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  • In New Orleans, Louisiana, two local special agents of the NCIS, Pride and LaSalle, start to investigate the death of Dan McLane, who was not only a member of the US House of Representatives but also both a retired Naval Reserve commander and a retired agent of the NIS (before the NCIS); Dan had worked with Franks and had served as a mentor to both Pride and Gibbs; King Pride, a former partner of Gibbs, goes to Washington, DC, and spends time with Gibbs. Inter-agency intrigue begins; the FBI seizes control; a joint FBI-NCIS effort proceeds; Fornell joins the hunting party; the Gibbs team start producing results; King and Gibbs use an old-school technique; LaSalle in Nola says that he suddenly feels new respect for the Great Lakes office. An FBI agent in Nola dies in the same way as Dan; King goes back there, and Gibbs and Ellie go with him; Abby provides answers; the bunch in Nola follow the breadcrumbs left for them. [To be continued.]

  • In New Orleans, Louisiana, someone kills a US congressman, who was also both a retired Naval Reserve commander and a retired NIS agent. A local NCIS agent visits Gibbs, who, with Ellie, goes to Nola. Then an FBI agent too dies. [Continued.]


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  • Special Agent Dwayne Cassius "King" Pride picks up an attractive age-appropriate woman (Paige Turco) in a bar. After noting the undeniable chemistry between them, he manages to convince Linda to bring him home with her. In the morning, it turns out it's because King is her husband -- they've been married 23 years. But he's not living with her and she suggests he head home to his apartment. He almost has her convinced to spend the day together when he gets a call.

    Pride rolls up on the crime scene in his cherry old car. NCIS Special Agent Christopher Lasalle, an Alabama boy, hasn't been to bed yet. The victim is a retired Navy reserve commander who was a guest on the USS Ulyssess, he's retired NIS and a Congressman, Dan McClane. The FBI is coming. Pride thinks of the victim as family and says he has some catching up to do with Jethro Gibbs.

    In the morning, McGee and Tony arrive to the parking lot to find Ellie up to her elbows in grease and calling parts of her engine thingamabobs and dohickeys. Gibbs arrives and takes a look, suggesting she connect a couple gizmos.

    Gibbs is called up to Vance's office, where Pride is waiting for him. Pride wants to run the investigation alone, but Vance tells him the FBI will be assisting. Vance references "recent flaws" in Pride's technique, although Pride insists he only punched the XO once.

    When King comes downstairs, Tony recognizes McClane as only of the Original Fed Five, along Mike Franks. King gets a call in MTAC.

    LaSalle is calling, along with Jefferson Parish Coroner Doctor Loretta Wade. The Feds just took McClane's body. They think the FBI is hiding something.

    LaSalle and McGee are checking private security cameras in the area where McClane was. They find footage of him at a hotel bar with a working girl King recognizes.

    Down in New Orleans, LaSalle goes to talk to FBI Senior Agent Lynette Doyle, who took McClane's body. She won't let LaSalle work the case with her or even given him any information, saying it matters to Washington.

    At Gibbs' house, FBI Agent Tobias Fornell joins Gibbs and Pride, an old friend, for dinner. He has located McClane's body and is having it sent to Washington. He agrees to work the case with them if they keep him in the loop. He mentions the New Orleans FBI is pulling a lot of old murder files.

    Gibbs gets word that Sally Hammond, the working girl seen with McClane, was just picked up in Virginia.

    In interrogation, she tells Pride and Gibbs that someone paid her $3,000 to talk to McClane for a few minutes and then leave New Orleans for a week. She didn't know he was a congressman.

    Pride points out she was set up to make it look like she was running.

    Later, they recap. Gibbs wants to know who on Capitol Hill didn't want McClane re-elected. Pride gets word that LaSalle is checking out the Ulysses, which is still on lockdown.

    Down in the morgue, Duckie has received congressman's body, but finds the body was messed with, likely by the FBI.

    Pride goes to visit with Abby in the lab. She runs a simulation that proves McClane's body wasn't dumped at the marina, it was dumped at the wetlands up river.

    LaSalle returns to the office to find NCIS Special Agent Meredith Brody there, recently transferred to their two man office from the Great Lakes Regioin. LaSalle recognizes her as the agent afloat when a terrorist attack hit a boat he knows. She doesn't want to talk about it.

    Back in the office, Ellie has tied the files the FBI pulled to Victor Lorda, the man the Fed Five convicted as the "Privileged Killer." Pride and Gibbs were the probies on the case. Lorda always maintained his innocence and died in prison.

    Tony reports from his DC contacts that McClane recently burned bridges trying to stop construction of a power plant. A lobbyist named Tom Speakman had it in for him. Speakman's nephew Andrew Lycek is stationed on the Ulysses and broke.

    Gibbs and Pride track down Speakman and he's openly pleased McClane is dead. When Speakman says McClane deserved it, Pride throws him over the hood of a car. Gibbs enjoys the old school approach.

    Back in interrogation, Speakman says he was in DC when McClane was killed.

    Brody and LaSalle interview Lycek, who claims he was drunk when he was on leave. Finally, he confesses he was getting a tattoo with a hooker. He shows them his double rainbow.

    Back at NCIS, Pride and Gibbs join Duckie who is videoconferencing with Loretta. The two stab wounds and throat slash mimic the Privilege Killer's MO. They think the FBI is trying to hide the fact there's a killer on the loose.

    Down in NO, LaSalle explains to Brody how Pride got the name King: When Pride first opened up the New Orleans NCIS office he made a big drug bust and a local crew made him an honorary member and named him King. LaSalle was a sheriff's deputy and King saved his life after Katrina.

    Brody says she came to town to start over.

    Later at night, FBI Agent Doyle leaves a bar in the Quarter and gets into her car. Someone grabs her from behind and slits her throat.

    Back in DC, Tobias relays the news to Vance, Gibbs, and Pride. She was killed the same as McClane. Vance sends Gibbs, Pride, and Bishop to New Orleans.

    The New Orleans office is in the middle of the French Quarter in an unassuming brick warehouse. King comes in to find the office has been organized. Gibbs recognizes Brody, but says it's classified.

    Brody has found a series of recent unsolved murders dating back to 2001 that all match the same MO. Ellie gets to work looking over the files.

    Tony, McGee and Fornell meet Abby in the lab, where she's gone over the floor mats from Doyle's car.

    Brody, Pride, and LaSalle check out the street where Doyle's car was parked. Brody is convinced someone must have seen something.

    Pride takes Brody aside to ask if she's running from something, but they're interrupted by Gibbs. He heard from Abby. The floor mats had popcorn, junk food and pigeon crap.

    LaSalle and Pride take them to the French Market. They get there and realize the killer led them there so he could scope them out. From above through a building window, an unseen person snaps photos of the group through a telephoto lens.

    To be continued....

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