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7 Sep. 2015
None Down, Eighteen to Go: Part 1
Total Drama returns with a new host. Four characters return while 32 new characters join them. They are paired off into 18 teams and must start the race around the world to win C$1 million.
7 Sep. 2015
None Down, Eighteen to Go: Part 2
The ridonculous race continues now to Morocco and this time one of 18 teams will be heading home first.
8 Sep. 2015
French Is an Eiffel Language
The seventeen teams all travel to back to Europe to visit Paris. They all go to the Eiffel Tower first, eat cheese wheels, and finally travel to the Louvre. The police cadets win first while the tennis rivals get last place due to difficulties. Owen and Noah are barely saved after a 20 minute penalty.
9 Sep. 2015
Mediterranean Homesick Blues
The sixteen teams now travel south to the Mediterranean Sea. The challenge is to swim with sharks and race on speedboats. The ice dancers prove themselves worthy and win once again. The geniuses, however lose and are the third team eliminated.
10 Sep. 2015
Bjorken Telephone
The fifteen teams now travel to Iceland. They first speak to a goose lady in a foreign language and then either eat BBQ dinner or look for fossils in a cave. The goths surprisingly win, and the vegans get last place, but since this is a non-elimination leg, they were spared for another episode, but with a penalty.
11 Sep. 2015
Brazilian Pain Forest
The fifteen teams remain and all travel South to Brazil. They all explore the jungle and prepare to participate in Carnivale. Jacques and Josee receive first place once again, but the penalty for the vegans was so severe that it set their same fate again, despite them winning.
14 Sep. 2015
A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket
The fourteen teams now travel to Transylvania in Romania. The challenge is to transport themselves in coffins and then ride horses. The ice dancers win like always, while Owen and Noah come in second. The goths were almost out, but thanks to Tom and Jen being super slow, they were eliminated instead.
15 Sep. 2015
Hawaiian Honeyruin
The remaining 13 teams all travel to Hawaii now where the challenge is to surf and then climb a volcano. In there the ice skaters lose their luck while the sisters get into a fight. The surfer dudes win and the daters come last place, but they are declared safe as this was not an elimination leg.
16 Sep. 2015
Hello and Dubai
The 13 teams still stand and they all go to the UAE in Dubai. The challenge is to climb the tallest tower in the world, the Burj Khalifa. The sisters win the challenge and because Emma and Noah start a relationship, the winning team helps Owen and Noah get second place. In the end, Kelly and Taylor argue too much so the mom has enough and forces them to lose.
17 Sep. 2015
New Beijinging
The 12 teams are going to Beijing in China. The challenge is to eat Beijing street food and pull your partner on a rickshaw. The daters win the challenge, and the rockers come in last, but are safe due to it being a non-elimination round.
18 Sep. 2015
I Love Ridonc and Roll
The twelve recurring teams travel to Finland and must enter a sauna chamber and then play guitar in a rock band. The rockers despite them losing last episode obviously win this challenge due to their talent so the least talented adversity twins are the ones who get last place and are eliminated.
21 Sep. 2015
My Way or Zimbabwe
The remaining eleven teams travel to Zimbabwe, Africa. Here, they take selfies over roaring Victoria Falls. Meanwhile, Ice Dancers Josee and Jaques travel back to Hawaii to get rid of their bad luck.
22 Sep. 2015
The Shawshank Ridonc-tion
The still standing eleven teams all go to prison and must escape. The ice dancers and police cadets each get a U-Turn and use it on themselves to lose. Carrie and Devin win the free call, and Shelley breaks up with him for her tennis instructor.. The stepbrothers start to get along and there is no elimination.
23 Sep. 2015
Dawn and Outback
The eleven teams stay in Australia for a bunny hunt challenge. The ice dancers paint a bunny to fool the police cadets. The teams then fly their own planes to New Zealand. The ice dancers win again, but the rockers and stepbrothers receive last place, causing both teams to be eliminated, as it's a double elimination challenge.
24 Sep. 2015
Maori or Less
The ten teams start off in New Zealand and all catch a train to either jump off a bridge or dance with tattooed guys. Jacques and Josee swiftly zoom into first place while Owen and Noah are too distracted by the sisters, making them lose. However, this challenge is a non-elimination leg.
25 Sep. 2015
Little Bull on the Prairie
The ten teams now all go back to Canada's Wild West for a bean eating challenge and bull riding. Noah and Emma finally get back together while Jacques and Josee lose their lead due to revenge from the cadets. In the end, the surfer dudes master all of the challenges and win the race. The father and son get last place thanks to father having jinxed them.
28 Sep. 2015
Lord of the Ring Toss
The eight remaining teams travel to the Arctic Circle where they must play ring toss on narwhal horns and then build an igloo. The haters lose, but it was a non elimination leg, so they don't get eliminated.
29 Sep. 2015
Got Venom
The eight teams go to Flores, Indonesia where they will collect Komodo Dragon venom and must find a rug that has the ridonculous race logo on it.
30 Sep. 2015
Dude Buggies
The seven teams must travel to Las Vegas, Nevada and have a choice to make, either ride Dune Buggies and collect three flags, or perform a magic trick in front of a magician. The best friends are saved by the non elimination leg.
1 Oct. 2015
El Bunny Supremo
The seven teams fly to Mexico where they must eat spicy peppers to determine which height they will jump from on a cliff to get the next travel tip. Then they must ride burros to the carpet of completion. The goths come in last and are eliminated.
2 Oct. 2015
The six remaining teams travel to Vietnam and are merged into temporarily into two super-teams. The team consisting of the ice dancers (called the Axis of Evil) argue and almost lose the challenge until they find the special fish that allows them to skip the next challenge. The other super-team must do the other challenge. In the end, Geoff and Brody are eliminated after sacrificing their win so Carrie and Devin won't be eliminated.
5 Oct. 2015
How Deep Is Your Love?
The Final 5 teams are now separated again and race off against each other in Russia. Meanwhile, Carrie and Devin finally feel their love for each other while the ice dancers cheat for the lead, and even with a major penalty, they still win. There is no elimination in this leg.
6 Oct. 2015
Darjeel with It
The Final 5 teams are split back into their teams of two again and race off against each other in Russia. Meanwhile, Carrie and Devin finally feel their love for each other while the ice dancers cheat for the lead, and even with a major penalty, they still win by a wide margin. This was a non-elimination leg of the competition.
7 Oct. 2015
Last Tango in Buenos Aires
The final 4 teams compete in the tango and lassoing emus while riding horses. Due to an unfortunate event, a team that has already been eliminated is brought back into the Race.
8 Oct. 2015
The Final 4 teams travel to the Bahamas where they must first find a Ridonculous Race Map which will lead the way during a under sea challenge to find gold coins. However they don't have much oxygen while doing this. Josee gets scared and is down to 2% of oxygen midway. Mcarther then helps her get to surface. Kitty gets stuck in rocks and must hold her breath to escape. Geoff and Brody make it in first place. The Cadets, Ice Dancers, and sisters then are in a foot race to the finish. Josee then hits Mcarthur with a coconut and they get 2nd. The cadets take 3rd and the...
9 Oct. 2015
A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars
The final 3 teams compete in New York for the ultimate prize - $1,000,000.

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