"Penny Dreadful" And They Were Enemies (TV Episode 2015) Poster

Rory Kinnear: John Clare


  • [Victor Frankenstein faces his imaginary undead creatures] 

    Proteus : Like a lamb I was, Victor. How could you let me be hurt?

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : [Victor points to Mr. Clare]  Him. It was him.

    John Clare : What am I but an extension of you. All your sins emptied into me. I'm your other half... your truest self.

    Lily : Don't blame the children for the father's cruelty.

    Proteus : We were born innocent. You made us into monsters.

  • [Mr. Clare asks Vanessa Ives to come with him to their desolate shore] 

    John Clare : Come with me? To our desolate shore.

    Vanessa Ives : Mr. Clare... There is around me... a shroud that brings only pain. I won't allow you to suffer. Not you.

  • [Mr. Clare tells Vanessa Ives he no longer has a dream] 

    John Clare : This dream I had... this... this long dream of kinship with those unlike me... it is gone.

    Vanessa Ives : Yes.

    John Clare : When you've seen that of which you are capable... when you have stood in blood long enough... what is there left but to wade to a desolate shore, away from all others?

  • [Vanessa Ives tells Mr. Clare she no longer has a dream] 

    Vanessa Ives : There is no place far enough. I've lost the immortal part of myself, you see. No. I've thrown it away.

    John Clare : [Mr. Clare holds Vanessa's hand]  No matter how far you have walked from God... he is still waiting ahead.

    Vanessa Ives : You don't believe in God.

    John Clare : But you do.

    Vanessa Ives : That dream is gone.

  • [the imaginary undead creatures tell Victor Frankenstein they didn't have a choice] 

    John Clare : Did we ask for this life?

    Lily : Or was it your pride?

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : To conquer death is... an ennobled calling. I am a scientist. A scientist.

  • [the imaginary undead creatures blame Victor Frankenstein for his abuse] 

    Lily : And when you touched my naked body? Your fingertips running along my flesh. This was abuse... not science.

    Proteus : I was your friend. I never had another.

    John Clare : You walked away at the moment of my birth.

  • [the imaginary undead creatures remind Victor Frankenstein that they're his sins] 

    Lily : And so we walk with your sin... dead... and yet not fully alive.

    John Clare : Haunting the twilight, living between.

    Proteus : This is what you have made, Victor.

    Dr. Victor Frankenstein : If I could go back... it would be different.

  • [the imaginary dead figures tell Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm to join them] 

    John Clare : [the undead creatures sit around Victor]  You have the engines of the future all around you.

    Lily : The needle. The scalpel. The noose.

    Mina Harker : [the dead family stand around Sir Malcolm]  The gun to the temple.

    Gladys Murray : Take your razor and slit your throat.

    Peter : Join your family.

    Mina Harker : The final tombstone on the hill.

    Lily : The sip of poison from the amber bottle.

    Gladys Murray : The single bullet under the chin.

    John Clare : There is no other peace for thee, Frankenstein.

    Proteus : Walk into the river... let it bring you quiet. Enjoy our company.

    Gladys Murray : One of us again.

    Peter : Father.

    Proteus : Husband.

    Proteus : Father.

    Lily : Lover.

    John Clare : Brother.

  • [Victor Frankenstein and Sir Malcolm are embraced by the imaginary dead figures to take their own lives] 

    Lily : [Victor listens to his undead creatures]  One last, great experiment, Victor.

    John Clare : The greatest of all.

    Mina Harker : [Sir Malcolm listens to his dead children]  One last expedition into the unknown, father.

    Peter : Terra incognito.

    Mina Harker : Magical words.

    John Clare : Piercing the tissue that separates life from death.

    Lily : Your mission. Your calling.

  • [Octavia Putney tells Mr. Clare that she's surprised he hasn't started screaming from in his cage] 

    Octavia Putney : You haven't tried screaming yet.

    John Clare : I was not made to scream.

    Oscar Putney : Some scream, some cause others to scream, eh?

  • [Oscar Putney gives a proposition to the caged Mr. Clare] 

    Oscar Putney : I have a proposition I'd like you to consider. We have a future ahead of us now, do the Putney's. As ballyhoo's go, my crime scenes were an ace success. And my freak show will beggar that. Queues stretching from here to Hackney, we'll have... once we get a few more of you in. Why, right now I've a line on a limbless boy who sits in an apple crate, and some malformed doxie we can claim as 'Sister to the late and lamented Mr. Merrick, The Elephant Man.'

    John Clare : And?

    Oscar Putney : And you've a choice. You can share in on the success... or you can suffer. Join us, Mr. Clare.

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