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  • The title signifies the final step in Naruto Uzumaki's character evolution. The child who was never loved is now a man who will find and get Love (in the romantic sense of the word). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The plot background of the series begins with Kaguya Otsutsuki and her conflict with her two sons Hagaromo and Hamura. The prologue relates the story of Hagaromo and the conflict between his two sons Ashura and Indra and their spiritual descendants: Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju, Sasuke Uchiha and Naruto Uzumaki. The background to THE LAST focuses on Hagaromo's brother Hamura and his blood descendants: Toneri of the Otsutsuki Clan and Hinata of the Hyuuga Clan. The film concentrates on the relationships and conflicts between Hamura's blood descendants and Hagaromo's spiritual descendant Naruto Uzumaki. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Two years before the events of this film, Naruto and Sasuke had a final battle (this is depicted in the film's prologue). The two performed one final attack against each other, the powerful backlash destroying Naruto's right forearm (with Sasuke destroying his left forearm in the process). Later, Naruto's lost limb got replaced by an prosthetic arm, wrapped in bandages. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War (the climax of the series), Fifth Hokage Tsunade abdicated her position. Kakashi Hatake was chosen to succeed her as the Sixth Hokage. Before the events of this film, Kakashi has ruled Konoha for the last two years. Tsunade can be seen directing the Hokage villagers into air raid shelters during the meteor storm. She is also present in the event occurring during the closing credits. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • After the war, the redeemed Sasuke decided to leave the village again. He has been exploring the world with his newfound perspective, as well as searching for any hidden threats that may plague humanity in the future. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The manga series referred to Naruto's chakra as the color yellow. The anime series portrayed this chakra in blue. This film takes the manga's portrait. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • During the Fourth Shinobi World War (the climax of the series), Madara Uchiha plucked out Kakashi's Sharingan eye. Naruto, at that time possessing powers given to him by Hogoromo Otsutsuki, was able to restore Kakashi's own long-damaged eye (although the cut scar remained). Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Sixth Hokage Kakashi Hatake chose these five: Shikamaru Nara because of his leadership abilities, Sai for his reconnaissance abilities (as well as his Ink Technique allowing for transportation), and Sakura Haruno for her medical abilities. Hinata Hyuga was chosen because of her Byakugan's searching power as well as her being targeted by Hanabi's kidnapper Toneri. Therefore, she will lure him out. Since Kakashi has a hunch that Toneri might also be responsible for the moon threat to the Earth, possibly possessing great power to do such a thing, Naruto Uzumaki will be part of the group to deal with him in eventual conflict. Symbolically, Naruto's teammates consist of his closest peers in Konoha (with exception to the absent Sasuke Uchiha and the younger Konohamaru Sarutobi). Shikamaru helped Naruto get over his grief on the death of his mentor Jiraiya (and has pledged to stand by Naruto when he becomes Hokage). Sai is Naruto's teammate and had once intervened when Naruto suffered a consented beating by Karui of Kumogakure. The two female members are the closest women in Naruto's life, a comfort to him in emotional, spiritual, and medicinal needs. Edit (Coming Soon)


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