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Dark yet uplifting due to the powerful characters, beautiful friendship and a very gentle ending!
hayashimegumi16 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (2014) has better plot, villains and characters compared to most of the previous Pokémon films. Beautifully animated, what's most pleasant about this animated feature is that there are no more pointless just-there-to-be-there supporting characters and the new travelling companion characters are much more interesting and endearing!

Then, there are more villains in this one as well. In fact, it has the most villains by far. Some may find this overwhelming but I find this great! Finally, a typical villain's pursuit of legendary Pokémon makes sense; a lot of villains are after Diancie here because mythical or legendary Pokémon are supposed to be well-known by many! Those creatures aren't supposed to be something so exclusive to the featured villain to the extend that no one else in the entire Pokémon Universe knows about it so in this case, there are four parties which is great!

There are also more mega evolved Pokémon showcased in Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (2014) which is nice. It is fun to see how much Pokémon has evolved over the years. Unfortunately, legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal are only briefly featured. They are still powerful here in their own ways but I guess this animated feature is ultimately all about Diancie. Those who love these two legendary Pokémon may be delighted to watch them coming to life in animation but they may be disappointed as well since these two are just a minor character with not much purpose; with one giving life and the other doing destruction.

The shiniest part of all, is surely Diancie's scenes. It is a Pokémon Princess, made of diamond and can make diamonds too. She is so pretty, princessy and pinkish! Her charming and adorable personality can be amusing at times but she is always in trouble so too bad she is made a damsel in distress here. Still, there is a great friendship story between the characters, some feminine cosplay for a bit and unexpected turns of situations thus overall Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (2014) certainly is an enjoyable one and it is certainly the most kawaii Pokémon film ever!

As a conclusion, the beautifully animated Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction (2014) is not perfect but as a whole, the animated feature is certainly better than many of the previous Pokémon films in many aspects. It can also be dark yet uplifting due to the powerful characters, beautiful friendship and a very gentle ending!

There are six generations of Pokémon to-date and this one is a great start for the sixth generation films! Hopefully, the performance of the next Pokémon films will not go downhill again but it is quite unlikely since the new Pokémon XY series seems to be promising!
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Eh, it's slightly better
ericstevenson27 June 2017
It was great to see a pokemon movie with Serena, Bonnie, and Clemont into it. Unfortunately, the movie keeps making the same mistakes that the other lesser Pokémon films made. It's too short! In a movie that has tons of characters that can be really annoying! It's bad when they try to cram in all of these characters in something that's so short. I am still glad to be introduced to all of these new pokemon, even though I'll probably forget them. This movie's plot features a pokemon princess (yes, really) Diancie, who has to make diamonds to stop a cocoon containing Yveltal with help from Xerneas.

Does it seem like I'm just making up words? I feel bad for not being able to keep up with them. Team Rocket do appear for awhile, so they're cool. This just tries to put in so many pokemon and I think they're like five different people that are coming after Diancie in the end. I guess since all featured pokemon in movies can use telepathy, it's not a big deal to hear them talk. The movies themselves are formulaic with Ash and the gang simply meeting some new legendary talking pokemon they have to save. The earlier films really did have variety. Not even an AmourShipping moment! *1/2
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Average Pokémon movie has the usual mix of virtues and flaws
BrianDanaCamp17 November 2014
POKÉMON THE MOVIE: DIANCIE AND THE COCOON OF DESTRUCTION is the 17th movie in the Pokémon franchise. While it's not one of the better movies in the series, it has its moments of visual spectacle and excitement and should still delight the series' many fans. The big problem with this one is the sheer multiplicity of villainous factions, all trying to abduct the cute and diminutive Diancie, a jewel Pokémon princess from some underground kingdom. There are at least four factions after Diancie because of her budding ability to conjure diamonds out of thin air. The fact that her diamonds, initially at least, evaporate after a few minutes doesn't seem to deter any of them. Even Team Rocket gets into the act, making for the biggest parts they've had in a Pokémon movie—probably ever!--and one of the few times they've been active villains in one of the movies.

Ash Ketchum and his friends (Serena, Bonnie and Clemont) become Diancie's protectors after rescuing her from a multi-pronged abduction attempt in a remote European mountain town. The most enjoyable scenes come when they travel together and bond and have fun, including a trip on a cruise ship to a big city and a visit to a shopping mall where the girls (Serena and Bonnie) take Diancie to a clothing store and play dress-up. Soon after this, they enter Diancie's underground kingdom where they learn that the heart diamond that powers the place is losing power and only Diancie can restore it, but only after her powers are enhanced by the mystical deer god Xerneas in the forbidden All-Earth Forest nearby. (If Xerneas reminds you too much of the "shishigami" from PRINCESS MONONOKE, you're not alone.) However, lurking in the forest is a formidable Pokémon menace, Yveltal, a giant bird monster that is laying dormant in the "Cocoon of Destruction." Should it be awakened, all hell will break loose.

The action soon shifts to the forest and, as expected, the interventions of all the competing villains—Marilyn Flame, Ninja Riot, Argus Steel and Team Rocket—cause Yveltal to awaken and go berserk, shooting rays that turn everything they touch into stone. Only the intervention of Xerneas can save the day. It's all very spectacular, but doesn't make a lot of narrative sense. I wish there'd been more context provided and more proper build-up, as in last year's Pokémon movie, GENESECT AND THE LEGEND AWAKENED, which set up the antagonists' backstory in a timely and concise fashion. The existence of this massive, unexplored forest and underground Pokémon kingdom so close to a large metropolis is never explained. Couldn't the writers have established its existence in a more remote locale first? It may seem like a minor point to the child audience, but in past Pokémon movies they always took great care to establish the more exotic settings in a more satisfying way. A lot happens in the final 15-to-20 minutes, but it was never terribly suspenseful. Which is too bad, because Diancie herself is a genuinely interesting new Pokémon protagonist and is one that can talk, albeit telepathically. Her scenes with Ash & company and her socialization process after being underground all her life are the best parts of the film and make one wish the action elements had been streamlined a bit. It all got overly complicated with the heart diamond, Yveltal, the All-Earth Forest and everything. I like it when there's one strong antagonist and a conflict that directly impacts our heroes, as in last year's GENESECT film (which I've also reviewed on this site).

This movie is a spin-off of the newest season, "Pokémon the Series: XY," which is now running on Cartoon Network and which introduced Ash's newest set of traveling companions, Serena, Clemont and Bonnie. Serena is, to me, probably the most compatible female counterpart Ash has ever had. She admires and respects him and is always unfailingly supportive. She doesn't compete with him but has her own set of talents and specialties that she indulges in when the opportunities arise. He should keep her around. When they get older…who knows? Clemont is a young scientific genius and Bonnie is his gregarious little sister, not the first little kid the series has had, but certainly the most endearing. They make a great team and I hope they're all featured in the next movie as well.
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A Pokémon Retrospective, Part 17
Shostakovich34314 July 2019
In an earlier review, I compared the "Diamond and Pearl" era Pokémon films to "Star Trek," in that the even-numbered ones were significantly better. I guess the films that followed it are more like "The Next Generation," in that some are slightly less awful than the others. Whereas "Vicitini and Zekrom/Reshiram," "Genesect and the Legend Awakened" and "Hoopa and the Clash of Ages" are probably the worst films in the entire franchise, "Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction" follows "Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice" by being just boring and bland.

As has become common in these films, the story is not about Ash but about some Pokémon he comes across, in this case Diancie. She is the princess of an underground kingdom and has the power to create gems, which are somehow needed to keep subterranean life sustainable. When her attemps to create a giant crystal fail, she goes aboveground, where she is immediately hunted after by three or four different parties, depending on whether you count Team Rocket.

She is saved by Ash, who happened to be in the neighbourhood and pledges to accompany her on her travels. He seems to be quite confident of his protective skills, as he walks openly and casually aside one of the world's rarest Pokémon, going shopping, getting ice cream, and taking a river cruise. Their destination is the life-giving Xerneas, these films' third and most shameless rip-off of the forest god from "Princess Mononoke." The mood becomes more anguished once it turns out the legendary is hiding in the forest of the death-Pokémon -- excuse me: *destruction-Pokémon, the well-known antonym of 'life' -- Ylvetal.

Reading this summary of the plot is probably more exciting than watching it play out, and certainly more economical. It is nice to have a main character that goes through some actual (if superficial) development, but the execution feels so tired and workmanlike. There isn't even enough plot to fill the mercifully short runtime, making the film feel less like an epic quest and more like a sight-seeing tour through Canada. Seeing how the story was actually conceived on one, I may not be far off the point.

Ash's new companions do not have much personality, but are infinitely preferable to Iris and Cilan. This time, we are stuck with Clemont, a boy wearing pyjamas and a backpack filled with inventions (that are completely useless because a Pokémon can do the same thing but better,) and two girls, Serena and Bonnie, who sleep in a tent shaped like a clam. I will try not to read into that too much. Although the three of them aren't bad as companions go, I still cannot stomach the disposal of Brock; it is not as if the show has gotten less formulaic now that he is gone.

What's worse: The film is rather horrible to look at. Making your backgrounds almost as brightly coloured as your characters has always been a bad idea, but the digital bloom caused by overexposure that taints most shots can be actually painful, especially when the whole screen is filled with crystals. A remarkable exception is Ylvetal's entrance, which is so poorly lit I had to turn up the brightness to the highest setting. Despite these films being made by mostly the same people, the visual presentation looks strangely amateurish -- a shame, because the Canada-inspired locations are quite appealing.

"Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction" is slightly better than "Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice," but its flaws are the same: A forgettable plot, dull fight scenes, and Ash having barely anything to do; except this time does Ash even fail at what he set out to do (namely protect Diancie) and is it necessary to wear sunglasses while watching the film. I do not see how this would be a more appealing pastime than mostly anything else.
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This movie is all full of unnecessary broken diamonds
intomyworld448 June 2015
This movie is not my piece of a beautiful gem ring when the movie heavily focuses on filler and lackluster writing for the same of all movies created. Ash and the crew are on the game to prevent the cocoon of destruction and stop yveltal from destructing the diamond domain by diancie. at least a good amount of Pokémon within the first four generations were brought back to the movie, but none of this ever compensates for the movie's budget and mediocre writing. this movie is a step in pikachu's unfortunate implications and even cruelty. After all of the destruction yveltal caused, xerneas was able to avert the damage yevltal did, and thus saving the diamond domain. My favorite character is Diancie because of her cute look and voice, and her mega evolved form looks even beautiful than sunny skies.

cringe-inducing visuals: 1/5 cringe-inducing audio: 2/5 lackluster writing: 5/5 annoyance: 3/5 disturbing content: 4/5 unnecessary cruelty: 4/5 low production values: 3/5 rancid morals: 4/5 unfortunate implications: 5/5 character derailment: 5/5

other notes: whether loaded with diamonds or not, this movie is nearly full of cruelty to diamonds and filler. it is also a next huge step in horrible morals, and bonnie's flanderization.
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I miss old pokemon
Jessicanu9422 October 2018
Lots of new characters but idk it just seems super lame now
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Seems to be a Pokemon Movie Aimed at Little Girls
carologletree7 August 2016
Warning: Spoilers
Quite honestly, this Pokémon adventure didn't really do it for me. Despite the action and adventure, a lot of the time, I felt like I was watching one of those movies that are aimed at little girls ages 6 or younger.

The plot is SO clichéd. It's your basic story about a spoiled princess with a heart of gold who doesn't think she's worthy and has to prove to be a real princess.

Diancie is incredibly annoying and incredibly adorable in equal amounts. With her always cheerful attitude and the many "girly" scenes such as the 2-minute scene where they shop for clothes, this felt more like "My Little Pony" than Pokémon. I know Pokémon is generally aimed at a younger audience, but come on!

We have yet another Pokémon film that suffers from one-dimensional, unexplored villains. I like the idea of having one of the villains be a ninja, but they failed to make Ninja Riot or his partner Marilyn Flame characters that you can really take seriously. The other party who is after Diancie felt unnecessary.

Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie are weak characters, just like Iris and Cilan from the previous generation. The scene where Ash nearly falls from the ladder to get Diancie is so stupid. Clemont later gets one of his Pokémon to get Diancie instead. Why didn't he just do that in the first place?

Things got better in the last 15 minutes. Yveltal is an ideal legendary Pokémon, and Pikachu turning into stone and being brought back was a nice tribute to the first Pokémon movie.

To be fair, the film is reasonably entertaining, but it still doesn't cut it as a Pokémon movie. It's still better than "Kyurem vs. The Sword of Justice" and it's also better than its successor ("Hoopa and The Clash of Ages"), but it still remains one of the worst Pokémon movies.

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Diamonds are too much here
yalvihidayat21 November 2015
diamonds are beautiful right? but this movie fails "how to balance it's aspect as well" so this movie almost fail to entertain their audience. mainstream plot it's one weakness point here and does't make much surprise and duration it's too short.

Boring it's impact of weak aspect of this movie. i can telling you about several scene that merely become boring like: -The side of evilness of black bird it's always lose with magical deer in single scene -Antagonist ( Argus,Millis,Marilyn,and ninja riot )ended to be good person ( this end scene is too mainstream belong it's storyline, and i think one of them become more villainous to next film of... ) -some reviewers including me doesn't found that called "epic battle". I just see black bird goes away and world become peace. Doesn't like "Independece Day" a 1996 film or "Battle of Surabaya" a 2015 foreign animated film shows epic battle in different style.

What makes this film is good is belong visual effect at all. Despite some critics down voted it's visual effect but for me it's enough for me to make eye pleased.

not only that... base moral lesson is quite strong for base children watch. Sometimes simple jokes was in this film even doesn't make funny or laugh.

well, overall this film need to trying to pay attention of audience, increase it' visual effect, storyline, and acting performance as well...

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me no like
romo-arnold8 November 2014
me no like the movie was boring it looks like rip off of wizard of oz there was no epic legendary fights. i didn't want to waste my time on it it wasn't worth watching it was boring dark bird didn't even do a lot did i mention it was boring? the legendary deer didn't do a lot why does this have a high rating? this movie wasn't worth watching u want to know why? its because they didn't do that much, all they did was walk around to same some lame kingdom and it wasn't even that good, no action whatsoever, it just makes it feel like the movies are getting more boring and boring. did i mention it was boring? i bet i did because that's how boring it is ha! so do not watch, the movie was boring, no epic fights and boring.
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This movie is NOT as bad as you think... trust me
TheGiantBaconBirdOfDeath15 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Yes sure... the pacing was a bit poor. And it did have lots of flaws, yes it did feel a little short, and yes I know Xerneas & Yveltal didn't really battle, they just had a starring contest. BUT... It was way better than the other 2 movies. Even better than Jirachi Wish Maker, Giratina & the sky warrior and even better than the FIRST movie cause at least this one isn't overrated like the first is and at least Pikachu wasn't brought back to life after dying in a STUPID way like Ash was in the first movie. Ash was brought back to life by TEARS in the first movie but Xerneas just used its power to bring Pikachu back to life. And it was a good start for the XY Movies. Imo Hoopa & the clash of ages is worse than this movie will ever be. I thought Ash, Clemont, Serena, and Bonnie protecting Diancie from a group of jewel thieves was pretty entertaining to watch. It was fun to watch Serena and Bonnie do stuff with it too. The part where Yveltal awakens is probably my favorite part of the movie cause Yveltal is my favorite legendary Pokemon behind Kyogre, and Lunala too. Out of all the Pokemon movies, this one was the cutest. What made me like the movie more is that Diancie let Bonnie keep a diamond she created and it didn't disappear, we find that out at the end of the movie. That was very cute. The movie wasn't too bad. I definitely wouldn't call it the worst movie, or the best either cause there were some flaws in the movie. I still take it over the first movie, the 15th movie, the 16th movie, and especially the Jirachi Wish Maker one ANY day. It really isn't that bad. I recommend giving it a watch. ^-^
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