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  • After being separated from Daryl, Beth finds herself in Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, now controlled by what's left of the police force.

  • Beth awakes in a hospital and she finds that she is in Atlanta. She learns that she was found alone on the road and rescued by the despicable Officer Gorman that brought her to hospital ruled by the tough Officer Dawn. Now she is under the care of Dr. Steven Edwards with a broken wrist and bruises. Beth befriends the servant Noah and discovers that everything has a price in the place. When Noah discloses that he intends to flee from the place, Beth offers to go with him. Will they succeed in their intent?

  • Beth regains consciousness and finds herself in a clean hospital bed with an IV in her arm. She soon meets Dr. Stephen Edwards who is caring for her and police officer Dawn Lerner who along with her fellow officers keeps everyone safe. They tell her she was found on the road surrounded by walkers and that they rescued her just in time. If it all seems to be too good to that's because it is. She learns from a young man named Noah that, like him, she will have to work in the hospital for a period of time to repay them for having rescued her. There's a far darker side to the deal however as she learns after an encounter with one of the policemen, Officer Gorman. She and Noah decide to try and get away.


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  • Long-lost Beth opens her eyes inside a hospital in Atlanta. She gets out of bed and bangs on the locked doors. It opens. A uniformed police officer, Dawn, and a doctor, Steven, walk into the room. They are super professional. Beth asks about Daryl, but Dawn explains that Beth was alone when she was found. "You owe us," Dawn says.

    Steven shows Beth the hospital, where patients are hooked up to machines hooked up to batteries. It's mostly deserted, but clean. "How many people live here?" Beth asks. Steven explains that a number of folks have come over the months, and everybody has a job. Dead bodies, meanwhile, are simply dumped down the elevator shaft. In the cafeteria, Beth meets Gorman, a somewhat creepy cop who is also in uniform. He flirts with Beth, tells her that he saved her and reminds her that everything has a price.

    Later, Steven shares his dinner -- guinea pig -- with Beth, and promises not to tell Dawn or Gorman, who are keeping careful track of what is taken/eaten/etc. Suddenly, a severely injured human is wheeled in on a gurney. Dawn seems insistent that Steven save the man, though the doctor insists he's too far gone and it's a waste of resources. Dawn turns and slaps Beth. Dawn says to Steven: "Try to grasp the stakes here!"

    Later, Steven fixes Beth's face, which was bloodied by Dawn's slap. Another body is brought in -- a woman who has been bitten. Beth reluctantly helps Dawn hold the woman down while Steven saws the patient's bitten arm off.

    Beth then meets Noah, a young man who is folding clothes and taking orders from Dawn, who is running the place. Noah explains that he has been there for a year, but that everyone underestimates him. Noah is looking to escape soon to look for his family in Virginia. Dawn then calls Beth into a private room. "I'm giving you food, protection -- when have those things ever been free?" Dawn asks. "Try to look at the good ... We saved your life." Dawn explains that there are people out there trying to make the world right, and her job is keep everyone in the hospital safe until then.

    Gorman sneaks up on Beth. He has found the piece of candy that Noah gave Beth. He rubs the candy suggestively around Beth's lips. Steven enters and makes the "cop" stop. There is a brief power struggle between the two with various thinly veiled threats. When it's over, Beth asks the good doctor why he stays. Why not leave? Steven takes Beth to the basement and opens the slats on a fenced-off window to reveal a half dozen walkers. That's why Steven stays: because the alternative is messy death.

    Steven then asks Beth to give an injection to the patient that Dawn wanted to save. Beth does, and the patient starts to seize ... then he dies. Dawn quickly discovers that she misunderstood the doctor and gave the patient the wrong kind of medicine. Noah lies and covers, saying he accidentally unplugged the ventilator. Dawn takes Noah into a room and beats him. Later, Dawn approaches Beth and says she knows Noah was lying. She beat him anyway to keep order. Dawn then tells Beth that she's a burden -- that she's not strong enough. That keeping the officers happy is a way to contribute.

    Later, Beth conspires with Noah to escape. She sneaks into Dawn's office and takes a key card. Beth then finds the woman whose arm was cut off lying dead on the floor. Looks like suicide. Gorman begins to paw Beth -- but she breaks a flower base over his head and he falls to the floor. The dead woman suddenly opens her eyes and begins feasting on Gorman, who likely killed the armless woman in the first place.

    Beth walks calmly down the hospital corridor. Noah follows. He ties a rope made of bedsheets around Beth's waist and lowers her into the elevator shaft. When Beth reaches the bottom, Noah begins to climb down. A walker bursts from one of the lower floors and Noah plunges into the mass of bodies at the bottom of the shaft. They break his fall, though he now limps. Beth jumps down and the two exit the elevator onto the ground floor. Walkers attack, and Beth begins firing Gorman's gun.

    They manage to make it outside into the blinding sun where dozens of walkers await. Beth shoots, stomps and kicks her way through the horde. Noah manages to get out, but Beth is taken down by Dawn and her officers, who appear out of nowhere. She smiles as she watches Noah flee. Back in Beth's office, Beth explains that Gorman attacked her. "You know what's happening here, and you're letting it happen!" Beth says. "We're all going to die and you're letting this happen for nothing!

    Dawn picks up a picture frame and bashes Beth in the face, knocking her out.

    Later, Steven patches up Beth (again). She explains that she knows Steven told her the wrong medication so that the earlier patient would seize and die. Steven admits he did it because the man was a doctor -- and another doctor would put him in a precarious position. Beth then wanders out into the hallway and circles back with a scapel hidden behind her. She approaches the doctor and is stopped in her tracks as she sees a body being wheeled in.

    It's Carol.

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