Blood Father (2016) Poster


Michael Parks: Tom 'Preacher' Harris



  • Preacher : [Points a gun at Link]  I can't believe you'd have the nerve...

    [Link shoots Preacher in the chest and kills him] 

    Link : Fucker.

  • Preacher : What'cha you doin'? Stealing from me, Link?

    Link : Stealing? You stole every goddamn thing I ever had. Now look at you. You're so fucking broke and pathetic, I can't even kill you for it. You even stole that from me!

  • Preacher : Goddamn brat! I was running the fucking Coachella Valley before you were an itch in your daddy's sack! So, don't tell me! My life isn't on Instagram, for Christ's sake. I'm in the fucking history books! Vietnam, 19th Engineer Combat Battalion. Look it up! Look it up! I've dug up more fucking mines than I could've blown the moon up with! Do you understand that?

  • Link : Keep talking, senile motherfucker!

    Preacher : Motherfucker?

    Link : Yeah!

    Preacher : I wouldn't be if you kept your mother home at night!

  • Link : How 'bout I shoot you right now?

    Preacher : With your daughter right outside?

    Link : Yeah, I might.

    Preacher : No, you won't. You can't. You're past that. I watched it, I saw it. You've changed.

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