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One of the best episodes
ledgerheath30 June 2015
Let me start off by saying that up until now Season 2 hadn't been as impressive as Season 1, the story was not progressing as such and there were a couple of episodes which were completely dedicated to things that had happened in the past. While, the background stories were interesting, I believe they did not warrant full episodes and could have just as easily been integrated into other episodes (similar to what happens in Arrow). But this episode seriously changed my overall view about season 2. Simply put, I think that this is the best episode in this entire season, major plot lines coincide, shocking truths and true intentions of several characters are revealed, there are a few tragedies (no spoilers!), even more complexities are revealed, characters are explored even further and there's A LOT more suspense in this episode compared to the rest of the season. Furthermore, I also liked the pace of this episode, it started off with a bang and managed to keep me on the edge of my seat throughout. There were no unnecessary flashbacks, the past was discussed in words only (as it ideally should be, IMO) and tension ran high. Without further ado, I would like to say that this is overall the best episode of this season and could easily be ranked among the best episodes in this show. Season 2 has been slightly on the slower side overall but this episode has made it all interesting again and I hope the finale lives up to its potential (and so does Season 3!) :)
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Stunning & very well planned new take on legends.
Silverleafs30 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Beautiful & dynamic progression of the story when almost all powers seem to converge to fight & confront.

The sets are always fitting to the mood, dangers or interactions of the main characters. The effects of light, scenery, props & clothing fit-the-bill.

I am mesmerized by the plot twists & swirls in an seemingly endless bottomless inspiration that are interesting variations on (to some) chewed out legendary characters but ...

.. this one episode might kill one of the main & very intricate part of the core cast members and I for one would feel that as a loss to the series in general.
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