Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) Poster

Vera Farmiga: Dr. Emma Russell



  • Dr. Emma Russell : Long live - the king.

  • [from trailer] 

    Dr. Emma Russell : Our world is changing. The mass extinction we feared... Has already begun. And we are the cause. We are the infection.


    Dr. Emma Russell : But like all living organisms, the earth unleashed a fever to fight this infection: Its original... and rightful rulers, the Titans. For thousands of years, these creatures have remained in hiding around the world. And unless all the Titans are found, our planet will perish, and so will we. They are the only guarantee that life will carry on.

  • Madison Russell : You're a monster.

    Dr. Emma Russell : I'm sorry.

  • Mark Russell : You are out of your goddamn mind!

    Dr. Emma Russell : [firmly]  I am sorry? But this is the only way.

  • [from trailer] 

    Dr. Emma Russell : Our planet will perish... And so will we.


    Dr. Emma Russell : Unless we set Godzilla free.

  • Dr. Emma Russell : Leave her out of this!

    Alan Jonah : Why? You're the one who pulled her into it! Madison! Tell me! What *exactly* did Mummy sell you on? Some grand utopia? Man and monster living together in blissful harmony?

  • Dr. Emma Russell : I can only urge you all to take refuge. Over the last sixty years, Monarch has prepared bunkers around the world to save and restart civilization? I suggest you find them.


    Dr. Ilene Chen : That bitch!

  • Dr. Emma Russell : Containment team stand down, I repeat stand down! You are scaring her!

  • Madison Russell : I made us breakfast... It's, uh, eggs, toast and what was once bacon.

    Dr. Emma Russell : And which do you recommend?

    Madison Russell : [laughing]  The toast and eggs.

    Dr. Emma Russell : Thank you.

  • Dr. Emma Russell : Just like how a forest fire replenishes the soil or how a volcano creates new land, we have seen signs that these creatures will do the same. San Francisco, Las Vegas, wherever the Titans go, life follows, triggered by their radiation.

  • Dr. Ilene Chen : You are murdering the world.

    Dr. Emma Russell : No.

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