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Josh Hartnett: Ethan Chandler



  • [Ethan Chandler threatens Inspector Rusk for if he's cornered] 

    Ethan Chandler : Cornered animals are the most dangerous.

    Bartholomew Rusk : But they are cornered, nonetheless.

  • [Ethan Chandler tells Sembene that he is his friend] 

    Sembene : I have been much feared and hated in my life. By my people, by yours.

    Sembene : [Sembene holds a knife up to his face]  These marks mean I was a slave trader. This is my sin to live with. But in this house I have found kindness among the unkind. So have you.

    Ethan Chandler : I've not had many friends in my time... but I'm proud... to count you among them.

  • [Ethan Chandler begs for Sembene to let him kill himself, as the two remain locked in a room together with a full moon over them] 

    Ethan Chandler : You have to! I beg you!

    Sembene : I will not. I am just a man. You have been chosen by God. My friend, Ethan Chandler.

  • [Warren Roper holds his gun on both Ethan Chandler and Vanessa Ives] 

    Warren Roper : Mr. Chandler shall be returning to his home country with me. But what shall we do with Miss Ives? What shall we do with all that pretty hair.

    Ethan Chandler : You lay a finger on her and I'll...

    Warren Roper : [Mr. Roper kicks Chandler to the ground]  You'll do what? The only real question is... will I scalp her before or after I fuck her?

  • [Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler stand over Warren Roper's grave outside the Cut-Wife's house] 

    Vanessa Ives : So now we are homicides together.

    Ethan Chandler : It was him or us.

    Vanessa Ives : And that excuses everything?

    Ethan Chandler : I don't know.

  • [Sembene tells Ethan Chandler that he should tell Vanessa Ives the truth] 

    Sembene : You should tell her all.

    Ethan Chandler : Why?

    Sembene : She will take your pain and make it hers. That's what she does.

  • [Inspector Rusk tells Ethan Chandler about the phantom limb] 

    Bartholomew Rusk : Do you know the medical neurosis called the phantom limb? It's not uncommon when people lose an arm or a leg or such. I lost my arm, when I was constantly reaching things with it. It seemed so real, but it wasn't. More and more, I think this is all some... sort of phantom limb. Something is going on here which is not an actual arm or leg. Something not quite real... but completely true.

    Ethan Chandler : You mean otherworldly?

    Bartholomew Rusk : That's precisely what I mean. I couldn't codify it in a report log, nor could I capture it in a crime scene photograph. This place, those people... and you... are a phantom limb.

  • [Ethan Chandler talks to Inspector Rusk about monsters] 

    Ethan Chandler : Are you a superstitious man?

    Bartholomew Rusk : Not by nature. But I'm learning to be. And the things I have seen over the years, Mr. Chandler, have made me a bit mad, I think. Set a thief to catch a thief.

    Ethan Chandler : And set a monster to catch a monster?

    Bartholomew Rusk : Very like. My less monstrous colleagues will be on duty night and day, you can be assured.

  • [Hecate Poole confronts Ethan Chandler, the Wolf of God] 

    Hecate Poole : The Wolf of God. You have been chosen. You are unlike all others and you have a profound destiny. Will you seize it?

    Ethan Chandler : And what's that destiny?

    Hecate Poole : To strike with impunity. To feed at will. To serve not the emaciated Galilean God but to stand alongside the great winged Lucifer as he reconquers Heaven's bloody throne. Will you crawl with the insects, or will you rise over them?

  • [Hecate Poole tells Ethan Chandler to put a bullet in her] 

    Ethan Chandler : [Chandler cocks his gun at Hecate's waist]  Say I put a bullet in you?

    Hecate Poole : Do it. That won't change what's going to happen.

    Ethan Chandler : Will it kill you?

    Hecate Poole : Oh, yes. Doesn't take a silver bullet to kill us. But pull the trigger and you deny yourself the one person who could be your greatest ally in the future that awaits you.

  • [Hecate Poole tells Ethan Chandler that she would serve him best] 

    Hecate Poole : [Hecate holds her hand to Ethan's face]  You have been given a great power. One day you will use it and take your foretold place over these mortal animals. You know in your heart I'm speaking the truth. Admit it.

    Ethan Chandler : Yes.

    Hecate Poole : You are what you are. And when you're ready. I will serve you best of all.

    [Hecate kisses Chandler on the lips, before revealing her true form to him, and stepping back through the mirror] 

  • [Ethan Chandler and the group arrive to Madame Kali's castle] 

    Ethan Chandler : You and Mr. Lyle take the front. We'll find another way in.

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : And then what do we do?

    Ethan Chandler : Kill everyone you don't recognize.

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