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29 Aug. 2014
Dumped by his girlfriend Josh finds himself back in his old flat share with Owen and Kate. Josh wants a quiet night in but both Kate and Owen are desperate to impress possible new love interests and Josh finds himself stuck in the pub quiz with his irritating, Rachel Stevens obsessed landlord Geoff and a barmaid who thinks he is a likely serial killer.
5 Sep. 2014
Mary, manageress of the Specially Fried Chicken takeaway in Croydon and young counter-hand Joe are shutting up shop when a thug wielding a knife demands to be given a portion of Mock Nuggets. Mary locks herself in the store cupboard, leaving Will to be the hero of the hour, much to the glee of envious assistant manager Derek, who covets Mary's job and hopes that this will see her sacked - though it does not. Joe, meanwhile, spurred on by his friend Ed, sees his heroism as an opportunity to woo Anal, the new girl.
26 Sep. 2014
Vodka Diaries
Hilarious comedy centering on four disparate but realer than real twenty-somethings living in a house-share in London, allied for the foreseeable future by a tenancy agreement.
20 Jul. 2014
In Deep
Meta action comedy about two lowly cops who go above the law on an ill-considered quest for glory.
10 Oct. 2014
Rude Boys
Jazzie and his mates Sajid, Webby and Bolts are trying to work out what to do with their lives and fit in to their own town, given that they're too soft to hang out with the hard kids, but utterly confused by all the hipsters who have just moved in to the newly-gentrified neighborhood.

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