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1 Apr. 2014
Killer Shrimp N' Friends
Killer Shrimp 'N Friends - no, it's not a new appetizer platter at your favorite casual dining restaurant, but it IS a smorgasbord of strange creatures, people, and underwear. From a ball-breaking mantis shrimp, to the seemingly-named-by-Wes-Anderson Geographer's Cone Snail, to a dog with a penchant for unmentionables, to the UTTERLY HORRIBLE thing baby koalas put into their mouths, there's plenty of weird stuff in the natural world for us to sink our, er, teeth into. All that, plus an old man and his seal (strange reboot of the classic Hemingway novel), terrifying ...
1 Apr. 2014
Demon Bat
A giant demon bat is terrorizing a Mexican village. Well, it's actual fairly normal sized, as far as bats go. It's really no more a demon than any other bat, now that you mention it. And "terrorizing" is being a bit sensational. It bit a cow. Maybe. But it's good that there's not a giant demon bat, because the guy National Geographic sends in after it is woefully under qualified to handle such a thing. We're frankly uncomfortable letting him near the cow. Richard Terry is a certified Poor Man's Colin Farrell, with luxurious hair and a talent for pretending completely ...
1 Apr. 2014
Guy and a Goose
Meet Dominic. He's in love with a goose. What's that? You'll be right back after you alert the authorities? We completely understand. So like we were saying, this guy is in love with a goose named Maria. He slowly walks around a park and she follows him. It's riveting. The goose even flies next to him as he rides around on a Vespa. Eventually, Dominic has a severe Vespa accident, possibly because there was an enormous goose flapping around right next to his head while he was trying to drive. Oh, and at some point in time Maria appears in an OK Go music video. You ...
17 Dec. 2014
Man v. Monster
Never one to let something like "not finding the made up creature we all knew never existed in the first place" discourage him, monster hunter Richard Terry is back on the prowl again. This time he's seeking out the Mekong Flesh Eater, a creature that if it were real* would have the Thai people living in utter terror!** When a Thai woman is attacked by the creature while gathering shellfish in the river, Richard leaps into action and visits a cave that is not on the river. He bravely manages to get himself stuck almost immediately. Upon making the shocking discovery ...
17 Dec. 2014
Animals Behaving Badly
Oh, those weird wacky animals, will they ever learn? The answer is no, no they won't, because they are weird wacky animals and weird wackiness is all they know. As the ancient ape prophet Chimpicles once said, "Let he who is without wackiness fling the first poo." And further, well-behaved animals rarely make history, or even amusing headlines, and they CERTAINLY don't make it into our Animals Behaving Badly special which, ultimately, is what this paragraph is all about! You like cheetahs? We've got one pooping in a sunroof. You like raccoons? We've got one gettin' ...
13 Nov. 2015
Brazilian Bigfoot
Richard Terry is back, and the soup is thicker and browner than ever. Shrugging off the embarrassments of the Demon Bat turning out to be a Regular Bat and the fearsome Naga river monster turning out to be just some ripples on the water caused by his cameraman taking a leak, Richard unbuttons half his shirt buttons, flips his camera to night vision mode, and heads to Brazil! This time he's in search of the Mapinguari, aka the Brazilian Bigfoot, aka, Probably A Slightly Larger Than Average Coyote or Something. It's been terrorizing villagers. They will not leave their ...

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