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  • Derek's sister Amelia comes for a visit; Alex confronts Arizona and the rest of the hospital about his decision; Dr Webber finds out the truth about Harper Avery award from Catherine.



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  • Hunt and Meredith are on their plane back from Boston, but Cristina isn't there.

    Derek is back at home and his sister, Amy, shows up and announces that her boyfriend James proposed and she freaked out. She wants to see the kind of life she might have in store. Derek is all-too eager to play long, leaving her with Zola and Bailey and heading off for the hospital.

    April is making her presence felt at Arizona and Callie's house.

    In bed in the morning, Alex tells Jo he got an offer to work at the private practice and has to give an offer by the end of the day. He's worried about what he's going to tell Arizona.

    Dr. Russell is stepping in for Cristina on Frankie's transplant. Her parents are a little nervous because they don't know him, but he assures him he's "as good." Ivy's progress is still not great.

    Jackson starts to ask some questions about Derek's research and how it's coming along. Derek is worried it could get shut down by the foundation and reminds Jackson that he and Callie have "a presidential seal of approval."

    Meredith gets back and goes off on April about Cristina's loss, saying she's an Avery by association and that Averys made a terrible decision not giving Cristina the award.

    Alex tells Arizona about his offer and she doesn't react much right away.

    Braden appears to have picked up a viral infection and his parents are very upset with Bailey and Stephanie, and they are concerned that Bailey's experimental "deactivated HIV virus" is the problem.

    Dr. Russell starts the surgery on Frankie, but Cristina steps in and says she's got it. Dr. Russell urges her to let him do it, but she insists. He acknowledges that she suffered a "tough loss" at the Avery Foundation awards, and she doesn't respond. She curtly announces to the room that it was an honor to be nominated, and asks for a 10 blade.

    Webber surprises Catherine with a visit in Boston, which she suspects is about Cristina's award.

    Things are awkward between Jackson and April when they run into each other at the hospital. Jackson tells her he's stressed about the report he has to do on research at the hospital, concerned they won't be able to keep all research projects going. April scoffs and sarcastically says it's a "classy move" by the Averys, again, to first deny Cristina her award and now threaten to take away her research project.

    Callie, Jo and Hunt tend to a man who's been hit by a truck after nearly finishing a three-month walk across the country.

    Meredith is worried about Cristina, but pleased to get a text saying Cristina is in O.R. 1. Derek proposes they do a tumor removal together. He says his sister is watching the kids.

    Frankie's mom and Braden's mom talk while Stephanie is waiting for Braden's mom to sign some medical release forms. Frankie's says she's starting to wonder whether the doctors know what's best for her kids. Braden's mom agrees and hesitates to keep signing.

    Arizona and Alex are a little too effusive in their praise of Cristina's work, but Frankie's new heart doesn't start beating right away. Cristina is angry. UNOS calls and says there's another matching heart in Portland.

    In Boston, Webber brings up Cristina's loss. He says it makes no sense that she lost.

    Meredith tries to talk to Crisina, but Cristina has to respond to Ivy, who is crashing.

    Later, Meredith and Derek are operating together, but Jackson comes in and starts asking Meredith about her research. She goes off on Jackson about the Harper Avery Foundation's terrible decisions.

    Braden's mother is starting to panic, telling her husband she doesn't want to let the doctors do anything more to their son.

    Arizona and Alex are flying to Portland and she's trying to tell him a story about the last time they were on a plane together, but he cuts her off and says he's thought about leaving for a long time and it's OK to think about himself for once.

    Frankie, who is being monitored by Shane and Leah, starts to crash and Shane sends a page for Cristina. Shane calls Cristina, who is in Ivy's room with their father. Cristina has a nurse put Shane on speaker and she walks them through what to do to stop the bleeding. After some tense moments, it works.

    Webber keeps arguing for Cristina, but Catherine finally tells him flat out that because the Harper Avery Foundation co-owns the hospital Cristina works for "she could never win that award."

    Arizona and Alex get the new heart in Portland and Alex asks her if she's just going to ignore him. She tells him she's proud of him and just wanted to share a memory with him. She was being sentimental, but now the moment is gone.

    April sees a parallel between the guy who was hit by the truck just as he was about to finish his cross-country walk, and her fight with Jackson. She says that the commitment is supposed to mean something.

    Jackson is getting impatient as Bailey talks to him about her research, because she keeps saying it is going to become something. He's intrigued when she tells him she's going to try it on Braden that day.

    Webber and Catherine keep arguing about Cristina's loss, and she tells him that Cristina actually had the votes to win. Webber tells Catherine he was planning to propose to her, hands her the ring, and leaves.

    Cristina explains to Frankie and Ivy's parents and tells them that the heart coming from Portland might be better used by Ivy because Frankie's condition is deteriorating quickly. The parents tell her they can't choose among their children and tell Cristina she has to make that call.

    Cristina is struggling with the choice and Hunt comes in and asks why she didn't call him to help make the decision. She says she can handle it.

    We next see Cristina going into the O.R. and explaining that they're going to re-allocate the new heart to Ivy.

    Meredith and Derek are giddy with their newfound time alone and head into an on-call room together.

    Arizona tells Alex that if he wants to leave, he should. She tells him not to screw up the big decision.

    Frankie's artificial heart seems to have ruptured, so they're going to have to open her up again.

    Stephanie is bothering Bailey with questions about Braden's mother changing her mind. Stephanie hands Bailey the consent forms, which Braden's mother had signed before changing her mind. Bailey looks at them closely.

    Cristina is trying to save Frankie, but Hunt tells her to stop after having been at it for an hour.

    We next see Cristina tell Ivy's parents that her transplant went very well. Frankie, though, didn't make it. Her mother breaks down and yells at Cristina, "We trusted you! What the hell did you do to our child?"

    The board meets and laments the report that Jackson has to file with the Harper Avery Foundation. Jackson shows them his report, with all the research projects listed in order. He says the decision seems clear. Alex walks in and tells the board that he got an offer from the private practice and he's decided to take it, "so I guess this is my notice." No one says anything.

    Webber shows up at the hospital and tells Hunt that they need to talk.

    Alex comes home and tells Jo he went through with it. She hugs him and tells him it's "going to be awesome."

    Derek and Meredith get home and the place is a disaster, but Amy assures them the kids are fine and asleep. She's upset, though, because she feels "wrecked after one day" and it's just another thing she's terrible at.

    Jackson gets home to the apartment and finds April there. It's tense and she says she'll see him tomorrow before starting to leave. Jackson apologizes for hurting her feelings. He tells her they made vows to push through this sort of thing. She says she's having trouble envisioning the conversations they'll have with their children about religion and he asks if they can take a break from the conversations about their hypothetical children. But she says they can't -- because their kids aren't hypothetical anymore. She's pregnant.

    Stephanie finds Bailey looking at Braden in his hospital bed. Stephanie asks if they now just close their eyes and hope he gets better. Bailey says yes, then tells Stephanie goodnight. Stephanie leaves. Bailey pulls a syringe from her pocket and looks again at Braden.

    Hunt finds Cristina in the shower in one of the hospital's restrooms, still wearing her scrubs. He stresses to her that she made the right call. She says she knows she did, and she stands by it. She says she did everything exactly as she was supposed to and did it perfectly. But, she asks, "What's the point, Owen? What's the point of anything?"

    Hunt tells her she won -- well, she got the most votes. He tells her that Webber told him she got the votes but the foundation "used" her and that she never had a chance. Cristina gets out of the shower and walks out.

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