ahead)

Am I really to believe that LAX does not have any sysadmins? That their most crucial piece of software was made by a company that went out of business 20 years ago? That that same software from the same company suddenly and without warning got a software update nobody knew about? That all planes in the world run the same software? That they store their backups in an unmanned, unsecured data centre somewhere in the boondocks of L.A., in what looks like a garage complex? That they have only one backup that gets overwritten every 12 hours? That the IQ 197 geniuses can just simply deduce by the pricking of their thumbs which hard drive that backup sits on, out of a choice of, well, thousands? That they can just rip out this one hard drive and connect it to a random laptop to retrieve the software? That you can hover a 777 8 feet above a runway long enough to throw a conveniently long ethernet lead down to a Ferrari driving below them at 250mph, to hook up to a laptop and download the software, which at the same time gets transferred via Wireless to a nearby control tower and from there to LAX tower, which, for all intents and purposes, is incomunicado?

I'm sorry. This pilot episode was nothing but a load of hogwash. Suspension of disbelief broke after ten minutes. From there on it wasn't entertainment any more, it was just annoying. Don't be fooled by the currently high ratings. This series has had an awful start, and one star is still too much.
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Desperately needs a technical consultant - incredibly stupid in so many ways
mw-114-57166222 September 2014
It would be fun to write a spoiler. Every line out of virtually every actor is incredibly stupid. It would be fun to list the technical problems line by line, but I don't have the patience or the time, and I'm sure there must be some limit in this rating system that would cut me short of the 253 pages that would be necessary.

I was really hoping this would be good. The basic idea was good. I like the actors. However, the script wasn't worthy of a junior high school student, and the science wasn't worthy of a 3rd grader. The special effects were overdone and completely unreal (but I guess that is now the Hollywood standard).

Really, really bad. It gets a one because the rating system doesn't go lower. I can't imagine this show will not last more than a few weeks.
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A Mission Impossible for the 21st century.
bluesman-2020 November 2014
There really is a Walter O'Brian . And he really does have a IQ of 197. And he does have a company called Scorpion that helps people. But there the facts and fiction take a different path. Like the Stuntman who called himself the Human Fly and dressed up like a superhero. His real life and his reel life had to take a different path. The human fly dressed up like a superhero does not mean he fought supervillans like MArvel comics had you believe.

The Real Story of Walter O'Brian may or may not have made for a good TV show. But the fact that he might've done a few interesting things along the path to heading up his own company is Not what's important. The Very words used at the beginning are this is BASED on the life of Walter O'Brian . It does not state that it's a accurate portrayal of Walter O Brian's life. The people who don't get that should just give up watching TV.

Like the Show Based on Colonal Greg Pappy Boyington's black Sheep Squadron that was fiction.

Anyways the premise is that Walter O'Brian is a genius with a IQ of 197 . He uses his genius to help the department of homeland security to solve crimes and take down bad guys when conventional means do not apply. The premise to me actually plays out like a Mission Impossible for the 21st century. Walter has his crew of Misfits/ genius who work for the company he started called Scorpion. Along the way we meet them. There is Happy a woman who is brilliant at machines and cars and tools not so good with people. There is Toby a psychological genius who can read people amongst other gifts. But he is a addictive personality. Slyvester a man who is simply a master of numbers and has a photographic memory. but is scared of life. Alongside their handler Cabe they are the ones you call on when things are too baffling and homeland security is on the line.

Now I enjoy the show for what it is. a hour of escapism and adventure nothing more. The chemistry amongst the cast is the strongest I've seen all year. That alone makes the show compelling TV because you get to care about them. When a single mother Kate brings her genius son Ralph to Scorpion to help her understand him. Kate's job is to provide a link to Walter and the rest to reality. while they help her understand her son better. KAte and Ralph provide a good strong grounding point here which is to say it gives this show it's humanity. I like this show a lot simply because it's not a cookie cardboard cutout. It's a show that's trying to use a brain with its heart. A rarity these days. Worth seeing. worth following just to see how it develops over the next year.
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You mean TV action shows are supposed to be real?
KenJoe16 December 2014
I have read a few of the reviews, all seem upset because the characters to do things impossible in the real world. I guess if that is the requirement for TV action series, we best not watch the Flash, another great show. I can't give up Justified, I like it the way it is, even though it does require my suspension of disbelief.

I read one review that made a statement that CSI was real, come on Crime Scene techs, interviewing witnesses, getting into gun battles? I am not down on that show; it goes for the same thing as Scorpion, interesting people doing the impossible and being fun to watch.

For me, the characters are the thing, they are likable, we get to know them and their issues, they are fun to watch as they interact and make mistakes, and yes, do things that could never really happen.

I like myth busters as much as anybody, (well, I did until they got rid of my favorite people on the show), but these shows are not meant to be real, just fun, with enjoyable and watchable characters, and here it succeeds. So Scorpion, Flash and Justified; I will have to be happy watching cool, likable people, doing the impossible.

I like this show just the way it is.
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Ridiculous script
RockyMtnVideo22 September 2014
I was hoping that this might be decent, but the first episode was so ludicrous, that it started to seem more like comedic parody, instead of something serious (which I certainly doubt was the intent).

I can't imagine this surviving much more than a partial season, without some sort of total reboot (and a completely new writing staff). Sad, because I do like some of the actors who are involved.

I won't delve into spoiler land, by listing all of the places where I laughed out loud, as I suspect many others were doing the same thing (and, if they weren't, then maybe there is some sort of audience for this craziness).
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7605122 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I really wanted to like this. The premise is good. The actual writing/directing is bad. The actors are fine, but it's more like a kids show you would see on PBS, but with live action instead of animation. I predict it will be canceled soon.

IMDb says I need 10 lines of text. No wonder a previous reviewer simply pasted his same review again. There isn't that much to say about this pilot with out spoilers. I'm sure no one will go back and watch the nicely filmed speeding-down-LA-streets scene (which was good) or the scene where the mechanical engineer cartoonish-ly jumps up on a diner booth to answer a question into a walkie talkie. I like the little kid who has no lines.

It's a poorly made show. Don't waste your time.
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Beyond Stupid
misho198822 September 2014
It seems odd to me that you'd have a show where geniuses solve problems using science and engineering with this many glaring errors. I'm not sure if the writers simply chose to ignore their technical advisors or no one actually thought to hire any, but the end result is laughable either way.

To be honest, some of the stuff they try on the show even laymen should know wouldn't work. Without going into spoiler-y detail, they try to connect to a Wi-Fi network to download a file, and they need it to happen in (a lot) less than one second. When has anyone ever managed to connect to a Wi-Fi network in under a second, let alone download something from it? Fine, maybe the writers of this show don't have a Wi-Fi at home, but they've probably been in a Starbucks at some point in their lives (writing terrible teleplays, no doubt). They should know better.

The acting really is pretty good, but it doesn't help much when every other thing they say is gibberish.
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