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Great adventure in real places for the family
franbelle1018 August 2017
This a nice adventure movie for the whole family (except younger ones), on the "Famous Five" style, set in the town of Maastricht and referring to historical events that took place in that town. In facts, it is a pretext to make visit the city and to know some parts of its history and its celebrities.

Children from 8 to 15 will like it. The story is not very complicated but uses flashbacks; Only children with sufficient maturity (7-8 years) will be able to follow it.

The actors are not known stars but the quality of their play and the dynamic division of the script are sufficient to captivate the audience.

A fun and entertaining family time.
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Beautiful memory of my youth
biggun00715 March 2017
This is my first review here although I didn't even really wanna watch this movie. So this story reminded me a lot of my youth which is already about 40 years ago. I grew up in a little village where lots of mysteries were to explore in the woods, near little rivers and so on. We never discovered anything as important or historical as in this movie, still it was adventurous and exciting. So if you kept a little of your childhood and those memories you will like this. It's anyway rare to see a dutch movie, although it's more connected to french history.

My advice: Be a child again for 90 minutes and remember what was important at this stage of your life. Sometimes this gives you more than the adult priorities of running after money and status.

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