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John Goodman: Bill Randa



  • Preston Packard : [Walking up to Randa]  How you doing?

    Bill Randa : I'm fine, thank you.

    Preston Packard : Good. Glad to hear it. I was worried about you.

    [Sits, draws gun, points it at Randa] 

    Preston Packard : You are going to tell me everything I don't know, or I'm gonna blow your head off.

    Bill Randa : Monsters exist.

    Preston Packard : No shit.

    Bill Randa : Nobody believed me. Yesterday, I was a crackpot. But today?

    Preston Packard : So this was never about geology. You dropped those charges to flush something out. Who are you?

    Bill Randa : You heard of the U.S.S. Lawton? Neither did the public. Out of a thousand young men on that ship I was the only survivor. They told my family she was sunk in battle but I know what I saw. It had no conscience. No reasoning. Just destroy. I spent the last 30 years trying to prove the truth of what I learned that day. This planet doesn't belong to us. Ancient species owned this Earth long before mankind; and if we keep our heads buried in the sand, they will take it back. My agency is known as MONARCH. We specialize in the hunting of Massive Unidentified Terrestrial Organisms.

    Preston Packard : You knew that thing was out here?

    Bill Randa : I'm sorry for your men, Colonel, I truly am. Get us home, with proof - so that we can send the cavalry.

    Preston Packard : [Stands, holsters gun, turns, walks away]  I am the cavalry.

  • Houston Brooks : I thought you were crazy.

    Bill Randa : I wish I had been.

  • Bill Randa : [Last words]  Oh, shit.

  • Bill Randa : Captain James Conrad, commander of the air - commander of the sky.

  • Bill Randa : [after Cole Throws Cigarette Away Causing an Explosion]  'Watch Those Fumes Idiots'.

  • [first lines] 

    Bill Randa : Mark my words. There'll never be a more screwed up time in Washington. But we can't let it stop us.

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