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Donald Sutherland: Michel Dorn


  • Tommy McConnel : My people aren't big birthday folk.

    Michel Dorn : You do not celebrate your birthday?

    Tommy McConnel : More like counted them down. When we were kids, my Da would remind us that every birthday brought us closer to being charged as adults.

    Louis Daniel : You are serious?

    Tommy McConnel : When theft is the family business, knowing when you come of age is an important fact.

  • Miles Lennon : [about the Irish]  You don't understand these people the way I do. In fact, I hesitate to call them people at all.

    Michel Dorn : Excuse me?

  • Michel Dorn : We just celebrated Detective McConnell's 30th birthday. He was three in 1987. Same age as your twins.

    Miles Lennon : Yeah, well, at least he got to be 30.

  • Miles Lennon : I was doing my job.

    Michel Dorn : And do you feel better now? Has the pain gone?

    Miles Lennon : I'm sorry?

    Michel Dorn : No, it has not gone. It will never go. That will only happen with forgiveness.

    Miles Lennon : I can never forgive those bastards.

    Michel Dorn : Not them. You. Yourself. You must, you have to forgive yourself. That's how it all begins. Trust me.

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