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What has happened!?
garybage21 April 2014
Why oh why have they kept Jonathan's wife in the series, she adds absolutely nothing as far as character development or storyline, has absolutely no personality, no warmth, no humour, etc, etc. Bring back Sheridan Smith or Caroline Quentin who actually added to the storyline. Whereas in the past series Jonathan's sidekick actually gave some humour to the storyline the wife character is dry, abrasive, badly portrayed and adds absolutely nothing. The actress is either very good at playing an annoying character or actually is just annoying. The stories themselves are OK, but even the character of Jonathan Creek seems to realise that he's made a big big mistake with his wife! Get a divorce quickly for the sake of the series.
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Predicting the lottery?!
Tweekums7 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Johnathon and his wife, now living in the countryside, go visit a couple but find no sign of them in the house. As Polly goes to check outside Johnathon investigates a noise from upstairs. Here he finds a couple tied up… unfortunately these are robbers who had been caught by the householders and Johnathon lets then go! Surprisingly this isn't the mystery that the episode will revolve around. That involves the discovery of a series of numbers covered in several layers of old wallpaper along with the words 'Will Win'… the same numbers that a local man used when he won the lottery. The numbers were found in the house of an elderly clairvoyant…. Could he really have predicted the winning numbers decades before the lottery even existed? If that mystery wasn't enough Johnathon must discover how the local parish magazine is getting its stories and what the truth is behind the claims that a strange creature has been seen in the village.

This episode seemed a little weaker than the previous instalment; perhaps because the mystery doesn't involve murder… rather surprising given that the villagers seem the sort that wouldn't be out of place in 'Midsomer Murders. There are a reasonable number of laughs to be had although some of the humour may be little crude for some viewers although others may find the misunderstandings about how Jonathon injured his hand 'bashing the sauce bottle' rather funny. Over all this wasn't great but it was still enjoyable enough.
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1 step from the absolute bottom
me_t2 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's a step up, considering the first installment of the season - at least it has a mystery and a bit of consistency in the story. Still a letdown, tho. It should've been Jonathan lying down in that bed, not the failed old psychic, because everything he touches nowadays turns into an incomprehensible mush. And that comedic piece with 2 goofy robbers - so out of place. Overall it feels toothless, the narration is sluggish, no meaningful mistery to solve. Shows usually make such episodes as a tribute to someone, but that's when the show can allow itself to relax a little, not when it's struggling to return after a 2 decade break.
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skip this season
stacia-885-17392226 April 2019
This season started badly and it didn't improve with this episode. All of the characters--Jonathan's wife included--are so unlikeable as to be off-putting, and the "humor" is in such poor taste as to be borderline offensive. I'm not sure what the writers were going for with this season, but I'm left wondering why on earth Jonathan would stay with his wife and subject himself to all of this. I'm certainly not going to watch the rest of the season.
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If only someone could predict 6 lottery numbers for me
Sleepin_Dragon17 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Mr Ipswich, a retired and elderly psychic predicts the Lottery numbers in unusual circumstances, strangely it is won by local man Leonard Corbyn many years after his prediction. The local Church newsletter manages to bring sensitive news to its readers without much effort, however they fail to report on a strange beast seen wandering the Vicarage grounds.

I remember this series coming in for a fair bit of flack at the time of its transmission, and I don't remember being bowled over, but upon revisiting, I rather enjoyed it, some good use of humour, well delivered lines, and some good performances, notably the one from Selina Griffiths. Renwick always manages to mix humour and sadness incredibly well, we get the funny opening, which sees Jonathan release the tied up criminals, then we get Polly's recollection of the death of her rabbit as a child, and her creating of the Sandman.

It feels a wee bit padded in the middle I guess, but overall I really enjoyed it. 7/10
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