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Biller spins an archly funny — but also hyper-sincere — story about the true price of the patriarchy. There hasn’t been anything quite like it in decades.
If The Love Witch simply raised the profile of its director, Anna Biller — a true auteur who not only wrote, directed, produced, and edited this film but also designed and hand made its sets and costumes — then it would be a success.
The Love Witch is an expertly executed homage that works brilliantly on its own original terms.
Though a little too languid at two hours, The Love Witch is appropriately seductive.
Biller is an eccentric talent - always a plus in the world of film - and The Love Witch is a triumph of form and style.
Biller infuses the film with such style, such elegance, such joie de vivre, that I had a smile on my face for the whole running time.
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Biller’s work is light on its feet, delighting in its own sensuality, basking in gorgeous colors that seem to have bled through the screen from another age, and coyly seducing the audience before hitting them over the head with a hammer.
The Love Witch is a seductive 60s time-capsule that calls back to the technicolor charms of early genre filmmaking.
The fact that the films that serve as her models often sported the same flaws doesn’t excuse this fairly poker-faced spoof’s sometimes borderline-torpid pace and disappointing fade-out.
The Love Witch has an air of geeky satire. The presentational acting style is so self-aware you almost expect the cast to occasionally underline a joke by turning toward the camera and winking at the audience (no one does, though).

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