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Sarah Greene: Hecate Poole


  • [Hecate Poole threatens her mother Madame Kali] 

    Hecate Poole : What if you fail? What if Miss Ives should prove stronger than you think? What would the Master do to you then?

    Madame Kali : Caution, daughter. Children should walk before they run.

    Hecate Poole : And mothers should know when their children are ready to run.

  • [Hecate Poole tells her mother Madame Kali what she believes in] 

    Hecate Poole : I believe what you have taught me. That youth is paramount, that the sinuous agility of the young mind and body will always triumph over the ravages of age. The slowness of decrepitude. I believe the dinosaurs should know when the mammal is hunting.

    Madame Kali : If I were of another constitution, I would fear you.

    Hecate Poole : You know I obey you in all things, Mother.

    Madame Kali : For how long?

    Hecate Poole : How long did the dinosaurs last before the mammals discovered their claws... darling?

  • [Hecate Poole confronts Ethan Chandler, the Wolf of God] 

    Hecate Poole : The Wolf of God. You have been chosen. You are unlike all others and you have a profound destiny. Will you seize it?

    Ethan Chandler : And what's that destiny?

    Hecate Poole : To strike with impunity. To feed at will. To serve not the emaciated Galilean God but to stand alongside the great winged Lucifer as he reconquers Heaven's bloody throne. Will you crawl with the insects, or will you rise over them?

  • [Hecate Poole tells Ethan Chandler to put a bullet in her] 

    Ethan Chandler : [Chandler cocks his gun at Hecate's waist]  Say I put a bullet in you?

    Hecate Poole : Do it. That won't change what's going to happen.

    Ethan Chandler : Will it kill you?

    Hecate Poole : Oh, yes. Doesn't take a silver bullet to kill us. But pull the trigger and you deny yourself the one person who could be your greatest ally in the future that awaits you.

  • [Hecate Poole tells Ethan Chandler that she would serve him best] 

    Hecate Poole : [Hecate holds her hand to Ethan's face]  You have been given a great power. One day you will use it and take your foretold place over these mortal animals. You know in your heart I'm speaking the truth. Admit it.

    Ethan Chandler : Yes.

    Hecate Poole : You are what you are. And when you're ready. I will serve you best of all.

    [Hecate kisses Chandler on the lips, before revealing her true form to him, and stepping back through the mirror] 

  • [Hecate Poole talks to Vanessa Ives about her kiss with Ethan Chandler] 

    Hecate Poole : I've a singular welcome in mind for Mr. Chandler who I saw earlier this evening, by the way. I kissed his lips.

    Hecate Poole : [Hecate kisses Miss Ives]  I still taste him.

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