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Season 2

22 Feb. 2016
Back to the Pond
Young puffling Oona and her little brother Baba are woken up in the middle of the night by a frog who has lost its way.
22 Feb. 2016
The Fallen Rocks
Oona, Baba and their friends try to help Bernie the hermit crab when the entrance to his cave is blocked by a rock fall, trapping him inside!
23 Feb. 2016
Homesick Hoglet
Spiky the baby hedgehog is lost. But when Oona goes to get her parents' help, Baba wanders off with Spiky to look for his mama. Now Oona must find him too!
23 Feb. 2016
Silky and the Octopus
Silky and Oona encounter a strange creature with eight arms during an underwater adventure. Oona wants to investigate but Silky is not so confident, so they ask Bernie for advice.
24 Feb. 2016
The Salmon Leap
Otto wants to see the salmon leap with Oona, but first he must get Pip and Pop settled down to sleep. But Baba is around and the little birds just want to play!
24 Feb. 2016
The Great Gull
Oona and Baba go out to play and join forces with the seagulls against a common enemy.
25 Feb. 2016
May the rabbit agrees to look after Baba while Oona goes fishing. However, her plans are derailed when Baba finds a hibernating hedgehog.
25 Feb. 2016
The Puffin Way
Papa explains that the best way to approach a problem is to think carefully before tackling it, but Oona and Baba find his advice difficult to follow.
26 Feb. 2016
Bernie and the Bee
Bernie the hermit crab in a dilemma when a bee gets trapped inside his grotto.
26 Feb. 2016
Find the Owls
Otto needs help when his children Pip and Pop go missing.
29 Feb. 2016
Mossy's Flea
Animation. Oona organises a get-together in the undergrowth with her friends, but things do not go to plan when Mossy brings along an uninvited guest - Fred the Flea.
1 Mar. 2016
Dinner at Bernie's
Animation. Bernie is expecting a visit from a lady-hermit crab named Bernadette. Oona and Baba help him find food for a feast, but the Shrew Crew cause problems.
2 Mar. 2016
The Dung Beetle
Animation. Oona and Baba watch a dung beetle roll a ball of poop over the sand dunes back to its nest. Oona's digging skills come in useful at a crucial moment.
3 Mar. 2016
Oona's Fishing Trip
Animation. Oona joins Papa on her first big fishing trip - but diving for fish is difficult when it's windy and the seagulls are hungry for fish too.
4 Mar. 2016
Spot the Ladybird
Animation. Oona is too ill to join Baba, Mossy and May on a ladybird-spotting trip, so they decide to bring one back for her - but catching a ladybird isn't easy.
7 Mar. 2016
The Best Shell
When Baba takes a beautiful shell from Bernie's grotto without Bernie's permission, Bernie thinks that the Red Crabs have taken it and sets out to confront them...
8 Mar. 2016
The Meteor Shower
Tonight the sky will be full of shooting stars! Everyone is excited - except Silky, who is not sure that she will like it. So Oona risks missing it in order to reassure her friend.
9 Mar. 2016
The Dragonfly Display
Otto loves dragonflies and is keen for his young friends to see their aerial display. But Baba gets into trouble while they wait for them to begin...
10 Mar. 2016
Silky's New Friend
Silky has a new friend - Clementine the clam - and is offended when Oona can't understand why Silky thinks that she's so special.
11 Mar. 2016
The First Snow
The world outside the burrow has turned white, and Oona and Baba set off with May and Mossy for their first adventure in the snow.
14 Mar. 2016
Oona's Cave
Oona is practising her burrow-building skills, when Mossy and Silky unintentionally ruin her hard work. But she soon misses her friends when she finds a place to practise alone.
15 Mar. 2016
Just Like Mama
Oona learns a lot about her Mama when they go on an expedition together to find fresh seaweed for the nest. She loves to have fun, and she is very, very brave indeed!
16 Mar. 2016
Diving Deeper
Oona is practising her diving skills, and Baba, Bernie and Silky are cheering her on. However, she cannot dive deep enough to reach Baba's pebble, so Silky shows her how...
17 Mar. 2016
A Day Out
The puffins' burrow is completely soaked after a stormy night, so Papa suggests a family day out.
18 Mar. 2016
Owl School
Oona and Baba are at owl school, learning how they hunt, fly silently and see in the dark. Baba is impressed, but Oona's puffin skills are just as impressive when she rescues Pip.
21 Mar. 2016
A Hot Day
It's a hot day and everyone is struggling to stay cool. Baba finds some of Flynne's fur, and Oona thinks that she must need help. What could be causing Flynne to lose all her fur?
22 Mar. 2016
A Summer Visitor
Oona makes a new friend - Chloe, an Arctic tern, is visiting Puffin Rock for the summer. Oona enjoys showing her round the island and introducing her to all her friends.
23 Mar. 2016
Lamb Chase
When Oona and Baba find a little lamb, Oona decides that it must be lost. She tries to find its mama, but must also keeps an eye on the two energetic youngsters while they play.
24 Mar. 2016
Mossy Impossible
Oona gets tangled up in fishing twine near Seagull Cliff! Mossy and Bernie need Mama and Papa Puffin's help to free her. Someone has to find them before the seagulls come back...
25 Mar. 2016
A Special Seashell
Baba is sick and needs to rest at home, so Oona promises to bring him back a shiny seashell to cheer him up. But the pesky seagulls make her mission very difficult.
4 Apr. 2016
Turtle Taxi
When Bernie's lady friend Bernadette pays him a visit, she needs rescuing when she gets carried away by the tide.
5 Apr. 2016
New Neighbours
When the mean old Black-Backed Gull moves into Seagull Cliff, the smaller seagulls move out and build a new nest beside the puffin's burrow. They are very noisy...
6 Apr. 2016
Oona wants to show Baba a beautiful rainbow at the waterfall, but he is easily distracted and might miss it if he does not hurry up.
7 Apr. 2016
Puffin Treasure
Oona and Silky are off to explore the kelp forest, but Baba is too young to join them. Mama has something special planned for him. They're off on a treasure hunt!
8 Apr. 2016
Mossy's Mystery
Mossy has been waiting for the biggest berry on the island to ripen. But the Shrew Crew beats everyone to all the berries!
11 Apr. 2016
The Longest Day
It's the longest day of the year. Oona and her friends gather at the stone circle to watch the sun rise, but Mossy has overslept!
12 Apr. 2016
House Hunting
Bernie the hermit crab offers to find his friend Bernadette a new home because her shell has become too tight. However, he soon runs into trouble.
13 Apr. 2016
Super Snail
Baba makes friend with a little snail, but is reluctantly called away to judge a race between Oona and May. When Baba returns, the snail has vanished.
14 Apr. 2016
Day and NIght
The owls are determined to see the solar eclipse today, and need Oona and Baba to help them stay awake. But after a night's hunting, they are very sleepy...

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