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  • Three friends on a wilderness excursion must outrun a white collar criminal hellbent on retrieving his cash, but soon their greed turns them against each other. A modern re-telling of TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE.


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  • Blood Money (2017) an extremely interesting movie. Here you have mainly four characters. Victor Friend 1, Lynn (protagonist)Friend 2, Jeff Friend 3 and Miller (the antagonist / bad guy) ...

    Its about three long time friends that meet alongside a mountain wilderness and raft down a winding river together. During their journey there is a mysterious man, Miller that befriends them briefly, deep in the woods when they take a break for the evening next to the river. Here they build a campsite. Miller is looking for $8,000,000 that he had embezzled from a bank and got separated from the money and overall coming to terms that he would probably never see the cash again due to the huge and dense forest. At this point everything is amicable.

    Turns out that the money had fallen into the river and Lynn saw it wedged alongside the shore and went to investigate. To her surprise she finds cash in four satchels. This story is about the three friends and their contemptuous relationship with different views on what to do with the money. Jeff persona is one that wants to please and wants to make Lynn happy, Victor is very honest and wants to turn the money in and Lynn sees this new found cash as a way out of her negative life predicament having lost her college athletic scholarship due to a knee injury.

    Later Miller sees Victor who chose to walk out of the wilderness while Lynn and Jeff decided to raft out. The story is how it relates to all the four characters and becomes a chase by Miller to regain the money he had lost and get it from the reunited friends who are eluding him in the wooded wilderness.

    The story is interesting but not uniquely creative as you can find many stories with a similar plot. What makes this intriguing is the pure representation of each main character. It is done very well and although the story plot may be considered weak the continued characterization is compelling. I really like the way the Director Lucky Mckee, (who himself was born and raised in the small riverbank town of Jenny Lind in Calaveras County, California); is able to display Lynn as incredibly complex persona of Greed, obscenely goal driven and eventually vicious disregard and anger of others. She is the one to watch here as she shows a range of emotions that no other character had to do. Jeff is portrayed as just a nice guy and was spot on by the director. Victor, a more complex character that would show during this film, friendship, playfulness, disappointment, honesty and perhaps some jealousy. Miller appeared overall a normal guy in a horrendous set of circumstances he had no idea he would be thrust into.

    The movie begins and continues initially with allot of characterization building and then turns into somewhat of a mild thriller, with twists and turns and acts of extreme violence that a viewer does not anticipate. However, it must be said there is no gratuitous violence and if one was to really appreciate this movie it would have to be the characterization and the interaction of the characters as they go through the story. Many times, with you saying. "I didn't see that coming." Right up to the outcome. - Martin Snytsheuvel

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