The Girl on the Train (2016) Poster

Justin Theroux: Tom



  • Megan : I'm pregnant.

    Tom : [smiles]  Congratulations

    Megan : I thought you should know.

    Tom : You thought I should know?

    Megan : [nods]  There's a chance it could be yours.

    Tom : Then get an abortion.


    Tom : Or, if it's Scott's, do whatever you want. But, if it's not, then get rid of it.

    [Tom starts walking away] 

    Megan : [catches up to him]  You can be as involved as you want.

    Tom : You're a shitty nanny. What makes you think you're gonna be a good mother?

    Megan : Why did you bring me there in the first place?

    Tom : Because I thought it would be fun to have you both around.

    [Tom walks up to Megan and tries to grab her hand. She pulls away. He looks at her in shock] 

    Megan : I played your game so you could fuck me in between Evie's playdates.

    Tom : I don't need another kid. Certainly not with you.

    Megan : [runs up to Tom]  I took care of your kid to be near you!

    [Megan shoves Tom in the back] 

    Megan : You fucked Anna 'cause you couldn't fuck Rachel anymore, and you fucked me 'cause you couldn't fuck Anna. Take us all away and you're just a pathetic, impotent man.

    [Tom pushes Megan. She trips over a fallen log and falls backwards, knocking the back of her head into a large boulder. Megan groans several times in pain. Tom looks around to see if anyone saw what just happened] 

    Megan : [looks defiantly at Tom]  You're not gonna get rid of me. You're gonna pay for this child for the rest of your life.

    [Tom kicks Megan in the head twice, mutters to himself, then looks around again. He picks up Megan by her legs and drags her and then positions her in the mud underneath a tilted pile of brush, logs and leaves. Megan regains consciousness with a horribly bloody face and begins screaming. Tom picks up a sizable rock and slams it into Megan's head repeatedly. Her screams end] 

  • Tom : Jesus Christ, Rachel, what the hell is wrong with you? I spent the last hour looking around for you. You scared the shit out of Anna, do you know that? She thought you were gonna... she wanted to call the police. So just... leave us alone. You can ruin your own life if you want to but you're not going to destroy ours. I'm not going to protect you any more.

  • Tom : You're so fucking pathetic.

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