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Fantastic romantic musical comedy
BiiivAL7 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The picture "How to talk to girls at parties" is a fascinating and fantastic story about love. The film unfolds in the suburbs of London in 1977. Three friends of high school punks after the next concert go in search of after-care and accidentally wander to an unusual party. There they observe small groups of people in amazing costumes of various colors. One of them is fond of sex Stella (Ruth Wilson), the other finds herself in a strange dance, and the main character Anne (Alex Sharp) falls in love with the beautiful Zen (El Fanning). At first, it seems to him that she is just a nuts American, but later he learns that she is an alien, like everyone else at a party. This is only an intriguing plot of the film, which can be called a fantastic romantic musical comedy impregnated with punk culture.

This work was put by John Cameron Mitchell on the eponymous story of the now very popular English writer Neil Gaiman. American Mitchell - a provocative director, screenwriter, actor - known for theatrical and film audience for his musical, and later the film - "Hedwig and the ill-fated inch." Briton Gaiman, in turn, is more known for the novel "American Gods" and his recent serialization. In creating a beautiful visual style, Mitchell was helped by the cameraman Frank J. DeMarco, who shot "The hope will not fade away" with Robert Redford, as well as costume designer Sandy Powell, the owner of three Oscars, for her past work. Along with this, you can hear the frenzied music of the 70's in the picture, not so much hits as it usually happens, how many tracks of lesser known bands that even more immerses in that atmosphere.

To watch this picture is a pleasure, if you like its creators like punk rock and Britain of that time. Animated psychedelic scenes complementary to what is happening look bright and mesmerizing. The cast that, to the stars already listed (and they can not be called in any other way, because Ruth Wilson and Alex Sharp are also theater actors with high awards) is complemented by the unfading Nicole Kidman in the image of the punk queen Bodice, looks very convincing. And the fascinating El Fanning, who is at least 18 years old, will make even those who perfectly speak with girls at parties party.
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You will love it or hate it
root882 June 2018
It's pretentious and cheesy, unique and amazing. The only promise I can make is that you have never seen anything like it. That in itself should be enough to make any movie or art lover feel like this movie was money and time well spent. Of course there are flaws, but it's punk, that's what gives it character. If you spend all your money on Hollywood reboots, stay far, far away...

You can enjoy the humor in this movie on the surface level or try to dig deeper into the many metaphors. I just went along for the ride and had a great time.
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Loved it
pashai27 May 2018
When I read Neil Gaiman's short story of the same title, I wanted more. It is a beautiful story, I wanted more of it, and this movie delivered for me.

If you want to know what you are getting into before watching, it is a blend of romanticized teenage punk scene with fantasy world aliens. It is nostalgic, fun, and touching. You can read the short story before watching the movie, or read the comic book (it is beautiful).

Some negative reviews I've seen say the movie failed their expectations, which were based solely on the title (lol), or cast. Don't be that person. Or maybe they are just punks?
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two worlds exploring each other
ferguson-61 June 2018
Greetings again from the darkness. Filmmaker John Cameron Mitchell exploded onto the scene in 2001 with his instant cult favorite HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, and in 2010 he delivered the expertly crafted and somber marital drama RABBIT HOLE. In his first feature film since the latter, Mitchell revisits the punk world in what has been described as Romeo and Juliet with punks and aliens.

Mitchell and co-writer Philippa Goslett adapted the screenplay from a short story by Neil Gaiman ("American Gods"). It's set in 1977 Croydon (outside London) and though music plays a vital role, it's not really a musical. And even with some funny moments, it's not really a comedy. And while there are aliens, one wouldn't label this as science fiction. There is a budding romance at the core, and maybe the romance description fits best ... although, any unwitting group of film goers heading to the theatre expecting a typical romantic drama will likely walk out in the first 15 minutes.

Zan (Elle Fanning) and Enn (Alex Sharp) are star-crossed (or is it intergalactic-crossed?) lovers - she being an alien, he a young punk rocker. This is less about two worlds colliding than two worlds exploring each other: the freedom of punk vs the conformity of the alien colony. We cross paths with the local Queen of punk known as Boadicea (one of the most extreme Nicole Kidman roles of her career), the alien Stella (Ruth Wilson), and Enn's punk mates Vic (Abraham Lewis) and John (Ethan Lawrence).

Far and away the most interesting puzzle piece here is the connection between Enn and Zan. Mr. Sharp (a Bob Geldof lookalike) and Ms. Fanning are terrific together and the film suffers when they aren't on screen. Their live duet onstage is a true highlight and her wide-eyed curiosity combined with his zany punk persona provide most of the film's energy.

"Punk ... the best thing to happen to ugly people" is likely the best line in the film, although Zan requesting "Do some more punk to me" isn't far behind. There are messages here about parenting, diversity and globalization, but mostly it's a creative and wild ride that's not likely to please everyone ... especially those looking for a Nicholas Sparks romance or anyone who might take the title literally. The film is scheduled to show at the Texas Theatre in Dallas beginning June 1, 2018.
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A Brilliant Film With a Horrible Title
mzand-751-53957216 October 2018
Don't be deceived by the completely inaccurate title of this film. "How to Talk...." is one of the most original, off-the-wall, movies I've ever seen. Period. Based on a Neil Gaiman (American Gods) short story and Co-written and directed by John Cameron Mitchell (who also wrote and directed Hedwig and the Angry Inch - which I didn't care for) "How to Talk.." starts off in 1985 with a trio of punk friends (as in punk music) going out for a night of music and sex but goes places that you couldn't imagine in your wildest dreams and literally ends up out of this world. A cast of talented unknowns along with stars like Nicole Kidman and Elle Fanning make this unique and one-of-a-kind film one of my favorites of the last ten years. A great film sabotaged by its misleading title.
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Kinda of a strange movie, but I liked it.
EAA12327 May 2018
I think the Fanning sisters were born in the wrong generation. One plays Cherie Currie and the other plays a Hard Core Alien Punker!! I never like Nicole Kidman, but the punk look suits her!! lol. Kinda of a strange movie, but I liked it.
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Legs Akimbo 6th Form Drama School Project Made Into A Film?
LouieInLove24 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start with...

Set in a world where the UK punk scene was a middle class gay-friendly cross between The Rocky horror show & High School Musical this film is so bad at times It's actually funny.

I know this is a Sci-fi film but they should have at least tried to get some historical accuracy. Basically I have no idea what was going on. It watches like a pretentious 6th form drama school project. I'm guessing it was made on a budget & I was surprised at some of the names involved.

The only good performance is that of Elle Fanning - she's stunning to look at & has that natural ability to make people empathise. I'm a fan of that young lady. I do hope she makes good career choices in the future. NB. There were about 3 McDonald's in England in 1977 & it wouldn't have been referenced. Wimpy was the chain of burger restaurant that people would know. Do some research!
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The alien colonies and factions are chackras/aliens (yes this movie is a mess) Warning: Spoilers
Spoilers: Multi reality travelling aliens take human body forms. Each reality/ colony that the aliens go to correspond to one of their factions and one of the chackras (yes, the movie is convoluted. I'm explaining it really well). Aliens are divided into parents and children. Once the aliens travel through all of the chackras/ realities (earth being the last), they get eaten by the parents. Only parents get to vote. The aliens have very strict rules about what they can and can't do on Earth. The aliens are having each time less and less offspring. The oldest one intended to let the fathers eat their offspring and then eat the fathers, and then eat itself into oblivion. One of the offspring (Dakota Fanning) is against the conformity, and has sex with a punk teenager. She gets pregnant and in order to be able to have a vote and to vote for the whole alien species to stop eating the young aliens, she needs to have the babies in the outter dimension (she will never be able to come back). She jumps from a building discarding her body. Many years in the future, the punk teen is a famous Graphic Novel writer who wrote about the aliens he met. A group of his children come to talk to him pretending they are his fans at first. Whe he realises he's talking to his kids, he gets emotional and the movie ends.
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Very enjoyable, silly movie with a sweet ending
elizrug4 June 2018
I really enjoyed this. I watched with my teen daughter who didn't want to see it because she hates teen movies, but we both liked the weirdness of this. The music is great, too.
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It dissapointed me. I expected much more.
irakusneiz19 July 2018
It got my attention in the first 30 minutes, but after that everything went down the drain. I'll just give 3 stars because of the great cast, the music and the photography. It's true what it's said in other comments. You'll love it or you'll hate it.
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Get past the first ten minutes... Like nothing else!
shbs-7159410 September 2018
This is like art. With a plot. And talent. I only gave it a ten because that was the highest number available. VERY CREATIVE AND DIFFERENT.
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I cannot recommend this film enough
ludvigss29 September 2018
An absolute work of art, in every way. "How to Talk to Girls at Parties" is without a doubt the strangest film I've seen in a good while, yet all the while also being the most fascinating and beautiful one. It is, to me, seductive in a way only the psychedelic types of dreams have ever been before, reflecting love, joy, the strongest of all emotional affects, and a kind of freedom so stunningly beautifully unbothered, so deeply strange, it could be nothing but the freest.

I absolutely loved this film. Knowing that probably just a few of it's watchers would do the same did nothing more than add to the effect.
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SO punk ,, so hip ,, so rock.
Aktham_Tashtush15 August 2018
The movie is just weird in every way possible ,, and i think that what made it appealing and interesting to watch .. The story grows from a punk kid loves to rock to meeting that alien girl from the cult "of California :D" and they start living the punk life together.. The ending was so unexpected and surprisingly emotional.

The story-line is well built and the events from start to finish are easily fathomable,, the casting was just amazing ,, loved Nicole Kidman and Ruth Wilson .. Nicole was so cool ... and Alex Sharp and the other two co-stars did an amazing job too.

Recommended if you love weird sci-fi 80's style rock hip movies :D ,, if you don't love this movie you might actually hate it a lot ,, it just doesn't go in between.
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sometimes sweet, engaging and fun, but too weird to really enjoy
dave-mcclain3 June 2018
"How to Talk to Girls at Parties" (R, 1:42) is a (kind of) sci-fi (sort of) romantic comedy, with a heavy dose of music. The film is directed by John Cameron Mitchell ("Rabbit Hole", "Shortbus", "Hedwig and the Angry Inch") and co-written by Mitchell and Philippa Goslett ("Mary Magdalene", "Holy Money", "Little Ashes"), based on the short story by Neil Gaiman. While calling this movie a romantic comedy is technically correct, it's not the sweet, coming-of-age rom-com you might expect based on the title and the movie poster. This a very unusual (some might say weird) story about punk rockers and aliens.

It's 1977 in the London suburbs. Punk rock is a mostly underground movement, but thriving. It's a youth-focused lifestyle of hard-driving music, edgy fashion and strong belief in individuality, with a side goal of social chaos - and Enn (Alex Sharp) and his friends are all in. They love, live, breathe and eat punk culture. After the punk club which they're attending one Friday night hits closing time, they head for an after-hours party. They get lost trying to find the party, but stumble upon a condemned house that is full of life. Several groups of people in color-coded vinyl/rubber outfits are inside dancing strangely to other-worldly instrumental music. Somehow, these three outsiders get invited in. One of Enn's friends gets into the dancing, the other becomes involved in a highly unusual sex act (implied, but not directly shown) and Enn starts talking to a shy and clearly unhappy yellow-clad girl called Zan (Elle Fanning).

When Enn leaves the house party, Zan gets permission from her "parent teacher" (as she and her peers call their elders) to spend 48 hours with Enn before she and her people have to leave (and commence to something they refer to as "the eating"). Zan is fascinated by Enn and says she wants to "see the punk". She spends the day with Enn and his friends and that night, they all go to a punk club, where the club's "Queen" (played by Oscar winner Nicole Kidman) encourages/forces Zan to go on stage. Meanwhile, through all of this, Zan's people keep finding her and expressing the group's concern about the ways she is expressing her new (albeit temporary) freedom and tries to make her choose between them and Enn.

"How to Talk to Girls at Parties" is creative, but too odd for many to find entertaining. Some of the cinematography and editing resembles stop-motion animation, which some may find cool, but more will find annoying. The mannerisms of Zan's people might seem clever and/or funny in small doses, but eventually cross the line to simply over-the-top and... weird. The script is often illogical, while also original and includes interesting metaphors... but that only goes so far towards making the movie entertaining. Wolfe and Fanning give good performances and their love story is touching and fun, but the rest of the movie that surrounds them chokes much of the joy out of watching them. "C"
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Waste of an evening.
orriss15 May 2018
Two words, utter crap! The title has no relevance to the film at all!
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How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2018)
rockman18226 May 2018
SPOILER: This film came out today in a very limited release but its something I was always going to see because I love Elle Fanning. I kind of forgot that this was a sci-fi inspired comedy. The film has a typically committed performance from Elle Fanning and a very interesting concept and clash between a quirky cult and British punks. Its certainly creative but does not always hit its highs despite having a lot going for it.

The film follows three young kids who are used very into the London pop scene of the 60's. One night they stumble across a house party. Once they go in they see very odd individuals who are very odd, dressed in bright colors, and fairly sexual. It turns out this group are actually aliens exploring Earth and its people The main lead Enn, meets a young girl and hits it off with her as she tries to understand his world and falls in love with him.

Thought the premise for this film was strong and added color and humor to the film. However, the film does feel stretched thin at some points. Its not a shock as Neil Gaiman's short story of the same name is about twenty pages long. Liberties had to be taken and I found a good portion to be enjoyable. The alien plotline and their motives do get muddled though as its not very clear and seems to have too much complexity for the film to handle.

I think the best part of the film was Elle Fanning as the alien. She really is able to transform into that role of a young alien who is trying to learn how the world works and how love works. She also undergoes a shift when she discovers "punk". I'm happy I watched it as its quite unique. The film hits a wall at times but recovers well enough. Also, Nicole Kidman is ace in it.

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A bizarre film
Gordon-1127 May 2018
This film tells the story of a few social misfits who discover a mysterious cult in Croydon.

I would not have watched it if it were not for the famous cast. Just twenty minutes into the film, I have already lost all interest. The film is really bizarre, and I don't understand it. Not to mention, the title bears no resemblance to the story at all. I watched the whole film, but things keep on being bizarre. I cannot say I enjoyed it.
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Call the doctor, call a medic.
deus-2323 May 2018
I've puked, it's that bad. So annoying and engagingly stupid I can hardly think of a less interesting film. Hold it, maybe "Family Reunion at Shark Bay".
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WOW Sci Fi Punk Extravaganza
sfdphd7 April 2018
Just saw premiere at SF Film Festival. Was not sure what to expect. Am so glad I gave it a chance. If you like John Cameron Mitchell's previous films, you will probably like this one too. It's different and out of this world. Three punk kids who think they are pretty cool in 1977 England get their minds blown by some aliens and those aliens want a cultural exchange too. It's wild and laugh out loud funny. This film cannot be described, it has to be experienced....

This film reminded me of an earlier film called Liquid Sky, also very strange but cool combination of punk and science fiction.
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Hmmmmm Baaaaaaaad
shil050024 May 2018
How they convinced 3 of the hottest leading ladies (Elle Fanning, Nicole Kidman, Ruth Wilson) to be in this non sensible dribble is beyond me. I fully expected a great movie & was only wondering how I could get my 1 hour & 42 minutes of my life back. I thought a Clockwork Orange (Great Movie) was the weirdest & strangest movie I had ever seen. Nope This Tops the List fellow Travelers. As a 1/2 hour short story with the ending it had, OK Fine it would have been tolerable. If you must see, make sure your batteries in your remote & fast forward is working. Unfortunately mine were dead or at least that's what I told myself for not using it, lol
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hyfrehyfre27 May 2018
Kids today will never guess what this picture is about, a word called Anarchy.

And yes.. we where young also, and yes... we waned to have bands... and yes we where artist... and yes we also took drugs and wanted to make a HUGE statement about life and the universe... and this is what indirectly this movie is about. I blame the Director a bit for not making this important statement it a little bit more mature, because this movies is encapsulated in the Family/Disney Aesthetics and mind way of doing things, and looks and PUNK was not suppose to be like this AT ALL.

For me the movie was about a young family teen in the Punk 77 era, simple as that, trying to do a band, or was it a big art statement... To those that lived in such a "revolution" should recognize with ease a stereotyped crazy young wannabe artist trying to make Anarchist art??? a movie about that crazy character brain??? is that even possible? how can you make art out of idea that are not even coherent one with the other, i was one of them so i figured this movie to be something great. This is what this movie is about you stwpid facks that gave it one star.

Also i know this movie was based on Neil Gaiman short story which only makes me think there was a better source material somewhere that i have to read now, and gave me more respect for the creator of Coraline.

So long story short, we are seeing what this young fellow sees, how he explains it to its friends, how he interprets the universe. Probably if this movie was done from the exterior we would have a movie about a drug cocaine addict that had some ideas and end up working with a suit until dead.... This movie fails to show us the line between reality and magic.

You can still find this kind of "rambling" characters everywhere today also, this is a movie that only they will understand, keep dreaming about your art and be truth to it.

I do remember about Anarchy and this generation will give us some PUNK soon enough, so prepare your establishments this movie yet not really "cult" should remind us that being young is not only about "learning how to speak to girls at parties"...Anarchy to love and everything that is good or bad. cant wait 20 years from now to see the artistic product of this meme generation, it will be awesome!.

i give this movie a 4/10 because it failed to transmit this train of thought, and because the plasticity of the Aesthetics is really out of place and diminishing to the overall idea.
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Very strange cheaply made
simon-186-3033104 June 2018
Not quite sure what the hell I was watching here, good cast but absolute drivel, cheaply made load of drivel.
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"Misunderstood Cult Classic"
finntoolis15 May 2018
Don't listen to the critics who say it isn't a reflection of the music scene of that time - that's not what it's trying to do. It's a pure insanical look at adolescence, love and the restraints we're put in. Elle Fanning is a dream!
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Different but relax and take it for what it is
adam_holyoake25 May 2018
Loved this weird little film. Had no expectations so didn't disappoint. Good choice of music, acting not so hot but it matched the style of the film. I understand the haters but just take it for the experience it is. First alien meet up a little to long but from there on, great.
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Very. Very. Boring. Dumb.
carnagecarney4 June 2018
I tried to enjoy this. I really did. But the dialogue, make-up, acting, "dancing", music; all of it - was utterly boring & generally stupid.

Just a waste of time. We even forced ourselves to finish it. Don't make the same mistake.
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