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5 Jan. 2015
All About Eve
Life changes beyond recognition for the Clarke family when Eve, the world's first fully sentient 'artificial person', comes to live under their roof.
12 Jan. 2015
A Real Girl
Eve tries to fit in with other teenagers. However her efforts to impress a gang of girls cause serious problems.
19 Jan. 2015
Beautiful Game
Eve discovers that human beings come in "two standard models". She becomes interested in football and joins Will's five-a-side team for a vital match in their fight against relegation but it isn't long before he wonders whether he's made the right decision.
26 Jan. 2015
The Bubble Bursts
Abs puts his feet up while Eve does his after - school deliveries. But when Eve goes into overdrive saving the planet, life gets dangerous.
2 Feb. 2015
Brain Freeze
Eve is determined to taste ice cream like her family and friends even though she is warned that the cold temperatures could destroy her operating system. She is becoming difficult in other ways as she starts to suspect the real purpose for her creation. Meanwhile Abe senses a devious way to win the school maths competition.
9 Feb. 2015
Things That Go Beep in the Night
Eve goes to a Halloween party despite being told to stay at home by Nick. She proves a hit with one of the boys at the party but it soon becomes clear that someone else has noticed she is there and is determined to track her down - whatever the consequences.
16 Feb. 2015
The X + Y Factor
Despite the incident at the party Zac invites Eve to go out with him but she has a lot to learn about dating. However her family believe he has secret reasons for asking her out.
23 Feb. 2015
The Truth About Lies
Struggling to work out how to keep love-struck Eve away from Katherine's spy Zac, Will and Lily send her to hang out with Abe while they think up a plan. Abe is up to no good making dodgy fizzy drinks, so Eve quickly learns a thing or two about lying. Back at Will's house, Lily has an idea to protect Eve by getting Zac fired. But Eve ends up being enemy #1 when she lies to Will saying Nick has been involved in an accident and is in hospital. So she can spend time alone with Zac.
2 Mar. 2015
Abe's tablet goes haywire - and then, apparently, so does Eve, who seems to have forgotten that she is a robot and that she ever knew Zac. But when Eve sees Lily's parents Maddy and Viv together, she begins to remember fragmentary flashes of Zac. Determined to fill in the blanks, Eve asks Maddy to drive her to Calimov, where Zac worked, so she can understand who he was and why he is no longer in her life. But ends up being held hostage by Kathrine.
9 Mar. 2015
Mum's the Word
It is Lily's birthday, and Eve is intrigued by the wish Lily makes when she blows out her candles. Eve wants to try it out for herself and 'wishes' to meet her mother. This technically comes true when Mary appears in the form of a hologram before her, revealing to Eve that she is nearby, hiding in the woods. Eve tells Will, but he dismisses her 'wish' as a daydream. While Lily and Will discuss Eve's 'dream', Abe is eavesdropping on them. Abe understands that information about Mary's whereabouts pays well at Calimov. So, he anonymously calls Katherine with a tip-off ...
16 Mar. 2015
IT Girl
Lily returns from school upset because she was disqualified from the science fair competition as Will, her partner, didn't show up. Will barely apologises - Lily could have gone with someone else. But Lily doesn't have any other friends. Lily has a brainwave and asks Eve, who has become a daytime TV addict, to come to school with her. At Calimov, Nick is banned from the research room where Katherine is trying to piece together burnt documents and photos recovered from Mary's cabin in the woods. Nick manages to get a look and realises that very soon the pieced-together...
23 Mar. 2015
The Robot Next Door
Will, Lily and Abe try to help Eve cope after she is devastated by the news that her 'mother' Mary is dead. Eve receives a hologram message that Mary had prerecorded, which gives her instructions about where to hide if she and her friends are ever in trouble. But, for now, Eve and Will do not want to leave their lives behind. In trying to silence Mr Bevan, who now knows Eve's secret, the gang inadvertently gives him more solid evidence. He threatens to tell the truth to the whole school. To keep Bevan quiet, Eve solves a famous maths problem and offers to give him the...
4 Apr. 2015
Will and Nick are caught by Katherine's squat team and escorted to Calimov. Lily and Abe realise it is up to them to save the day. Lily hacks into Calimov's systems, but someone is there before her. At Calimov, Katherine offers Nick a choice: help her build an army of killer robots, or she will take Eve apart.
14 Dec. 2015
Christmas Eve
It's Eve's first Christmas but when she picks up a virus she enters a cheerless parallel world. Can Will and the gang save Eve from her Christmas nightmare?

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