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Season 3

11 Oct. 2016
Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor...the Day of Infamy that changed America forever. But was the attack really a surprise? What did FDR know about the attack beforehand? And who really fired the first shots of the Pacific War?
18 Oct. 2016
Civil War
From a secret society that gathers in the dead of night and plots the assassination of Abraham Lincoln to U.S. spymaster Alan Pinkerton who stops Confederate agents, the outcome of the Civil War is often decided by spies.
25 Oct. 2016
The Vatican
The Vatican is a secretive, watchful institution that protects itsreputation and the members of its ranks with fierce, often recklessabandon. But the secrets and scandals throughout its history are someof the darkest in all of history.
1 Nov. 2016
Gold the most rare treasures on Earth. Since ancient times, man has gone to extreme and often deadly lengths to get it. But where is most of the gold today, and who owns it?
8 Nov. 2016
Secret Prisons
Lost to the hands of time... or intentionally covered up, the dark history of America's Secret Prisons will be revealed.
Code Wars
American code breakers have given the United States an edge in every conflict in American history. But with uncrackable encryption available for your cell phone and computer, have U.S. code warriors finally met their match with enemies who have perfected

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