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Alan Tudyk: Heihei, Villager #3



  • Villager : [to Moana; about HeiHei, who is pecking at a huge rock in front of him. Pua is watching Heihei, looking concerned]  I am curious about that chicken eating the rock. He basically lacks an intelligence required for pretty much... everything. So can we just...

    [blinks coyly] 

    Villager : ...Cook him?

    Moana : Well, some of our strengths lie beneath the surface, while others...

    [Moana sees that Heihei has swallowed the stone, which is causing a bulge in his neck] 

    Moana : ...far beneath...


    Moana : But, I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to HeiHei than meets the eye.

    [HeiHei squawks; he regurgitates the rock which plops right infront of him. HeiHei pauses, and then proceeds to pecking the rock, which he was doing earlier. Pua looks away, obviously disturbed] 

  • [Moana has found that her pet rooster, Heihei, has stowed away on her boat. Heihei looks around to see that he surrounded by water, with no land in sight. He screams in fright] 


    [Moana puts a coconut shell on his head to stop him from screaming, he stops screaming. She lifts the shell again and Heihei continues to scream by the sight of the sea, only for Moana to put the coconut shell back on his head] 

    Moana : [slowly lifting the shell from Heihei's head]  It's okay. You're all right. See? There we go. Nice water. The ocean is a friend of mine.

    [Moana puts a hand in the water. Heihei sees this and then jumps headfirst into the water, sinking completely. Alarmed, Moana gets down over the edge of the raft, looking around] 

    Moana : [concerned]  Heihei?

    [Heihei floats by, five feet away from the raft, his head under the water's surface with his legs sticking up in the air] 

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