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Mark McKenna: Eamon



  • Conor : It's like, when you don't know someone, they're more interesting. They can be anything you want them to be.

    Eamon : Yeah?

    Conor : But when you know them, there's limits to them.

  • Darren : What does "happy-sad" even mean? How can we be both things? It makes no sense.

    Conor : It means that I'm stuck in this shithole full of morons and rapists and bullies, and I'm gonna deal with it, okay? It's just how life is. I'm gonna try and accept it and get on with it, and make some art.

    Eamon : So how does that affect our music?

    Conor : Positively.

  • Eamon : I've a good joke for you guys. Vagina. Do you get it?

    Garry : No.

    Eamon : Exactly.

  • Eamon : We could rehearse here 'cause my da's in Saint John of Gods.

    Darren : Is that a pub?

    Eamon : No, Darren. It's a place where alcoholics go to get off the drink, and stop beating their wives and kids.

    Darren : Right.

    Eamon : And neighbors.

  • [Conor and Eamon put on costumes for a music video] 

    Eamon : It's me da's show band outfit.

    Garry : So it's a gay band? Okay.

    Conor : Coming from the one who wants to look like the Village People.

    Garry : What's gay about the Village People?

  • Eamon : So how do you mean you're "happy-sad"?

    Darren : Yeah, how're we supposed to market that?

    Conor : It means we're not pop anymore.

    Eamon : We were pop? Listen, I'm happy being anything. I just want to play music.

    Conor : That's fine. Be who you are, Eamon.

    Eamon : Well, I don't know who I am. Maybe I'm happy-sad, too. I don't know.

  • Eamon : Or Duran Duran. What do you think of them?

    Conor : Jury is out on which way those guys'll go. They're a lot of fun, and James Taylor is one of the most proficient bass players in the UK at the moment, giving them a funky edge.

    Eamon : John Taylor.

    Conor : Yeah, John! Of course!

  • Conor : Will you help me write a song?

    Eamon : Always.

  • Conor : Anyway, what about the band?

    Eamon : The band will be fine. Just go to London and get a record deal, come back and get us out of this shithole.

    Conor : That's not a bad idea, actually.

  • Conor : D'you wanna write a new song?

    Eamon : Yes, I do.

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