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11 Dec. 2015
House of Horrors
Mom-of-the-year Kathy Rowe has devoted her life to her daughter. But to what lengths will she go to ensure her happiness? Sara Edmond wants one thing: full custody of her daughter. So when she is declared missing, what will Sara do to get her back?
Nov. 2015
Home Scary Home
Prison psychologist and mother Laurie Martinez is exposed to delinquency daily. When crime threatens her home life, she takes drastic measures to move on up. Single mom Erica Anderson falls on hard times and hatches an unorthodox plan to make bank.
4 Dec. 2015
A Helping Hand
Selena York moves to Utah to start a new life with her daughter, but will it come at the cost of someone else's? Tonya Collins lives to help others create their dream families. When an escrow company steals her client's money, she's beside herself.
25 Sep. 2015
Love & War
St. Augustine mom, Tawny Blazejowski wants to raise a family with the man she loves. When her plans crumble, she takes matters into her own hands. Stacy Ahlgren loves to make people happy and she will stop at nothing in order to keep the peace.
27 Nov. 2015
The Cost of Love
Melinda Sayers' home burns the night before her daughter is to be released from the hospital. It's a tragic coincidence, but is there more to her story? Lisa Andres books vacations, but not everyone's trip is a dream.
11 Dec. 2015
After School Showdown
To lawyer mom, Jill Easter, image is everything. When her son's reputation is questioned, she'll stop at nothing to defend him. Lesley Jensen works hard to provide for her daughter. When Lesley announces she has cancer, she's at a loss, or is she?

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