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(I) (2016)

Jemaine Clement: Tamatoa



  • [Moana, who is covered in sparkling seashells, is snatched up by Tamatoa] 

    Tamatoa : [laughing]  What have we here? It's a sparkly, shiny... Wait a minute.

    [Tosses Moana into the air, making her lose the seashells covering her] 

    Tamatoa : Ugh! It's a human! What are you doing down here, in the Realm of the Mons-?

    [Tamatoa's eyes are twitching differently causing Moana to constantly look back and forth between them] 

    Tamatoa : Just pick an eye, babe. I can't... I can't concentrate on what I'm saying if you keep... Yeah, pick one. Pick one!

  • Tamatoa : [Last lines, post-credits scene]  Can we be real? If my name was Sebastian and I had a cool Jamaican accent, you'd totally help me. You would. You know you would.

  • Tamatoa : Are you just trying to get me to talk about myself? Because if you are... I will gladly do so.

    Moana : Huh?

    Tamatoa : In *song* form!

  • Tamatoa : [after being flipped by an escaping Moana and Maui]  Hey! Hey!... Did you like the song?

  • Tamatoa : You're a funny looking little thing aren't you.

    [Tries to take Moana's necklace] 

    Moana : [snatches it back]  Don't! That's my gramma's!

    Tamatoa : [mockingly repeats]  "That's my gramma's!" I ate my Gramma! And it took a week, 'cause she was absolutely humongous.

  • Moana : [Tamatoa is about to eat Maui]  Hey!

    Tamatoa : Huh?

    Moana : [holding up what appears to be the Heart of Te Fiti]  I've got something shiny for ya!

    Tamatoa : [Tamatoa spits Maui out; awestrucked]  The Heart of Te Fiti!


    Tamatoa : You cannot run from me!

    [Moana takes off running] 

    Tamatoa : [Following after her; mock surprise]  Oh, you *can* run from me! You keep surprising me!

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