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  • Hot Property is an anarchic satire for 'generation rent'. An un-romantic comedy about love, greed and psychotic estate agents. Set amid London's deranged property market and self-parodying hipster culture.


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  • Corporate Spy and professional identity thief MELODY MUNRO, has it all hot younger boyfriend, drugs on demand, and of course uber-cool flat in trendy East London But Melody has a secret. To fund her lavish lifestyle she has been embezzling money from her company, and her excuses are wearing thinner than the MDs patience. Unable to pay, jobless and faced with eviction Melody must turn to desperate measures to defend her home from the onslaught of greedy wannabes and wealthy has-beens. To make matters worse, ex school nemesis LAURIE MILLS has resurfaced, intent on taking Melodys home, boyfriend, and even the Nespresso machine. Its up to Melody to use all the tools at her disposal to sabotage her enemies and keep her creditors at bay but even the staged Satanic ritual and social media stitch-up backfire. Caught in a storm of overhyped media (of her own making) and facing the very real consequences of betrayal, hipster apocalypse and arson, will Melody find her way back to humanity?

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