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How to make an ark by David Pilcher: A work in progress
quincytheodore20 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
For a while the show has given glimpses of futuristic environments, now it finally offers a tour on the facilities behind Wayward Pines. Most of the episode is Dr. Pilcher's retelling of how the so called safe haven came to be. The past stories are done in good pace as they offer better understanding of the characters and the intricacy to run Wayward Pines. In a clever way, the episode showcases ample modern atmosphere, but still grounded with its rural backdrop.

Toby Jones is a good pick for the doctor role. He displays a degree of intelligent, good will and a hint of deception caused by exhaustion. Flashbacks from earlier times finally explain how Wayward Pines is build, from its humble yet dubious start to its equally dubious current condition. They also present the characters' previous lives before Wayward Pines. It's nice to see Melissa Leo in different less creepy manner as her motivation is brought to light. A few bits with Terrence Howard are a welcomed addition.

While Ethan is given the VIP backstage treatment, things have developed in malicious way on the town. Kate and a few others concoct a plan with sinister end. Both positive and negative effects of Pilcher's method are shown simultaneously. Flashback also tells plenty of mayhem has occurred and ironically the harsh prevention acts might lead to the same result. Teresa is unknowingly caught in the brewing situation. She and Ben try to comprehend the events, though they've taken the backseat on this episode.

Visually, the direction is fine. The episode sees more tone shift than previous ones, it changes from sci-fi flavor to the usual quaint town and occasionally reverts back to set pieces from the past. The look inside the facilities is amazingly done, there's definitely a lot of effort put in design, either by the setting or graphical effect. It also veers to a darker, more eerie view of the past consequences. The show handles multiple variations of scale and ambiance notably well.

With the pacing it has been going, Wayward Pines proves to be a balanced mix of mystery and sci-fi.
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!SPOILER! Easter egg found - Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
fogas2110 April 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Yesterday night I watched this episode and when Piltcher invites Burke in his bunker office there we can hear some classical music in the background. I went crazy because I knew I know where is it from but I couldn't figure it out.

Until now!

I listened some Code Geass OST and it suddenly clicked, that song from the show is from Nausicaä! (youtu.be/X9mGQU7rGGM?t=3m7s)

In case you are not familiar with it, that movie is one of the best post apocalyptic movies ever created. You can compare the Valley of the Wind with Wayward Pines, small town and you are not able to get out of it because of the monsters in the forest. Yes it's strange comparison but I hope you can see what I mean.

Anyway I like the series this far and I'm looking forward to spot more of these easter eggs. In case I do spot more I have to re watch the whole season again to find every little one.
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