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Jack Reynor: Brendan



  • Brendan : [to Conor]  Do you see that guitar? I used to be able to play that guitar well. I used to ride hot girls. I could run 200 meters faster than anybody in my school. You're the youngest. You get to follow the path that I macheted through the jungle that is our mad family. I was alone with them for six years. You think they're crazy now? Think about what they were like when they were in their late 20s. Two Catholics in a rented flat with a screaming baby who just got married because they wanted to have sex. They didn't even love each other. I was in the middle of that, alone! And then you came along, thank God! And you followed the path that I cut for us. Untouched. You just moved in my jet stream. And people laugh at me, Conor. The stoner, the college dropout. And they praise you, which is fine! But once, I was a fucking jet engine!

  • Brendan : Rock and roll is a risk. You risk being ridiculed.

  • Brendan : Did the Sex Pistols know how to play? You don't need to know how to play. Who are you, Steely Dan? You need to learn how NOT to play, Conor. That's the trick. That's rock and roll. And THAT... takes practice.

  • Brendan : Look at her. She races home every evening just to catch that last little bit of sun, have a cigarette and read her papers. She's always talking about going on a holiday to Spain, but he never takes her. That's all she gets. Then that tall tree blocks it, and she comes in. I often wonder what she's thinking about.

  • Brendan : How d'you know he's her boyfriend anyway?

    Conor : It seemed like it. Pulled off in his car, music blaring. He's pretty cool.

    Brendan : What was he listening to?

    Conor : Genesis.

    Brendan : He will not be a problem.

    Conor : Really?

    Brendan : Trust me. No woman can truly love a man who listens to Phil Collins.

  • Brendan : This is life, Conor. Drive it like you stole it.

  • Conor : I think she's this amazing human being. Never seen anyone like her. The way she talks and looks. She wears these sunglasses, and when she takes them off, her eyes... are like the clouds clearing to let pass the moon.

    Brendan : Ffuuh...

    Conor : Sometimes I just wanna cry lookin' at her.

  • Brendan : You want to have actual sexual intercourse, right?

    Conor : Yeah. What, what?

    Brendan : The girl. It's all about the girl, isn't it?

    Conor : Yeah, the girl, yeah.

    Brendan : And you're gonna use somebody else's art to get her? Are you kidding?

  • Robert : Do you know what the Christian Brothers' motto is? "Viriliter age." Do you know what that means?

    Brendan : "Let's rape our students?"

    Robert : No, Brendan, it doesn't. It means "act manly."

  • Brendan : Think big, Conor. This is just a means to an end. And she looks amazing. She's got to be in all the videos.

    Conor : Yeah?

    Brendan : Oh, yeah. She's world class. Without her, you're just a bunch of gay-looking kids down an alleyway.

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