"Penny Dreadful" And They Were Enemies (TV Episode 2015) Poster

Billie Piper: Lily



  • [Victor Frankenstein faces his imaginary undead creatures] 

    Proteus : Like a lamb I was, Victor. How could you let me be hurt?

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : [Victor points to Mr. Clare]  Him. It was him.

    John Clare : What am I but an extension of you. All your sins emptied into me. I'm your other half... your truest self.

    Lily : Don't blame the children for the father's cruelty.

    Proteus : We were born innocent. You made us into monsters.

  • [Lily and Dorian Gray reveal their immortality to Victor Frankenstein] 

    Dorian Gray : [after Victor shoots Dorian in the chest]  I've experienced so many sensations over the years... but never one precisely like this. Complete supremacy.

    Lily : Cruelty.

    Dorian Gray : Ascendancy.

    Lily : Conquest.

  • [the imaginary undead creatures tell Victor Frankenstein they didn't have a choice] 

    John Clare : Did we ask for this life?

    Lily : Or was it your pride?

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : To conquer death is... an ennobled calling. I am a scientist. A scientist.

  • [the imaginary undead creatures blame Victor Frankenstein for his abuse] 

    Lily : And when you touched my naked body? Your fingertips running along my flesh. This was abuse... not science.

    Proteus : I was your friend. I never had another.

    John Clare : You walked away at the moment of my birth.

  • [the imaginary undead creatures remind Victor Frankenstein that they're his sins] 

    Lily : And so we walk with your sin... dead... and yet not fully alive.

    John Clare : Haunting the twilight, living between.

    Proteus : This is what you have made, Victor.

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : If I could go back... it would be different.

  • [the imaginary dead figures tell Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm to join them] 

    John Clare : [the undead creatures sit around Victor]  You have the engines of the future all around you.

    Lily : The needle. The scalpel. The noose.

    Mina Harker : [the dead family stand around Sir Malcolm]  The gun to the temple.

    Gladys Murray : Take your razor and slit your throat.

    Peter : Join your family.

    Mina Harker : The final tombstone on the hill.

    Lily : The sip of poison from the amber bottle.

    Gladys Murray : The single bullet under the chin.

    John Clare : There is no other peace for thee, Frankenstein.

    Proteus : Walk into the river... let it bring you quiet. Enjoy our company.

    Gladys Murray : One of us again.

    Peter : Father.

    Proteus : Husband.

    Proteus : Father.

    Lily : Lover.

    John Clare : Brother.

  • [Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm are embraced by the imaginary dead figures to take their own lives] 

    Lily : [Victor listens to his undead creatures]  One last, great experiment, Victor.

    John Clare : The greatest of all.

    Mina Harker : [Sir Malcolm listens to his dead children]  One last expedition into the unknown, father.

    Peter : Terra incognito.

    Mina Harker : Magical words.

    John Clare : Piercing the tissue that separates life from death.

    Lily : Your mission. Your calling.

  • [Victor Frankenstein pulls out his pistol on Lily and Dorian Gray] 

    Dorian Gray : [Dorian and Lily chuckle together]  Oh!

    Lily : Well, there's gallantry?

    Dorian Gray : Who did you have in mind to shoot?

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : Stop it!

  • [Victor Frankenstein shoots Lily after she insults him] 

    Lily : Oh... you're too sweet. That night I took your awkward virginity, all thumbs he was. How trembling and terrified.

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : Stop it.

    Lily : Like a grubby little boy cramming his hand into the sweet jar.

    Lily : [Victor shoots Lily in the chest]  Please, Creator... you made me too well for that. Oh, yes, I know. Always have. You were so... sublimely malleable.

    [as Dorian tastes the blood from Lily's body] 

  • [Lily threatens Victor Frankenstein by letting him live] 

    Lily : Shall we murder him right now?

    Dorian Gray : Entirely up to you, darling.

    Lily : No. He might still prove useful to us. Let him live. Let him live with what he has created... a master race. A race of immortals, meant to command. Soon, he will kneel to us.

    Dorian Gray : They all will.

    Lily : When our day has come... you will know terror.

    Lily : [Lily holds her hands around Victor's face]  Until then, little man... live with the knowledge of what you have spawned. And suffer.

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