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  • NO, and it's not going to be!

    Channel 4 in the UK DO NOT own the rights, so it is down to The Production Company, (Spun Gold TV -, as the rights owner to choose whether to release a DVD or not.

    Unfortunately, Spun Gold TV have inexplicably decided they are not going to release either series 1 or 2 of this wonderful show on DVD at all, ever! This is despite the fact that this is a popular show that has had a lot of UK Media coverage and is exactly the kind of Series people would like to own to watch & enjoy over and over again at their convenience! - Perhaps if enough people contact them and ask them to release it they will re-consider their selfish/lazy position of refusing to release the DVD themselves or licence for DVD release by a better company, and make a lot of people happy, (and make some money), by allowing people to buy the Series and own it!

    I would urge people to contact Spun Gold TV in the UK and ask them to release both Series 1 & 2 of Great Canal Journeys on DVD and/or Bluray, (or at least Licence it for release by a more professional & experienced company)! Edit (Coming Soon)


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