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Enter Dragold! The North Grand Prix!
After falling under the dragon type Dragold's spell in the ruins, Rudy joins Novu and they go to the WBMA headquarters where Dragold releases an energy that shuts down all but the most powerful B-Daman. The North GP begins and Riki hopes to find a way to free Rudy from Dragold's hold, but the super powerful B-Daman seems unstoppable...
Smash Dragold!
After Dragold destroys Drazeros in their match, Takakura stops the game early. Since Dragold has the power to copy other Dragon-type B-Daman's special moves, he is extremely dangerous and could destroy them all. Rudy sends out a challenge and Samuru shows up alone to accept. When Riki learns of the battle, he goes to help...
The Search for the Mysterious B-Daman!
When a video of a mysterious B-Daman that was not created by the WBMA surfaces, Riki and his friends are sent to investigate. After meeting the town mayor and his grandson, Alba, the boys sneak off in the night to investigate some ruins. Alba is there and explains that he is a guardian of the ancient B-Daman civilization, but to learn more Riki must defeat him in a B-Daman match!
The Ultimate Hammer Smash!
The WBMA is studying the ancient sphere that Riki and his friends brought back, hoping to find a way to use it to defeat Dragold. Meanwhile, the South GP begins and Rudy enters with Dragold, who now possesses Dravise and Dracyan's powers. It will be up to Riki to defeat Rudy and Dragold, but can he do it?
Watch Out! Rudy's Run Amok!
While Riki and his friends train for the Final Grand Prix, Rudy is seething with anger. He and Dragold begin challenging the other B-Shots to destroy their B-Damans and not even Novu can control them anymore. Eventually Rudy challenges Novu with the hopes of claiming Dragren's power so Dragold can achieve its ultimate form...
The Complete Dragon King!
The WBMA headquarters have been taken over by Rudy and Dragold uses its power to absorb all the B-Animals in the world. Only dragon types are spared. Riki and his friends must work together to break into the WBMA and stop Rudy and Dragold before they destroy the world. Once inside the building, Riki and Samuru are stopped by Novu, who insists they defeat him if they want to move on...
This Is It, the Final Match!
The ultimate battle to defeat Dragold and save the world has begun! All the other dragon types play a part and the true secret behind the B-Daman mystery is revealed. Will Riki and his friends be victorious?

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